Sunday, February 28, 2010

Head Full Of Thoughts II

♥ The Olympics are over and in honor I thought a bobsled shower might be ok. I called BF in when I was just about done. I hogged all the water washing my face, so he was dry until I finished and moved the nozzle on him. Immediately he says, Damn thats hot! (Not Paris Hilton style) I say are you serious then rinse my conditioner and get out. 2 seconds. That deserves a gold medal no?

♥ Waiting for BF to get out of the shower I was watching Food Network, it probably felt weird for the TV to be on a channel other than ESPN. Meredith from The Office was judge on IronChef. Made me think of the vid @ bottom.

♥ Outfit planning in my head, I thought of wearing my Tiffany scarf (pic^) as a headband and I also thought why not check the website to see whats new. I'll tell you whats new. SUNGLASSES! Maybe if I wish hard enough..

♥ Channel surfing the movie Enough is on right now and I just remembered its on my favorite favorite list.

♥ Is February really over?

Head Full Of Thoughts

My brain doesn't have enough room for each and every thought I have, that's where the blog comes in. Here's what I'm emptying out of my head right now...

♥The other day my teacher was having a cough attack and asked the class for mints or a candy...Do you watch The Office? (If you don't, you should.) I had a Michael Scott moment. The teacher stopped coughing enough to say "can I have something to suck on". THATS WHAT SHE SAID! Immediately was what I thought and I smiled to myself thinking how completely rude & out of linehilarious it would be if I had said that out loud.

♥I had an extra transcript to send out but since I pretty much know where I want to go out of the places I applied I figure I save the 40$ application fee. But I was just thinking maybe woulda done University of Alabama or maybe somewhere still in state.

♥You know how they have different colors of filling for Oreos? Red for Christmas, orange for Halloween? Well, I haven't boughten Oreos in a long time but I think they have blue ones for Spring/Easter and those are my favorite.

♥I was soooo tired last night. I said "I have to pee but I'm tooo tired babe." Well you know how BF likes to be the boss of the worldme. "That's really not good for you you can get sick by holding it, blah blah blah." I have a really strong bladder and I can hold it for however long in situations of gross or no available bathrooms, but he scared me and I started thinking about bursting bladders so I went. Besides lazyness I blame the show Criminal Minds for me not wanting to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Dark hallways=killer in the closet. That's my first thought and reason why I ask BF to leave the bedroom door open while I go. I will keep it 100% and tell you yes, I've asked BF to stand outside the bathroom door to "listen"(what if someones behind the shower curtain with a knife waiting for me to turn on the light...) when I'm super scared. I'm really older than twelve though I promise.

♥I love when my boyfriend compliments my cooking after I've done nothing more than simply heating the food. TGI Friday Frozen fajitas are as good as the restaurants, he likes the heat & eat pot roast with frozen mashed potatoes just as much as the home cooked version. When he says " thanks babe that was really good" after a meal that went from freezer to oven/stovetop, I say thanks but I just heated it up. Can't take credit for it, but its' sure nice to not have to cook and clean up after cooking a whole meal. When I don't feel like having my own Iron Chef battle cooking for the two of us, pre made meals come in handy.

Have you seen my blog list? You know down on the right side, the ones I read. I love a good post, an interesting one, one that makes you smile, and I seem to find those in ALL the blogs I read, so kudos to ALL you and thanks for sharing =) and acknowledgement to the ladies responsible for me cracking a smile or two:
Kelly @ Dare To Be Domestic, she writes witty posts and her blog is pretty much the cats meow; she went out of her way to give my little blog a shout out! I know I know, how kind of her! Give her blog a visit to fully understand her amazingness! (spell check doesn't recognize amazingness as a word but I know it is :)
♥Sam @ Life Is Beautiful wrote
this post and if I ever had a favorite part of a blog post, her answer to # 6 might be my final answer I thought it was hilarious with a capital H! (I used to watch the show According to Jim and I still remember the episode he's talking to his wife about something and he goes, "its natural you know just like peein in the shower!")Funny funny but really go read that post and notice how cute her blog layout is.
Shell created a fabulous word. You wish you would have thought of. Shoulda woulda coulda! Its okay just go ask her if you can use it she might say yes ;) Ha! Her blog posts are always always a good read.
♥Jess @ Living On Sweet Tea, she watches the show Sons of Anarchy, and she's awesome! 2 for 1!
*Have a good Sunday!*

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing Rhymes With Orange

You know how when your rhyming one word a bunch of times...
Dog, hog, log, fog, and jog....
And made up words too like,
Happy, dappy, fappy, pappy, lappy, snappy, nappy!
Get the point right?
Well I remember playing this rhyming game with my nephew years ago.
And I remember nothing good coming from a certain rhyme in particular.
Well actually it was kinda funny. Alot.
My Mom has a cat named Lucky.
That particular day, neph & I were using the cats name for the rhyme game.
Ducky, tucky, rucky, sucky...
Hucky, mucky, wucky, pucky...
I knew the F was gonna come sooner or later.
Luckily he was very young and said the rhyme without even thinking and knowing it meant anything.

