Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Ocean Looks Like A Thousand Diamonds

♥Those are my chubby brown chopstick legs in that cute green skirt.
♥Those are my toes painted Pompeii Purple in old white sandals from Target.That is me, standing there.
On the pier, looking down at the watahhh.

Wish You Were Here

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday! @ Taylor's blog The Undomestic Momma.
Top 2 Random Facts About Yourself
1. I'm an ex baseball statistician. Best job ever. 2 years, it was lots of fun & I learned a ton.
2. I have random scars. My favorite is one on my arm. I got it when I was little when my Mom was taking a nap, I was supposed to be taking mine, but instead, I was trying to bathe our cat in the bathroom sink. She didn't want me to clean her and she scarred me up to prove it hah!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wish They All Could Be California Girls

I've lived in the same state, same town, for all 21 years of my life. And I've loved it. But this fall, I'll be moving out of state and away from all the these things that I love. The past month or so I've been thinking hard about everything I'm going to miss. I also thought, hey there are a couple things I want to do and see before I leave this lovely place!

Sure I've seen and done lots in this magical Golden state, both native and touristy things...But not everything...

I remember the day I read this post. I was trippin out man. No but really it just got me thinking...I only live hours away how have I never been there. Its not that I never wanted to, I just never made the time. I've drove on the PCH a million times and seen it, but never actually been there. I'm lucky enough to live over an hour away from a place that is considered a dream destination to some, I figured I better get my ass down there and enjoy it then!

Soooooo I'm taking advantage of this spring break shindig and heading down tooooooo The Santa Monica Pier!
I owe it to my native Californian self to check that off the *never been* list, and maybe I owe it to Sam too; she would love to go, its one of her dream vacations, fyi, but since shes on the opposite side of the states a trip wouldn't be so easy. But its easy for me, and I'm goin!

The camera is charging, I have a cute outfit in mind...We'll probably grab lunch and stroll around, hopefully the beautiful weather is around and we'll have a fabulous day! And hopefully you do too!! ♥

What Are Friends For

I love my bloggy friends. Seriously. Its been a lovely couple days in my blogging world. Have you ever fell in love at first sight? Me too. A while back I found this blog, Things I Can't Say, it became a favorite read. A blog I can always count on for good words. A mixture of blunt honesty, hilariousness, and story's about motherbitches(what the mean girls in high school turn into when they procreate). I just love her blog. Love it. I love her. And she loves me. She loves me so much that she went out and bought a book just for me. JUST KIDDING, the book is a prize! Shell took my giveaway virginity! Woo woo I've never won before so I'm all excited! And the prize, a copy of A Rather Charming Invitation by C.A. Belmond, I cant wait to start reading!

And if winning my first giveaway wasn't a big enough thrill, I then discovered two of my bloggy friends were passing an award my way! My second ever award yay! My girl Jess gave me the Sunshine Award!(btw I love gerber daisys lol thanks J!)I've gotta tell you 7 things about me and pass it on to 7 fellow lovelies.
Namaste By Day
The Domestication of the (Once) Single Girl
1.I wear socks that don't match. (because two colors are better than one and who has time to find that long lost other half in a pair.)
2. Last week I asked my boyfriend if our wedding cake could be an ice cream cake and he thought I was joking. I wasn't.
3. Sometimes, when I can I'll match my underwear to the color shirt I'm wearing.
4. I think the movie Superbad is soooooo funny and I still quote it all the time.
5. I hate ants just as much, if not more than any other insect including spiders. Yuck.
6. Princess & The Frog is the last movie I saw in theaters. Wow.
7. Looking back I'd have to say I didn't mind getting my wisdom teeth out.
(please look past the fatty ankles to enjoy the cuteness of hearts on socks.) And Sam was sweet enough to pass on to me not one but two awards. I don't know the rules for these (and even if I did I might have trouble following ;) so I just wanted to show the links to a couple fabulous blogs that I absolutely love reading up on....The Undomestic Momma
Brown Girl Blogs
Krystal's Kitsch
Pink Preppy Lilly Lover
Just Shy of a "Y"
If you havent ever, go take a look at my blog list. All of them are "beautiful bloggers" and if I wasn't so lazy and there were more hours in a day, I would pass this award on to everyone on there. Happy day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hold My Hand

