Monday, May 31, 2010

Blizzard Warning

I love browsing grocery store aisles. The chip and soda aisle especially. It doesn't matter if I'm not buying anything from that particular section, I just like seeing all the different brands and kinds of everything. Theres a store in my town and the cookie & cracker section is on one side of the aisle, on the right side, and the left side is a freezer; ice cream. Cookies and ice cream? Favorite aisle?! Yes. 20 minutes, 10 looking on each side? Yes. And if I'm only buying 1 box of something, you bet your butt I'm scanning through all my choices to make sure I'm sure about what I want. Because sometimes you really don't know if you'd rather have cookies and cream or cookie dough. Popsicles or Fudgesicles. And theres a cajillion different kinds of 100 calorie packs that takes me 5 minutes alone to get through a decision. Anyways. I really only have one point in this post and that is this; Blizzard Oreo's. (Oreo's aren't my favorite cookie but I just love when things have new little kicks to them. Golden Oreo's, different colored frosting. I'm a 5 year old and I would love to try every cereal on the cereal aisle.) What is a Blizzard Oreo? I don't know. We have to buy them to find out, and we didnt. I think its Blizzard because you know how usually its completely white frosting (is that what you call the stuff in the middle? Or is it cream? Help!?) in the middle, well in this new Blizzard Oreo, the white creamfrostingstuff has cookie pieces mixed in it. Huh. How about that. Did I make any sense? Great. =)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Mom...Wants An Ice Cream Maker

Have you ever had any type of appliance wish list? Sure you have. New blow dryer? Yes Santa. I'm itching like I have chicken pox, for; an ice cream maker, of all things. I like fun things that have the possibility to be used and then never used again. ;)

Some lovely I follow on Twitter posted this the other day and I loved it. "I'd rather be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right."


CA to TX looks far.
Well its going to feel far.
Thank newborn baby Jesus I'm such a fantabulous car sleeper!
But I'm sure its gonna be a pretty drive & we'll see cool places, perhaps your town!?

I'm really going to miss my weather. 58-80 is actually a very dependable weather pattern to work with. I couldn't even begin to tell you how humidity feels, not "humidity experienced", don't know how it feels. Do you know we have super nice beaches here? *Sigh* I'm going to miss them. Back to the weather. With a smile and bright eyes, BF tells me, "LA weather is really going to test our relationship!" I'm really sarcastic in real life, I said, "So, we're gonna break up?" He smiled even more and said "no way were not I'm just saying your going to be like waaaahh wahhh wahh." <(He tried to pretend to be me bitching & crying about the weather)

He is not incorrect. Its not available to read but, in my book I'm the only one that is allowed to whine. And hottness is on the top of my list of things to whine about. A hot day at an amusement park? My boyfriend really is an angel because I don't know how I can make that day fun for anyone. So living in any type of real heat is going to take adjusting to. A challenge, if you will. But we can do it. By we, I mean me and light summer dresses, and BF ;) I'm not the type of girl that gets tired of repeating obvious things like "its so hot", in fact, that's my favorite way to whine! You would love me.

The thought of my Mom being a Porn Star really grossed me out. Wait what, where'd I get that thought!? Another one of BF's great ideas. (stay with me!) My Mom has this old wicker/braided-ish stool/seat kind of thing. It looks like it could have been artifact-ish and came from India, Africa, or Pier 1! BF sees it and tells my Mom, "Wow you should be on Pawn Stars!" With her hearing, I'm not surprised what she thought she heard. "What! I should be a porn star?!" The quickest "NO" ever and an explanation of the show that is background to my blogging 27% of the time. I can only laugh about it if I get past the thought of "mom" & "porn star" going together without feeling sick! Lol.

You know sometimes we only get Sportscenter right? Today's news: "Big Baby got a concussion!" Ha! (There is a man on a basketball team and his nickname is "Big Baby".) It sounds so funny every time they say his name!

Thanks for the sweet comments about my ugly/not ugly blog :) Haha! I think I'm just feeling the need for a change but funds for blog layouts are something near and far from me lol! Searching for good free ones takes so much time for me though! I'll have to save a day for it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My blog layout is not appealing to my eyes anymore.

Head Full Of Thoughts IV

Hi hi hi!

Please tell me I've got my Roman numerals straight? They are considered math and math and me don't really hit it off.

My Monday night shows are gone. Sad. Gossip Girl was so good, but 24 was oh my goshhh good! Did you love it, I did! I'm gonna miss that show so much it always had me on the edge of my seat.