Lucky Fucky.

(Was trying to find the right picture to go with this post but I couldn't. However I found this one, thought it was hilarious & had to share!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Suit Up

The Victoria's Secret Swim 10 catalogue was the goodest piece of mail I've gotten in a while.
Hah. Goodest. I so wish that was a word, it sounds kinda funny saying it which is pretty cool, and it's a nice replacement for "best".

On to my thoughts!

First thought, must haves! Hearts if not stars are my favorite shapes. Not so crazy about the top but the bottoms I adore and I would probably just mix them with a top I have already!

Group vote! At first sight, I loved all the colors and was ready to buy it, then the more I looked at it the less I liked it. Maybe its the print? I don't know! I cant decide! Is it cute or ugly?!
Yoga pants are in every months issue and I've been lusting over this particular pair forevaaa. I love both leopard and cheetah print, but depending on the brand, I feel like sometimes one will be cuter than the other. You know how it could be the same zebra print but one will look better than the other? Same deal here, I feel like the pants have better print than the swimsuit. But it was like love at first sight! The print on the pants is cute but on a swimsuit!? You have my heart. And I'm really liking the rainbow colorful leopard print compared to the regular shades of brown you know. Very interesting.
This happens ever year, I find a ton of cute suits I like but am too scared to order them because 1, I really like to try on before I purchase and 2, VS isn't the best at returns/exchanges/refunds. Wish they had a swim store close to me! And I haven't seen Target's summer/spring clothes yet but they usually have a few good looking ones too. I'm pretty much ready for summer/spring clothes because lately, whenever I'm trying to dress myself for a rainy day, I end up spending a good minute just standing there going back and forth; looking outside at the rain thinking how cold its gonna be and then looking in the closet thinking what the heck am I gonna wear to stay warm. When I'm finally bundled in something halfway cute that matches, I start thinking about how easy it would be if it was warm and I could just throw on a tank top and go!

Have the goodest day! Ha!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top Chefs

Rachael Ray, Ina Garten aka Barefoot Contessa, and Paula Deen of all people!
These are my BFs least favorites, three he absolutely wont watch.
Ugh I know right?! They aren't my favorite favorites but I watch them!
Not my man.

If he hears Paula's voice coming from the TV, he freaks. If he looks up and sees Ina going heavy on the salt, he'll give me a death stare til I change the channel. He also doesn't care for Alton Brand(Good Eats)or whatever his name is. I'm kind of with him on that one. He also just cant stand Racheal Ray's voice and he thinks her kitchen looks weird. (??!)

I know I know, he is the weird one! The only programs on the Network that I know he wont mind watching are The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Figures he would like Throwdown because it has a little bit of testtosterone and competitiveness to it. Food Network (and E!), the very first channel I turn to, theres usually always a show on that I like, however all the really good ones come on earlier in the day. (Sandra Lee & Downhome W/The Neelys!) Do you have a fave?

I think Food Network is to me what ESPN is to the man!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

My first time joining in on Top 2 Tuesday's over at Jimmy Choos & a Baby Too.

Today is TV Shows! Fun!

Grab My Button

Criminal Minds, its me and the mans favorite favorite! We love it, its been on air for awhile but there are brand new episodes every Wed. on CBS @ 9 that you must watch this show is intense! Old episodes are repeated on other channels, and we pile those up in the recorded shows section because there are still so many episodes we haven't seen. I was never a fan of CSI or Law & Order really, I prefer drama shoes like The Kardashians. But I just got hooked on this one! Its not too scary or gory and theres always so many different storylines in each episode, its easy to catch on to one. Sometimes, BF figures out who the suspect is before I do and he'll spill the beans & say oh the brothers the one who killed him. But it doesn't even ruin the ending because this show is so good! Real Housewives of Orange County. I don't know how you spend your Thursday nights but I spend mine drooling over the TV; 6 carat necklaces and mansions in "Coto". How I wish it was on more than once a week; these ladies just "wow" me! The things they wear, Lynne's daughters, Gretchen's laugh, Slade's nasty hair & the other husbands, oh I could just talk about this show for days!

