Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Safe Food?

Give us a loaf of fresh bread and some Cinnamon Honey Butter, my boyfriend and I could call that dinner.
But I'd like to step it up a little bit for our guests...Especially because the guest is his mother!
The problem isn't that I cant cook, its that I don't know what to cook.
Everyone has their personal preferences on how they like their food served and most importantly what the food is!
More spicy, less butter.
Less pepper, more salt.
No cheese,
no dressing.
More cheese, more bacon, more butter.
(yes that's me)

I don't want to be to extreme.
I'm not making a 5 course meal but, I'm not serving Easy Mac either!

I know I definitely will not want to serve a Mexican dish, Sure I am confident in my burrito making abilities but I'm sure they don't compare to hers! I can not compete, I don't even want to try to serve a Mexican dish because that is one category of food that has way too many opinions on how it tastes best! (the salsa is too spicy, the tacos are too crunchy or too soft, blah blah!) It would be like making my own pasta from scratch and serving it to a famous Italian chef.

What are some safe meals?
What I mean by safe: liked by all, not too odd/out of the ordinary, not too complicated to eat/prepare.

The only possibility I've thought of so far is spaghetti or some type of pasta.
I feel like its generic enough and also a simple one dish meal, so I wouldn't have to stress about figuring out a meat, side dish and veggie...
I wonder if homemade pizza would be too casual?

Sure, the inner hostess in me wants to go all out and serve apps and pretty drinks and bake bread from scratch...
But to be realistic, I just want/need to serve a good meal.

So if you happen to stop by this old mess of a blog, I would love to hear any suggestions of an appropriate meal to feed a somedayfuture mother in law!

The drinks are so pretty I would serve them just for that reason!

Possibly Pasta....

Maybe a Stiry Fry?

Brownie Cookie Dough Sandwiches (I would be happy with these!)

I better come up with something,

or else I'll resort to serving grilled cheese robots!


Funny And Not

Not Funny:
I was early to my class today.
6 minutes til class started and it was still completely empty.
I was in room 103.
Instead of room 130.
I struggle!

I somehow find the most random things on YouTube, and I thought this "yellow" video was too funny not to share. Get it? The song yellow, yellow set. Sandra Lee isn't my absolute favorite Food Network Chef but I thought these two videos were hilarious, especially her outtakes/bloopers!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Copy Cat

I pinned this awhile ago, and I just now wrote it on my whiteboard =)

Unfortunately for me, there are boys in the first grade that have better handwriting than I.
Also, a dry erase marker just doesn't compare to a good old pencil/pen.
It was one of the first attempts. No way comparable to the 'original'.
I'll still try to improve, but, not bad if I do say so myself!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Its OK Thursday

I always love reading Neely's blog so I was happy I found the time to post for this link up! There are a ton of things I can say "its ok" to so this was perfect :)
Its Ok Thursdays
its ok....
To buy pink and green staples because it makes an otherwise plain white paper a bit more fun...
If you blog inconsistently...
If you hate listening to commercials on the radio...
If you always keep your air conditioning on in the car, I know I'm not the only one dealing with high temps!
If you never use Twitter because you cant stand the app for it on your regular phone and would much rather use it on the itouch...
If you wish writing checks was still popular nowadays just so you could use up your old cute personalized ones...
To ignore the empty ice tray that needs refilled...
To buy a pink lint brush roller...
To cry because you lost your most *favorite* pair of sunglasses that you had forever...
To be bossy to your boyfriend when it comes to how he should do his hair, its ok to tell him if he misses a spot...
To only go to Wendys for the frostys...
To stare and see what everyone has in their basket when at the grocery store...
To be annoyed when people block the whole aisle in the grocery store because their cart is in the middle of the row...
To buy jeans now because their on sale even though you wont wear them for months...this is ok, right!??
To never ever remember what series your printer is/what type of printer ink you need.
To look on Pinterest all day...
To want school to start already...
To be excited for a vacation that's not until January.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Thought I'd give a disclaimer that I'm a first time linker upper :) I just finally got the hang of Pinterest so I am assuming/hoping I'm qualified enough to participate! ;)
But yeah Pinterest is amazing right! Linking up here!