The world knows I love M&Ms and eat them quite frequently right? Yea well I may or may not have eaten two bags in one day. (your here to read, not judge! hahaha) If I did that, I might have been feeling guilty you know. I probably would have been feeling sorry for myself and said something like oh I feel so fat! But then I made myself feel better. I checked the calories. Smarttttt. Turns out eating a bag of M&Ms is like eating two and a little bit of a third bag of a 100 calorie pack. =) So it wasn't like I was eating a big fat cheeseburger which equals all good in my book ha. I talked this over with BF, saying I hope I don't gain too much M&M weight. You will never believe what he said, because I didn't believe it either. You might want to get ready for this, sit down. He says, "Yea babe you cant gain weight from eating M&Ms that'd be like gaining weight from eating tofu."
Response? Mine was a mixture of hysteric laughter, an extended OMG with the "G" really drawn out, and of course an "are you serious." That statement might be a little retarded but not to worry, he is not :) Just a really bad comparison right. Right. But really, TOFU?! And you cant gain weight from M&MS?! Anyone else want to come live with me in his made up world!? Lol.

I'll be living 4 states away from the one in which I currently reside, in August. Scary. But it hasn't hit me yet. I'm not ready. Do you know how much I hate cleaning? About as much as I hate packing.

But I am so looking forward to decorating!
Kind of.
I wish I was rich

Have you ever been to a Yankee Candle Store? I didn't even know they existed. BF and I were shopping at a mall out of town a few weeks ago and we walked past one. It smelled delicious, just walking by and their window display was so pretty, you know their candles come in a million different colors! We also walked past the Apple store, but then turned back around and had to go in, to mess around on the iPads for a few minutes!

Umm what else what else...Schools done, still working...Oh but not at that other job, that I've been working since like Feb, it was seasonal. I'm missing those checks though. Rrrrgh. So yea just running around trying to get things in order for moving this fall.

Oh yea! I got an iTouch. Another reason I've been ignoring my blog & boyfriend. I'm just getting the hang of it. Any tips!? Besides getting the Juicy case they make for it.

May 2007 I was a senior in high school.
I got out of school at noon, I considered four period days true blessings.
May meant the start of hitting up the beach everyday with my BFFS.
I miss you may 2007.
Because May 2010 has been crazy busy.
I'm a college graduate now.
I feel old.

I've never had a deep fried candy bar or anything sweet like that you know. Have you? Twinkies, Oreos? Are they really all that?! I want to try one just to say I've tried one.

** ♥ xo to you all and a special comment in spirit because I haven't left any in forever ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laugh Often...

My last post left my head feeling heavy :( I felt like my blog was frowning. Weird right. Well theres nothing like the stupid things that go on beween me and boyfriend to lighten and brighten up the day! :)


He gave me the privilege of having the movie 30 Days of Night as background to my blogging. Zombies yeah! No.

He's watching who knows what show, and he asks me: "babe can I get a crossbow?"

Not really knowing or caring I say: "yea, what would you use it for?"
he says: "oh...nothing I was just playing"
me: "oh....well why wouldn't you want one?"
him: "well what would I use it for?!"

Seriously. A big fat circle. Why he even asked? Silly.

bf:"Babe this movies pretty good, you should glance up once in a while Misses blogger."
Umm well if I really have to choose between watching 310 To Yuma or commenting my bloggy friends, I would pick commenting my bloggy friends, anyday. But I admit I did look up at the TV a couple times. How could I not, all the freakin cowboy violence.

What's So Wrong With Being Happy? Kudos To Those Who See Through Sickness

"My Moms so crazy and it makes me so crazy that I cant and don't ever want to be crazy."

I told this to my boyfriend the other day. Sidenote about him, I seriously don't thank God and one of my friends from high school enough for setting me up with him. He handles me stressing out so well bless his heart. Don't get me wrong though he has bad days ;) K so back to my crazy Mom. This is what I meant what I said this.

Sometimes she acts so crazystressed, seeing her that way makes me not want to be that way. Ever.

My Mom will show you what irate really means. Something I don't ever want to be. Were two totally different personalities btw, thank newborn baby Christmas Jesus I have my Dads temper; patient patient patient. I am soft spoken, and when stressed, I assess the situation make my move and get it done. Mother is loud aggressive, easily & always stressed, cant assess the situation, just wants to linger on and whine about what went wrong or whats happening in that situation. I love my Mom shes number 1 and all that, but like it is with any person, there are a few things about her I don't like.
I know this is my blog and I can say what I want, but still, what if its a sensitive topic to some? I don't want what I say to sound judgey or anything you know? Everyones different. I'll think of my sister and my self as a reminder ;)
So the other day I saw a little boy, he had to be between 3 and 4 because a 2 year old would have walked less steady right? Yeah so little boy skips away from the car, into the middle of the parking lot. No cars, but a van had literally just passed. Oh and theres a little brother or somebody probably 7ish tagging along btw. So in one motion, the Mom hurries over to little boy, grabs his hand and spanks him on the you know where. After spanking him in the middle of the parking lot/street, she half drags him to the safe sidewalk where I assume they had a conversation about what he wanted for dinner how stupidbaddangerous what he had just done was and to never ever do it again.