And if I went on the list would include; 24, 30 Rock, Vh1 reality shows, and The Office. Anyone into Sons of Anarchy you should really talk to BF.

See what others posted for their Top 2 over at Taylor's !

Post It Note Tuesday

Post It Note Tuesday over at Supah's!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shower Power

Our tub is like an Olympic bobsled, small and narrow, not much fun for two people to be in at one time. I like standing under the water at all times, which leaves somebody not under the shower head cold & dry. And I need room to shave my legs and don't even get me started on the temperature! He likes his near cold/lukewarm, I prefer mine hot like a sauna. This makes for a hugelittle teeny prob, every time we shower together, which is like once a year because of these said issues! I always thought a combined shower would save the whales you know save some water, but he gets in, says "ah its scorching" and turns the water towards cold. I say, goodbye my time here is done. Sad face, sorry whales I've really never been good at sharing. So separate showers it is. And if you like TMI, let me tell you sometimes I yell for him to come get in right when I'm getting out so I don't have to turn off the water ha!

My favorite favorite is showering in hotel showers because I totally am in there forEVER using hot hot water, not worrying about the water bill cause its not mine yay! I just love showers. I've even pulled two in one day. But its just my shower that I like, no offense to yours haha. When I was younger and used to have sleepovers at friends, if I had to shower it was my least favorite part and if I could I'd wait til I was back home. It just felt weird standing on somebody elses bath math, seeing the soaps and shampoos that I've never even used or seen before. I like my shower. And baths smaths. Well their okay but I just don't like bathwater I feel like it gets so cold and dirty, which is why if I ever take one, I still shower first. The only good thing/thing I like about baths, is a baby in them! I think its the most adorable thing when baby's like bathtime and splash around and laugh, my nephew loved bathtime it was the cutest thing!
Basically I'm trying to say a shower is my favorite way to get clean! Who votes shower, or bath?!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Say Cheese

I didn't know it was possible to look better toothless.
My nephew lost his very first one on the bottom and its adorable!
I've always said he is the cutest little thing; even more true with this gap from his missing tooth!

What Do You Know?

Oh and can you get a cherry pepsi for me too please? That would probably help my cramps.
You think so?
Uh Yeah!
Ohh really I've never heard that one before...
Well its a dark soda and it has caffeine. AND YOU'VE NEVER EVEN HAD CRAMPS BEFORE!! (Grrrr)
I had an attitude. I crossed my arms over my heating pad covered stomach and frowned hard at BF. My explanation doesn't have to make sense. Even though it does. (to me) A soda would make me feel better; it tastes good and makes me not think about how I'm slowly dying with these cramps. So if cherry pepsi is my midol, cherry pepsi is my midol. And I pout alot and if you don't like whiny people I might not be the blogger for you =) hahah! Let me tell you the original item I sent him to the store for though. I'm usually prepared right, stocked with a box of tampons for my favorite time of month (right) but this month I don't know what the heck happened! As we speak, BF is at the store probably standing in the middle of the aisle amongst all the tampon boxes, trying to find the golden ticket. (I showed him what they look like on Google so he would get the right ones for sure!) He didn't seem to mind at all but I still thought he might be a little embarrassed checking out, which is why I told him to also pick up a bag of Valentines M&Ms (please don't ask what happened to the other bag) you know, to distract the attention off the tampons when he's checking out! Haha so smart I am!

Question, would you rather attend the Olympics or the Superbowl? I was having a hard time choosing one!? The Superbowl is probably so fun, so intense! But how cool would it be to say I've been to the Olympics? On the fence on this one...

Another question. Bloggers take offense if you stop following them,don't return the follow, don't comment back right away, etc? Are there bloggy rules I don't know about? I usually go through my blog list from time to time to keep it fresh! Find new ones, lose the ones that stopped posting or whatever. I don't like posts where I feel like I need to skim through them and I cant stand when unread blog posts pile up. So lately I've felt like my Google Reader is just another "inbox", and I don't like that...I have tons of coupons and that type of stuff that I see in my email account daily so when I see them here its like ugh repeat. Sure giveaways are okay but I'd rather see blog posts of cute newborns and redecorated living rooms. And I don't want anyone to feel obligated to be here, to follow you know! I want you to want to visit my blog, you know, your own will. I know time is precious and unless your really sure you want to, don't wastespend it on me...ha! But if you are sure, then welcome welcome and I'm glad you are here! In real life, I like ice cream and wearing boots and for some reason I always end up in conversation with somebody whether their younger or older than me, whatever! If your nice, and even if your not but we have something to talk about, it'll be a blast trust me! Puppies, baseball, headbands, pointing & laughing, cute baby shoes, being nosy, whatever it is you like and like to talk about, try me, I might like that too! I love responding to comments! So I've been seeing everyone and their Moms say this lately so I mines well too! I doubt any do? Ha but if you have any questions about me, for me, whatever, ask and I'll try my very best to answer! (just dont ask any hard/lame ones please ex: why do you eat so many m&ms haha!)