♥BF and I went shopping downtown tonight for a little while. We held hands and he held my bags** :) It was fabulous and lucky me I was a successful shopper and came away with a few things to add to my wardrobe, with $$ leftover yay!
♥I was feeling crazy and took pictures of what I bought haha! Zebra-ish shirt it has a cute braided tie around the bottom, black tanktop with cute, not cheap looking jewels around the collar, it too has one of those ties that makes it scrunched at the bottom. And I got capri length yoga pants (love) and two headbands. Speaking of which, doesn't the girl in the red striped headband look cute! Umm yea I think she does. I got that same exact headband but in black and white. But when I wear it, all I see is doesn't the girl in the striped headband look retarded! I just feel like I cant pull off big bows which makes me sad because I think their adorable capital A! I played with the bow switching it to different sides of my head but I still felt like it didn't look that great. I kind of liked how it looked with a Snooki-like poof and a super messy side pony but I just don't know where the hell I would wear that kind of hair to! Soo brand new headband is gonna be chillin in the old junk drawer till I'm feeling brave and patient enough to find the right look and style to wear it haha! Which could quite possibly be never so we'll see.

♥ This weekend marks the start of my spring break! Woohoo!
Unfortunately/fortunately (depending my mood) I work all this weekend...
♥Tonight....We had Subway for dinner yum. And I'd usually say TGIF but I'm gonna say TGFDVR! We finally watched Gossip Girl. Thank Gosh for DVR! (it came on monday lol)
♥Saturdayyyyy.....Kentucky vs. WVU?! Go Mountaineers! (I always root with bf :) He's going to be hollering all over the place, WVU is the underdog I think so they need 100%+ if they want the big win...
♥Sunday hopefully I can "contribute to the upkeep of the household" because I have a room that really deserves a spring cleaning ha! So I'll be popping in here and there, do have yourself a great one =)
**(I guess I was in the mood to write because it just all came out in this what I meant to be a short post so feel free to skip this part, I just wanted to get it down)** Throughout middle and high school, I spent alot of time shopping at the local mall. I remember when I was finally old enough for my Mom to drop me and a friend off. So we could shop by ourselves. Oh my god. How cool was I? Really cool. Oh and my Mom was really cool too, well I mean she still is cool but she was a little cooler when she used to give me weekly money to blow on stupid screen t-shirts and chandelier earrings from Claire's that I would end up never wearing. Ahh I miss being 16. Kind of. 21 is going good though. Anyways, I used to love shopping with friends! I'm extremely indecisive, I needed & loved having a friend with me for second opinions and actual decision making like should I get it or not? All of us had different shopping styles, and that's something I kept in mind when deciding who to invite on a shopping trip lol! My three closest friends, one was the type of girl that has to look at everything on every rack, whether she has money to buy it or not! Another is more of a "straight to the point" shopper, unless she has money to browse. But my all time favorite shopping partner, D, shopped just like me. If she got the feeling she wasn't going to be able to find anything in a store, she wouldn't waste time, she'd walk right out. If we shopped too hard through clearance racks, she liked to stop for soda or a drink from Coffee Bean, and she'd browse a store slow but not too slow, she was just the best to shop with haha! Although I loved shopping with my girls, I'd never fail to think "I cant wait to shop with a boyfriend!" This was when I didn't have one, wasn't close to having one. I would see couples walking the mall, a guy carrying bags with a girl wrapped around his arm. I would think to myself how fun it would be to drag my guy through the mall, asking him if he liked the shirt or dress better and if this one looks good or maybe one size up. And someone to carry my bags! A boyfriend with muscles to carry all my shopping bags. Sexy. Since I'm Princess carrying the bags is like a predetermined thing I figured its routine. Umm lucky me I'm not that crazy and my Prince Charming thought the same :) I remember the first time we went shopping together, after I paid and got my bag, I just about died when he said I can carry that for you. My heart still skips a beat and I cant help but smile when he offers. He doesn't have to, you know? He doesn't have to carry all three bags in their lovely shades of bright baby blue, kelly green and hot pink, he doesn't have to but he does, and I love it. Nah let me carry that babe I got it. I blush and smile and say okayyy. I would much rather hold his hand than a shopping bag. (bags get heavy and the plastic & ropes hurt my hands after a while.) And he doesn't mind holding my purse. At all. At least that's what he has me thinking haha! He'll hold it if theres no hooks in a bathroom or dressing room or just so I can shop better (sometimes a purse is a pain to shop with, trying to keep it on your shoulder while trying to dig through a shelf of jeans ugh!). I think its the sweetest gesture. Something so simple I'm not sure he knows how happy it makes me (I'll have to tell him). So glad, I'm so glad I have my boyfriend to shop with. 16 year old me that was once so dying to walk around the mall with a hand to hold is now 21 year old me that is soo glad to finally now have that.

