Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guess What

July 6th=Cold, Me & Chestnut Uggs
Isn't that crazy.

It must have sprinkled Monday night, because the ground was wet when I woke up Tuesday morning.
I'm guessing some of you have been having some pretty warm weather?
To say the least, right.
How does that feel?
I would have no idea.
So please tell me, what does 90 degrees in July feel like?
Preferably with humidity.
Have fun in your bathing suit.
Or tank tops.
I'll be in my hoody and Uggs.
I guess =/
Hopefully only for a minute though!


Gina said...

I miss my Uggs! I think it's awesome that you get a reprieve from the humidity!

ty said...

The humidity wouldn't be so bad if it would spare my hair now and then. I look like a Chia Pet.