Friday, February 19, 2010


Whats better than a great channel? A great channel with funny commercials.

Friday Follow

The Trendy Treehouse
Have a great friday and an even better weekend ♥

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

The other night on ESPN I saw a women's college basketball team playing, I think it was Oklahoma wearing all pink: jerseys, shorts, shoes, to honor breast cancer. For 2.5 seconds it made me want to play basketball.
I know I would get a lot more laundry done if the washer and dryer were kept in the house as opposed to Antarctica aka The Garage.

A gentleman walking a few steps behind me returned me my wallet that my boyfriend was supposed to be carrying, I gave him double thanks, then gave BF the most scariest, best looking death stare ever to cross my face.

Sometimes I really want to open all the spam-my looking emails offering cash money & prizes. Free handbags! Free airline tickets! Free restaurant gift cards and paid vacations. Sometimes I really wonder if theres a catch, if its really spam. I wonder if the National Prayer Council service is a hoax, but I wonder more if I would get that $250 for answering their question "should prayer be allowed in school". $250...That's an ipod...Or a virus on my computer if in fact it was spam.

Soo proud of myself for paying an extra dollar on my credit card payment. Like, really proud.
59.00 due Februrary 16th. 60.00$ paid. I rock!

Throughout the day, I say: Should I wash the dog today? Do you want me to bathe the dog today?
BF's responses: mmm its up to you sure if you want I don't care.
That night, my turn to shower, he pulls back curtain and says "did you want to wash him? Here, I'll go get his soap." Naked, surprised, plus a dog in the shower. Thanks?

Every day I plan my outfits and try to accommodate them to the weather. I think I do pretty good. But the girls in my class are confusing me. Fashion don'ts. Wearing tube tops in the rain, daisy dukes with longsleeves and a scarf. Which of us needs to go home and change?

Friday Fragments @ Mrs.4444

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank You Very Much?

"It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you take out all your frustrations on people/things that peeved you off during the week and thank them in a very sarcastic way, for being who or what they are/doing what they did."
Then go to Kmama's and link up and be lovely. Im a first timer to this "Thank You Very Much" deal but it sounds like something I can handle!
The Daily Dribbles
To BF- who asked me if I wanted a snack and smiled when I said TWO toaster strudels. Thank you very much for bringing me back warm on the outside, still cold in the middle strudels. What the heck? Is it that hard to toast a pastry. He said he would go back & toast them some more. Get rid of the cold filling. Great idea? Do burnt, charred toaster strudels taste any better than cold on the inside ones? No they don't thank you very much!

Another one to my love: Since being your girlfriend, I've had to make our bed a million times more than I ever had to make it when it was only me sleeping in it. I had a way of sleeping where I didn't have to completely remake the bed each morning, but you don't. For your crazy sleeping habits that leave me always struggling to retuck the sheets and comforter, I thank you very much.

To the ever "clean" dog- However you managed to get pee on your adorable white shirt I left you in, thank you very much, puppy pee pee shirt, that is exactly what I want to be dealing with.

To my eyebrow and leg hair- You know Im gonna hate you forever. Please just stop growing, that would be even more than nice, thank you very much.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dont Sweat The Small Stuff

Going for an interview for a second job, before I have to be at my first.
Nothing big time so I was dressed casual.
Grey V neck shirt, cap sleeves.
Sitting there in the interview.


Really Nervous.

Sweating. Really sweating.

How sweaty?

I notice pit stains on my shirt.
How great.

They look like they have the potential to spread both ways; towards my back and towards my boobs.

Don't you love underarm sweat?

Sweat stains on my shirt the size of an apple.

Glad interview is wrapping up.

Have to shake hands carefully,

Cant lift arm too much to expose sweat!

Extend wrist and hand, but keep elbow tucked in and down, coving the 6 inch sweat stains.

I cant help it I'm nervous!

Nice to meet you goodbye.

Run to the car where BF is awaiting.

Tell him it went good.

On route back to daily job.