Fill in the Blank Friday

I'm linking up @ Lauren's
1. The best piece of advice I was ever given was you just have to know that its all gonna work out okay don't worry. (Sometimes I get sooo stressed out, I need to be calmed down and be reminded to have faith in things, hearing that things will somehow work out is seriously the best thing to hear)

2. If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to a charity that sponsors children or a clean water charity.

3. If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be I could be here awhile detailing it all so lets just say something super yummy with bacon perhaps lol and of course 5 sodas to drink and a really fabulous dessert.

4. My hair is brownish, and has a mind of its own. Sometimes I feel like Carrie Underwood and somedays the flat iron gets the best of me and I end up in tears and a ponytail & headband.

5. If at first you don't succeed you can dust it off and try again. Try again (and again).

6. I have always been very very picky.

7. Oh....and by the way.... I love Russell Martin. April 5th season opener. ♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010


If you didn't know wtf you didn't know?! I'm queen for a week over at Elizabeth's blog! It has been a pretty fabulous week and I'm strrrrrretttching it out as long as I can lol just kidding kind of. Also if you didn't know today's date,(because lets face it I cant be the only one who sometimes forgets what date it is) its 3/25/10. A day on which I'll link up for.... (Elizabeth&Tamara's)

Top 3 Thursday Topic:

What are the top three things you should have thrown, totally like yesterday?
(Something like that;)

#1 thing: My Bedding. Which is sad because as noted in other posts its one of my favorite things. But my mattress has my body shape permanently imprinted/stamped into it. I think that means time for replacing!? And I've seen really old pictures with the pillows that are currently on my bed. No judging!
#2thing: About half of the stuff in my closet. But it cant go because I currently cant afford to replace any of itit! I love being in college wearing clothes I wore in high school! Love it!
#3: (these are boyfriends words because I couldn't think of 1 last thing): Those cotton balls up there...that are dirty..your up there every day so why don't you throw them away? (he's talking about the cotton balls I use to take off my makeup that he knows nothing about! I know!)
There you have it, the things I should have just thrown away yesterday....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Time for Kelsey's Wishful Wednesdays!

"I Wish"...I could afford this handbag without putting a dent in my pocketbook.

My answer? The real deal, I could never afford; Chanel please!

Can you imagine an authentic bag, how big of a dent would be left in your pocketbook!

This was such a good topic! I had trouble choosing! A new Coach or Juicy purse would be lovely but I'm a little in love with big brand names and designers I cant afford! Fendi, Gucci, Louis...Bottega Veneta, Dior, Valentino...but as I said, Chanel♥

slap her & take her bag

But I'm Gonna Need You To Say Something Baby

Some funnies.
Or maybe just youhadtobetheres :)
Babe did you know that out of 48 hours, you've only been awake for 24 of them?
What what do you mean?
Well if you didn't go to class yesterday and today so you slept until work which is like what 1 or 2p.m mmhmm thats like 12 hours a day of sleep. So yeah 24 hours.
Hahahahhah. (Yes I find this funny?)
Haha.(He does too?!) Thats like you've only been awake a day out of two of them.
And I've been awake for 40 out of 48 hours.
Really? Is that crazy or what? (no not really, one of has to work. Jk!Jk!Jk!)
Babe I hope we make friends when we move...
We will babe, with your beauty and my. . .
Well with your beauty we will, don't worry!
He is so crazy! Actually funny, I don't know what beauty he is talking about lol! With your beauty and my . . . he's supposed to fill in the blank with one of the qualities/thing I love most about him! Duh! I thought he was going to say "with my jokes" or something but what he responded with instead was hiLARious!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday

Time for Top 2 Tuesdays brought to you by the ever so lovely Taylor at The Undomestic Momma. This week its...

Top 2 Things You Cant Live Without.
(besides family, friends, food, necessities.)

1. Bedding. I wouldn't. I couldn't. I don't know what I would do without a bed and some blankets. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do and a good bed is needed to do it in. And soft blankets. Soft blankets on a bed. Its like rainbow sprinkles on ice cream, the very best part. I just cant not sleep in a bed. (This was a problem when I was in high school and on a spring break trip with 8+ girls. I don't know, I guess they got tired of me always getting to sleep in either of the 2 beds available heehe.)

At the end of a long day, a cozy bed is exactly where I want to be.
2. Soda. Do you know how not good it is for you? Yeah. I do. But do you know how good it tastes? Yeah! I do! I love Cherry-anything but my heart belongs to old faithful Dr Pepper. ♥ Cant wait to see all the other Top 2 picks! This was a hard one! Computer, camera, TV, leggings & boots, soap and razors, jeez theres so many things I would "not like" to live without lol!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wanted Dead Or Alive.