I <3 Wisteria ;) Gorgeous background and you know it smells so good there!

Love the color and the rosette strap :)

Tanzanite from Tanzania, how pretty is that!?

{everything found
Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over Night

It must be karma that my boyfriend now works overnight.
Remember my old complaints of having to deal with it for just one night in this post.
I thought one night was bad.
Now, its his set schedule.
Not to brag, but I feel like I am a trooper.
Our sleeping schedule is all out of wack.
But its summer anyways.
And we make it work.
So just warning ya, dont be creeped out by a comment on your post at 4 in the morning, I have nothing else better to do :)

Going Without

Hi hi hi!
Yes its really me, I'm here :)
Anyone still coming across this page I hope you are well and have been enjoying these summer months! As for me....after living under a rock, I'm back :)
I finally "got into Pinterest." Figuring out how to install the 'pin it' thing to my toolbar took me a good minute, I seriously thought I would never figure it out and when I finally did I was like huh, simple! I see how its so addicting though, its too easy to gather up a million ideas for just one project. I never do anything crafty/DIY but thanks to Pinterest I plan to start soon.
(my Pinterest)
Living here, we didn't bother setting up a cable/Internet account, (that explains the blogging break, yes!?) we were busy enough without all that so it was just as well.... But yes, I am one of those people. No judging, borrowing Internet is no indication of my personal integrity. ;) We were lucky enough to enjoy a near neighbors free Internet for awhile and man it was good while it lasted. I was able to keep up with Gossip Girl, Modern Family, and then BAM, NO INTERNET ACCESS. No cable now no Internet? Movies it is then. Needless to say 2011 officially became "Year Of The Movies!" I would pay to get my hands on our Redbox rental history, even though I might faint after seeing the bill because it has to be a ton. Movie recommendations needed, please come to me, we have seen it all, good, bad, really bad and really good! Anyways, the other night I tried my luck and BAM, INTERNET ACCESS. I was in shock for a minute, I thought it was unreal and too good to be true. We didn't know where to start! We had missed so much so we had too many options, but we quickly caught up on Pretty Little Liars. Sooo I am enjoying it while it lasts and who knows how long that will be. I would love to pay for Internet but unfortunately schoolbooks take up most of that budget!
I Miss Blogging
Not blogging made me miss it even more, of course. I thought of my blog as an old ignored attic that needed to be cleaned out, organized, and made over a little bit! Haha. And I don't want to really "get into blogging" again because then I'll be just as sad when the Internet cuts out again! Oh well I'm happy with what I have for now! (but I miss you guys!)


Yes I know the Gossip Girl finale is like 'sooo 3 months ago', but I'm all caught up now and I just wanted to say, wow that was a good episode! Anddddd I finally get why everyone has been listening to Adele!

More TV
Way back when, when we first started just thinking about moving out, and thinking about things (ie:bills) that would be important, cable was at the very top of my list. I'm not a total lazy couch slob but I admit I love me some TV. I just knew I would die (extreme I know but really how I felt) without cable. Turns out I didn't :) (though, I cant say what would happen if we didn't at least have Redbox rentals.) If we have kids I hope I don't ever hear them complain about TV because the first thing I am going to say is "your Dad and I went a year without cable and we were perfectly

Source: fredflare.com via L on Pinterest

No Complaints
Funny how going without taught me to be more appreciative that's for sure! I laugh when my Mom says she barely watches her (huge) flat screen TV with 100+ channels in HD with DVR. She has the luxury of any show at her fingertips but ignores it. I thought I would give anything for TV, but turns out I'm ok without it. (not really, I am sooo sad I missed a WHOLE season of Toddlers & Tiaras ;) And I'm not sure how much longer we could have gone/lasted without it! (plus, I know 1$ rentals add up!) We're moving again, so, soon we will be thrilled to be proud owners of *cable* at the end of this month! Definitely appreciatin that being set up! We will surely be glued to the TV ;) and just in time for fall shows to return! Parenthood anyone? Like I said, I don't ever want to hear my future kids have any complaints about TV! I cant wait to say 'Kids, your father and I weren't always lucky enough to have cable...' OH! And, who knew I could add something to my 'Bucket List' just to be able to cross it off!

Bucket List:
- 1 year without cable