Realize I need new not sweaty shirt.

I make BF strip.

I figure even his West Virgina Football shirt that is kneelength on me would be better than my grey Vneck that now has sweat stains the size of small cantaloupes.

How sexy did I look in my man shirt dress and skinny jeans?

Probably not as sexy as BF looked driving home shirtless ha.

I would have loved to see how many people on the road gave him odd looks, all those kids and grandmas seeing a "naked" man driving! Ha. The shirt off his back, I got =) I'm telling you he loves me alot! Or he was just really embarrassed for me like damn that girl is sweaty she needs this shirt! Either way, he's sweet, I'm sweaty, and this story is gross and makes me laugh alot.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Candy Girl You Are My World

Whatever it is that makes them so delicious, I thank the Mars company from the deepest regions of my heart. And I thank the BF for picking a bag up at 50% off cause he knows exactly how I feel about things being on sale and also Cupids mix M&Ms vs. the regular ones. I also thank him once more for my fave gift from xmas because after I make this bag disappear, I'm pretty sure I'll fit under a leopard blanket alot better than I would into my jeans. And while I'm at thanking people and talkin bout M&M's, I mines well thank my mom for putting me in the best/my most favorite Halloween costume of all time, to this date. Trust me, no kid was a cuter green M&M then me. I made that costume ha!

What are your feelings on M&Ms? Their really an interesting candy. The plain chocolate ones are kind of just that, little kids think they are just little colorful pieces of heaven! Kids are so sillyfunny they think 2 or 3 M&Ms is so wonderful. Whereas I personally need at least half a bag to get to wonderful. Kidding! But I'm not kidding about this, storytime: Keep in mind I was young when The Wedding Planner first came out. So after seeing the scene where Matthew Mcconaughey throws out all the colored M&Ms and only eats the brown ones because he thinks their less artificial...What do you think yours truly did whenever she ate M&Ms? Lame! I know! But a JLo fan I was, and The Wedding Planner was and always will be on the favorite list. Storytime over back to M&Ms. Hate them or have a fave? Peanut butter is my top choice, but if your like my boyfriend then you reach for the yellow bag, peanut! (yuck)

A bag of M&Ms later, theres a good chance I will be the girl version of this kitty cutie pie. Still love me.

Lost & Found

(relaxed and sweet voice) L: I don't know where my jeans are but I think I must have left my rings in the pocket again.
Then I sat back down on the bed and returned to my blog filled laptop.
(stressed and sour voice) BF: So your just going to sit there, your not going to look for them???

That's when I gave the death face. Yooou don't tell me. Do not order me, definitely don't direct me, and don't question me not doing something or anything at all, because that is just what I do sometimes; nothing. I can. I knew my jeans didn't just get up and walk out the house, they had to be somewhere close, I just had to catch them before they got to the washer. I wasn't worried, but BF sure was! You should have seen his death face when I sat down to return to blogging. Whatever. Your not my boss! Princesses and 5year olds don't have bosses duh.

I don't take direction well anyways but its just extra weird when it comes from him because he's a boyyyyyyyyy. Excuse me, man. I've always lived with my Mom, not ever my Dad, so the voice of a man telling me what to do isn't something my brain recognizes. Or it does recognize it and just doesn't like it hence the death face? Plus I was a good kid and my Mom spoiled me extra extra so I grew up thinking I was a princess who didn't have to do chores or listen to directions, I made the rules. So you see...Even suggestions, corrections and just things in general can bug me.

You should do it like...
Don't you think you should do this before you...
Are you really going to...
That is all classic BF right there. You know what else is? When were going somewhere and I swear up and down I can take a ten minute shower and I rush through shaving and everything, totally feeling like its only been 8 minutes. Only for him to tell me that it was almost 30 minutes that's way more than 10. Actually that doesn't bug me it just makes me real sad because I had myself thinking I was a super speedy shower-er when I was the far opposite.

I do. I do admit I lose everything. I say everything, because I'm trying to make this sound as serious as it is. I lose at least one thing once a day. Not for good, not forever. But when something is lost this is my thinking: lost means I don't know where it is, so why, how and where should I look for something that I have no clue where it would be?! I'm not trying to be lazy, I just don't know how to find things that arent in a place I know of. But this drives BF craaaaazy which leads him to start the search for me. I tell him I don't know where my phone is I don't know what to tell you, then I would seriously lay on the couch forever thinking my phone was gone for good...If it wasn't for him going to check in the car or look in my jacket pocket. Remember I lost my charger? Found it in an old Christmas gift bag.