First, the Best & Worst.

Babe should I eat this or no?
Yea why wouldnt you?
I dunno..cause you don't like the citrus smell.
Aww babe go ahead.
No really I'm not even eating chocolate.

Worst girlfriend in the world award. Your boyfriend has to ask you if its okay if he eats an orange!? What else does he need permission for? Are you like 500 pounds and always eating chocolate, why does he have to ask such a thing? And even after you told him yes, he still thought you really meant no. Horrible.

Best boyfriend in the world award. You remembered your girlfriend doesn't like the smell of citrus. You were considerate enough to ask her if she minded, before you even peeled the sticker off the orange. And you even went back in, making sure she was really okay with it, and not just saying it. You made sure her yes was in fact a yes and not a no in disguise like it usuallysometimes is. And you eat and peel an orange with nice manners. Lovely.

Then, we saw a commercial advertising the return of the show the Deadliest Catch on Discovery. BF started humming the song and then said I wonder who sings it. I told him to Google it. He said Nahh what would I type? Umm... I reply with who sings intro song on Deadliest Catch. He says maybe some other time. I open a new window and take a break from this post. Did a quick search. BF starts looking at me weird. Then starts to smile... Is this it? Ohh cool babe thanks! I had found the song and was playing it for him. Which means I definitely come away with a best girlfriend in the world award.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Queen Of Everything...For The Week.

Confessions from a Working Mom

Elizabeth @ Confessions From A Working Mom started this Queen For The Week thing last year, and me being the proclaimed princess that I am, of course nominated myself. But I never expected to win because I never win anything even if I have 50 extra entries. Sooo I'm genuinely ecstatic to have been crowned this recognition! You know I've always thought I was full princess or at least had some princess blood in me. So this coronation is just the proof I needed hahaha.
So remember, I'm Queen. Its myworldweek you just live in it!
Hahah no but I really cant give Elizabeth enough thanks for this little piece of magnificence!
And thanks to any of you stopping by to visit, the Queen gladly welcomes your presence ;)
♥Have a great Sunday

I'd Do Anything

Saturday Night...
We watched Did You Hear About The Morgans. Funny, I liked it. Even though I can always only see SJP as Carrie from SITC. BF laughed too but I think a couple parts might have been slow for him.
I bought a bag of Easter M&Ms when I was at the store earlier. I know I knowww but I swear that's not all I eat. Its so weird though, they were never my favorite candy. Never! I always felt they were kinda plain and my heart always belonged to Reese's anyway. So yeah I never had the taste for just a bag of M&Ms, and if I ever got them they'd be peanut butter. But this February I had a little snack bag of them and I've been addictedwanting them all day everyday ever since. But as I was saying. I bought a bag of Easter M&Ms when I was at the store earlier. Ate some while watching our movie powered by ONDEMAND. All of a sudden my M&Ms started tasting orange-y. What the? But this didn't stop me from eating them no I just kept thinking why does every M&M I eat taste like orange? I look over at BF who had a crumbled up napkin on his lap. Full of peels. I never think before I say thingsI couldn't help butscreamsay "Ughhh your ruining my M&Ms! Their all orangey now." BF said sorry princess, I didn't mean to ruin your precious M&Ms with obnoxious citrus fumes.
He didn't really say that but he didn't have to haha, I knew when he leaned over and kissed me that's exactly what he was thinking :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 3 Thursday

What are your top 3 quirks?

1. I'm really picky about how I eat my food. I'm a perfectionist; if its nachos, my chip has to have the perfect ratio of cheese and meat or whatever. I will put *one* bean or one olive on the chip if that's what it takes to balance it out. I pick up my frys and eat them two at a time, when I dip things I take baby dips as apposed to dunking things. Beverages too. I despise drinking soda out of a can. It just tastes different, cant do it. I take one sip out of a can and make a face like I just ate a lemon. Hand me a cup with ice please.

2. I crack myself up. All the time. I run around the house scaring my boyfriend. I pop out from in the pantry or stand behind the door when he walks in the room. When I see his scared face and hear him say dammit, I cant stop laughing. If I say something funny, I laugh, even if I'm the only one. I might have the humor of a 5 year old. Knock Knock, Who's there? Who. Who who? Hey is there an owl in here? Favorite joke ever.