(trying to gain insight and inside info for this post in process, I asked...)
L: Babe what do you think I lose the most?
BF: Hmmm...(scratches his head) That's a good question.......I don't think its any one thing in particular its just always something new...But you lose your phone alot.
Well. Already said that lovie.
BF: Auuckhhhhhh (funny throat noise) Why didn't I think of this?! Your stupid f****** deodorant :)

Okayyyyy okay well I suppose he has every right to say that as such. Because every morning or every night, it never fails that I cant find my deodorant. I don't know where you keep yours but I like to keep mine on the floor, kind of under the bed, under clothes, you know, random places. Then I start to freak out because I only allow myself a certain amount of time for the getting ready process and deodorant applying is a necessity in that so I beg/order BF to find the pot of gold. Do you see why I'm so in love? Hahaha. He finds it in the most random of all places and its a sigh of relief when he finds it. The best thing. So lucky I am. If I kept it in the same place every time it would be way easy to find. But thats lame, and also something my mother would advise. And besides I think BF kinda likes hide&seek deodorant. Kidding.

Chips=Stop Snoring Tonight

Do you share the bed with somebody that snores? I do.
I usually don't mind it, but the times when I cant fall asleep and its ridiculously polar bear like loud, I mind it alot. We don't really ever buy Cheetos so I cant say I'd have them on hand when needed...Even if we kept our house Cheeto stocked and one night I found my ears ringing in pain due to the bother of a snorer, sticking a cheesypuffstick up there isn't the first thing I would think of. But the idea sure makes a funny commercial no!?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Cant Believe It

What is that?A very blurry picture of some good mail with one of my favorite favorites on the cover.
(If you didn't know, Carrie Underwood is like my fave. person ever. Check older posts you'll see)

I scoured Google Images looking for next months issue but no luck. And by scoured I do mean a couple pages. So, settling with my blurry vision picture to share with you lovelies. Or have you seen it walking by in the grocery stores? Already flipped through it standing in line? Don't care? Haha.

Shes been on a couple covers before but none of them compare to this one. She looks aaaamazing, I love her hair, the dress, the makeup, the reddish background...I think its one of my favorite Cosmo covers! The issue is great too! Just kiddin I couldn't even tell you. Know why? The issue is as good as _________ (insert anything, I couldn't think of the right word to flow with the rest of this) to me because I'm just stuck on the cover. You know how when you buy a notebook or journal only because the cover is so cute; lined paper is lined paper but a polka dot cover makes the day planner right? Well the cover is gorgeous so I'm probably just going to stare at it until I get bored/motivated enough to open it up and read lol!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Le Freak C'est Chic...Freakout.

Do you love my post title?
Or not?
Let me explain, I was having a, freakout, if you will.

And "aaaaaaaah FREAKOUT!" was the first thing that popped into my head.

You should probably ask what is the freakout about?

Well I was just thinking about the old days in middle and high school, when there was the surprise of a substitute teacher for the day.
Depending on the sub, this meant "yessssssss!" or ****!

The "yessssssss!" type meant: feel free to be a chatty kathy the entire class because were only watching a video anyway, and go ahead and sit next to your friends because there's no way the sub cares enough to leave a note for the teacher to come back and rant about. A sub for the teacher meant the day would be "chillax". That's what the kids used for cool/chill/relax. I know, I know.

The "****" type meant: you better be in your seat when the sub calls roll or your name is definitely going to be on the note that the sub is definitely going to leave for the teacher to come back to. Don't even think about being a chatty kathy, not chillax.

Back to the freakout.

In my years of schooling, whenever we had a sub, I was a chatty kathy, and I was usually not in my seat or anywhere near it. It wasn't entirely my fault but I'm sure I was probably a part of some classes that produced a few headaches for substitute teachers.

What does this mean for me?

Does it mean that whenever and if I have to sub, I'm sure to have a rowdy circus kind of class? How many names am I going to have to leave for the teacher to come back to? This is why the freakout. I remember having some pretty rowdy classmates; boys that had good aim with paper creations(basketballs, planes) and some girls that just didn't quit the talking. Even if the teacher was talking. Sooo freakout. If I ever have to sub, I hope if I'm stuck in a class of animals, I at least get 1 sweet student to help me find where the teacher left the plan I'm supposed to follow ha.

For Me?!

My goodness. I should take a break more often. Didn't check my blog for a couple days and I came back to find a comment from Courtney, saying there was a little something for me over at her blog. A surprise?! Excited I was. And when I saw it was an award, even more! Who would think to pass an award my way?! I guess she thinks my blog is as dazzling as I know hers is ha! My first ever, so thanks a bundle Courtney!

Ok soooo here are the rules I will do my very best to follow ha!
- Thank the blogger who gave you the award and make sure to link back to them
- Pass it on to 15 other beautiful bloggers who you've recently discovered. Link them & notify them about their award.
- Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Here we go!
♥. I'm intimidated of the weather. Big time. I'm planning on transferring to a college far from home this fall. One thing I'm worried about is the change of weather we'll be experiencing. I don't know about you but I really like 70 degrees pretty much year round. I am so used to sandals & shorts. I really get a kick out of reading all the blog posts out there about the "ice storms" and "inches of snow", I love looking at the snowy house pictures but I'm just now sure how I'm going to adjust to possibly living in one!

♥. I'm serious about my soda. Like I'm really glad we don't get crazy snow storms because that would totally prevent my boyfriend from making emergency soda runs. I'm serious. Soda is supposed to be the easy cut out, its empty calories, but I'd cut out everything before soda. Well not everything but soda vs. sweets soda wins. I don't want to turn this into a soda post cause we'll be here forever, but Cherry 7up is the house favorite I must have in stock. Hey I get antioxidants from the fake cherry so ha.

♥. I have a strict "I cook not clean" policy. And I love it. And I love that my boyfriend loves my cooking enough to help me out and kinda follow! Its just the cleaning up process that I ask for help in, scraping food off the dishes and putting them in is just not me so I try to get the clean ones taken care of. But after a meal BF has a sparkle in his eye, he's happy and full and he'll kiss my cheek and say "I got the kitchen", or "that was so good babe thanks I'll clean up". Aw. I just melt into a puddle on the couch! Like the Secret Life of Alex Mack, that kind of puddle.

♥. I'm pretty sensitive, just in my relationship. My boyfriend has witnessed some super intense stuff ha. One morning I woke up way before I had to, it was a horrible night of sleep or something and I just started crying and whining about how I was soooo tired and I just wanted to be able to fall asleep and waaah waaah waaah. Oh and a while back, when I first accepted that our furry cat of a friend was definitely to be considered extra large because obese sounds so harsh, I couldn't stop the tears. (I'm sure this scenario could have someone laughing?) I just felt like such a failure for letting her get so chunky and ohh it was a long night! Yes my boyfriend loves me tears and all!

♥. I have really bad sleeping habits. Oh man. I adore sleeping in, taking naps, any form of rest. And I stay up really late. TV in the room anyone? There's some good stuff on late. If 8 hours is healthy, then I'm probably not. Fall asleep way past midnight and awake at 11ish 11:30. Oh lazy college students right!?

♥. I have a soft spot for animals. An excessively soft soft spot. Our fatty cat comes from the pound and of course I wish I could rescue every one out there. You can ask my boyfriend how many times I've made him stop the car so I can check if the loose cat or dog has a collar. You can ask me how many times I've ran up to a dog I thought was lost, only to watch it run away from me and back into the garage of the home where it obviously lived happily. Well they sure looked lost. I brake for all creatures, or scream frantically at BF to brake because I don't really drive. Animal lover definitely.

♥. I'm a big kid. Both my BF and I. Of course we are grown and act like adults but also maintain a super high level of fun all the time. Joking, messing around, he loves to tease me. I love to scare him, I think its hilarious to hide in the hall way or come behind the couch and grab him, its really makes me laugh. A favorite is to watch TV and poke fun of all the brilliant people they cast for any high drama reality program. And we're always quoting the funny shows we watch...we do it all day long...that's what she said!

♥. I stare. At babies. And I cant help it. Wherever I am, wherever we are, whoever I'm with, I cant help but point out whatever family or whoever I see with a precious newborn all swaddled up. My Mom says "don't get any ideas". So funny. BF is used to me making him pick out exactly which tasteful toddler has the cheetah print onesies or the beloved bow headband that I cannot wait to purchase for my own some day! Me staring at your little bundle of beauty, in advance, so sorry for staring!

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I warned that I'd do my best with the rules sooo that's 15 =)
All these ladies are lovely and their blogs are definite must reads!
Go see, then come back so I can say told ya so!
Or I can sing it to you Carrie Underwood-like I tolddddd you sooooooo.
Up to you!

Simple Thing Drives Me Wild

Do you know what that is?
A symbol of love.
The outcome of an especially nice thought.
I asked my boyfriend if he'd make me a toaster strudel.
And he brought me a symbol of love.
I love frosting. I love surprises.
Surprise frosting hearts?!