3. I'm obsessed with how I smell. I've been around people that umm haven't smelled too fresh and it just made me more aware of myself. I brush my teeth forevahhh and my shower ritual is a process and a half. I've always used an antibacterial bar soap and a liquid body wash. And a super strong deodorant. And expensive perfume. Still, I pull sniff tests frequently because I''m always a little worried ha. Whatever. "You smell good" is an awesome compliment.

♥ Link up @ Elizabeth's blog
Confessions From A Working Mom!

Yes No Maybe So

Yes I'm excited for Easter! My second favorite holiday! When is it exactly, April...4th right?
No, LSU cant give me an admission decision until I actually graduate and am able to send them my final grades from this current semester. Bummer. That pushes things back for me. Well, I can keep procrastinating on that conversation at least.

No, no jeans. I took advantage of the sun and wore shorts. And I have a dress picked out for tomorrow =)

Yes, my attendance rate drops with the daylight savings time change. But when its an 80 degree day, and its still warm & light out at 6 oclock...well its just sooo hard to get motivated to get in the car and have my boyfriend drive medrive to go sit in night class for 3 hours. Watching the blue sky turn purple is pretty. Watching the purple sky turn pitch black is not. It's kind of scary and makes me wish I was at home on the couch.
No, I wasn't very happy with the two coats of OPI I applied on my toes. It wasn't that bad but it just made me wish I had a real pedicure even more. Sad world!

Yes my boyfriend thinks Bigfoot is real. And even if your opinion is way different, I bet you might have fun talking to him about it.

No. Cheezits, Cherry Coke, and a bag of M&Ms isnt considered a real dinner. But when you spend the dinner hour in class, those three are not a bad alternative and its actually a delicous meal. 5 star.

Yes I just about died the other night while watching Ultimate Cake Off on TLC. It was a quickfire challenge or whatever and one of the teams came up with an Oreo buttercream. Ohh my gosh! That sounds aaaaamazing, I'm kind of a big Oreo fan, but not really the cookie so much. I just like Oreo flavored ice cream you know, cookies&cream. But I'd probablydefinitely win an eating contest if the item was Klondike Oreos and Drumstick "cookies&cream".

No I'm not 500 pounds. But if you thought that after reading about my eating habits (Cherry 7up and M&Ms) in this blog , I wont blame you. Hahaha.
Yes I'm excited for the weekned, (as always) arent you?
=) Have a good one ♥.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cooking Something

Soooooo my boyfriend and I, we need our own show. Food Network, other show producers are you listening? Tell me if you think you would watch this: a girl baking yummy deserts and cooking dinners that are simple and a little extravagent; with no need to go out and buy 5 spices you've never even heard of, they will be things you can make. All the while she's cooking, her boyfriend is in the kitchen with her, doing the "Charlie work" as we call it. Throwing away the wrappers, putting the flour back, getting the foil. I think we'd be a fun couple to watch. Lovey dovey but not too mushy, a mixture of sarcasm, silliness and bossiness. Cooking and baking are things I love to do, and my boyfriend doesn't mind lending a hand with things in the kitchen. I pull the Princess cardHe doesn't mind doing the dirty work; rinsing dishes & loading them in the wash, throwing out cans & packages. He helps out when I have my hands full or "in chicken", he'll grab the olive oil, get me a 13X9. Would you watch a show with a girl orderingasking her other half to grate the cheese? I don't know, I think its a good, cute idea...My Mom came up with it she saw us in action and said "you guys need your own show". Have you seen Down Home With The Neelys? Ok no but imagine a couple cooking, but with the man only helping out, not cooking, and the girl being a little bossy? Would you change the channel? Lol. Who wouldn't want to see teamwork!? We just work well together, I make a mess and he is right behind me cleaning it up like I was never there. Steamrolling. You don't know (or do you?) how helpful it is to already have the cheese grated when your making a meal, to already have the ingredients you need from the fridge on the counter, believe it or not, it saves you so much time. I'm so lucky to have him help, it makes cooking that much better/easier. He's happy as long as its yummy & I don't blow up the kitchen. He likes watching me make and decorate a cake as much (more than? :) he likes watching Cake Boss on TV. He gets so worried watching me cook bacon, hearing me say "Ow" times 50. He's an ex handyman, and I think he enjoys seeing the process of something going from scratch to a finished product. And the fact the the finished product ends up in his stomach cant hurt! Its probably alot of work to be on a TV show like that, don't you think? Cooking under all those bright lights and stuff. But anyways. To wrap it up. I like to cook, my boyfriend helps me, its great, the end.
♥Top Chef?