Friday, February 12, 2010


The Trendy Treehouse
So glad its Friday! Definitely ready to enjoy a long, fun weekend, you!?
I kind of just remembered Fridays=Follow Me Fridays @ the TrendyT.House.
Silly me!
Happy Weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Star

When I saw Queen Latifah out there on the field, I thought, huh interesting shes no Beyonce but alright. Ok ok I was disappointed, not gonna lie. I'm sure shes a nice lady but her performance just didn't blow me out of the water. The performance gods must have sensed my disappointment because just a minute later, there on the field appeared was the most magical of all creations. Carrie Underwood. If you don't have HD TV then I'm sorry you should have came to my house. National Anthem + HDTV + Carrie in white & sparkles=loveeeeee yayy.

I haven't been rolling on the floor laughing hysterically at the commercials, have you?
Ok I admit, I rolled around a little, the Doritos commercials are hilarious and the Bud Light ones too.
Oh and I just cant wait till halftime! I'm starving! I'll be in the kitchen makin a 5 star pizza, Kelly@Dare to be Domestic posted a really good looking recipe and my fingers are double crossed that mine comes out somewhere near seriously delicious!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ray J Stickynotes & A Cat Quiz

If you have love for Ray J then "you gotta keep it onehundred.' You don't tune in? It means be honest. So if you have love for me then please be 100% when you answer these.

Question 1. Does this cat look fat?
1. Yes, do you even need to ask this?
2. Its too hard to tell because its not a full body shot of her.

(If you chose 1 please don't tell me I'll cry and if you chose 2, not my fault, she likes to spend a majority of her time in bags and boxes which leads me to...
Question 2. When I was little we used to say, "oohh if you love it so much why don't you marry it!" Well if she could she would marry a box and a bag I have no doubt. She likes them a lot. Think this is,
1. Creepy.
2. Cute!
3. Both, your cat is MAGnificent how does she pull off creepy with cute that's not easy.
Question 3. I cut out my messy floor in each picture. Do you think that's...
1. Weird
2. Really funny
3. So smart.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So how about this little shindig, Follow Me Fridays at the Trendy Treehouse.
The Trendy Treehouse
I admit I'm not as smart as I look
I just like to wear glasses.
Sometimes I wonder if my boss has figured this out yet.
He probably thinks I'm retarded but whatever.
Today I accidentally poured a chemical into the wrong bottle.
I thought about not fessing up, it was clear, it could have been a forever secret.
But I was afraid I had just created some lethal bomb mix so I went ahead and told boss man that I screwed up because I'm really not a genius I just like wearing purple glasses. He said oh ok.
Oh and I know I said here that I was just dying to get into UGA. But um I'm kind of not anymore. Maybe its just all the super bowl hype but LSU looks really good now ha!

Show Us Your Life!

Soooooo today is Friday and this edition of Show Us Your Life brought to you by Kelly's Korner features "Beauty Tips & Favorite Products".
Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Beauty products are so fun to try and test out, I had to link up and post my favorites! Its not a crazy routine or anything ha but of course I start out with a clean face, I like Olay and St. Ives Apricot scrub best!
Then I start out with my lotion...Its not too heavy or greasy and it has a bit of SPF which I hear is a big plus. I try to remember to put it on all the time but you know how that goes...Oh and this is my most favorite eye makeup remover ever! Oil free, love that! Its not soapy its not harsh, it does a great job of taking off eyeliner.

I don't like foundation or anything that makes my face look cakey. I like to put something on my skin but not anything too heavy, and this is the perfect solution. I use it with a little short fat brush and I don't even think you can put too much on. It just makes your face matte and smooth looking! I think its crossed over from favorite to must have!

I finish with my eyes...any eyeshadow that sparkles or shimmers and looks good with my skin tone. Right now I'm working on Too Faced "George&Weezie" (pictured). I love how colored eyeliner and eyeshadow look on other people but I just am not brave enough to test it out! I stick with my classic black eyeliner, super duper must have. Cover Girl, something from Sephora, not really picky on the brand.

I used to buy Cover Girl Lash Blast and I still kinda love it but when I have 20$ extra dollars to spend on mascara, Dior is the where its at! Seriously. I first tried plain Dior Show, thought it was amazing, then tried Diorshow Blackout and its amazing and all that and a bag of chips and then some. This is the only thing I'd recommend for fab lashes.

So I guess that's it! Throw it on and go ha! Well that's what works for me...
Happy Friday!

Here, here, and here is other stuff that has worked for me!