Judgey me assesses the situation and says aloud what I'm thinking: When I have kids I swear I'm gonna have the most patience in the world.
So do you guys want to quote me on that now or later? Because I'm sure when the time comes patience is the last thing I'll have lol.
My Moms response to what I said: A very loud "Ha! That's what every bitch says before she has kids!"

Meet my Mom ;) She is a sailor with the mouth to prove it. Jk she doesn't sail. She raised me with tons of patience and I thank her for that. But she can blow up. Quicker than anyone you know perhaps?

Instead of her response she seriously mines well just have said "good luck with that its not gonna happen."
But I think shes wrong.

Because I think anything is possible, anything can happen, if you try. (I'm not talking about the lotto here k)

If you want something to happen you have to make it happen, adjust your situations, whatever.

I'll dig deep from wherever, make sure the laundry is done so I have enough patience or what the heck ever to be able to focus on my kid. Is that how it works?

Do you see why I was worried about sounding judgey? But its not like I'm speaking to anyone in particular though, especially not any Moms who would probably die laughing and or want to slap me after reading this ha. My blog is like me talking in my head basically so don't take offense.

When I have kids I swear I'm gonna have the most patience in the world.

Not gonna lie, kinda scared of any responses to this post...

All I was saying was...When I have kids I hope/plan to have tons of patience and do my very very damn best to have an extra supply in a bucket just in case I run out. I will forgo the nightclubs or whatever else that could possibly take away any patience I might have to give to my offspring.
I think my Mom knew I was kind of irritated by her remark because she said she was "just kidding" and I'd "make a great Mom."
♥If you didn't make it through all of that, no worries I don't blame you I doubt if I even make sense at times :) But I'm very glad I got it out of my head ha.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Germs And Perms

Soo this random M&M addiction of mine developed in February. It was never really my favorite candy, I was always a Reese's girl. But now I absolutely love them and crave them always.

We were at Target one day and I saw the hugest bag of M&Ms ever. That night, I was still thinking about it.

me: Babe you know that big bag of M&Ms, how long do you think it'd take me to finish it?
him: Pshooooo. (the weird sound made, like a mixture of "whew" and "pssshht!")
me: Two days. (I was being 100% honest serious.)
him: Ha! Dream on!!
me: What! Who says that!?
him: I did!
me: Oh my godddd!!!!!

He said "dream on" the way Cher (Clueluess) would say "as if". It was funny because I swear I don't think I've ever heard him say it before. I didn't even care about the M&M question anymore, I just couldn't believe he had said that. Ridiculous!
I don't hesitate to ask the nicest guy in the world, my boyfriend, to make a trip out to the nearest gas station for a bag of the lovelies. No, I have no problem making that request.What I do have a problem with; sharing food with strangers.
Story; my teachers said this on our last day before the final:
"I have candy up here so help yourself!"
No. No wait. Something is wrong with that picture. 2 bowls of M&Ms, over 30 students in class. Do you know how many germs that is? Like 100 billion just on one M&M alone probably. I don't know if you've ran your fingers through your hair or anywhere else for that matter before reaching into the bowl of candy. Grabbing a handful for yourself, you cant help but touch the surrounding ones. Whens the last time you washed your hands? That's all I could think of, looking at the bowl of my favorite candy in the world on the teachers desk. Yes sure I would have loved a huge handful! But I couldn't get past those thoughts of hands. Possibility of hands with butt sweat on them was enough to make me stay far away from the contaminated bowl. I'll buy my own pack thanks. I swear I think I've become more of a germaphobe as I've "grown up" because I remember being in elementary school and having no problem with walking out of the bathroom stall, right past the sink. Clean hands what? Now days I wash like every time I walk by the sink ha!
What do you guys think? Would you have gone for it, ate some? Am I way paranoid? Germs ssherms ?
*(post title?...I was just about to give up on trying to find a clever line to title this piece...Then I asked lovely bf "what rhymes with germ beside worm?" He said "perm." I started laughing and that was that :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Short Stack

Hi hi hi!
I miss you guys.
It is torture, using a computer for anything but blogging!
It kills me to not check my blog, while Googling geography terms!
But I really cant wait to be done with this school.
Cant wait to graduate.
Its almost Mothers Day!
Did I already say I miss you guys?!
Yea, 146 is not my favorite number.
Really hate seeing it in my Google reader!
I like things organized, not all compiled lol.
Finals have taken over me.
Xo til we speak again! ♥

Monday, May 3, 2010

I Gotta Question For Ya

3) If you were given $5000 to spend what would you purchase (Chanel bag maybe?)
Chanel flats perhaps! This was so hard, I wasn't sure how of which way I wanted to answer this question.
(Trish's ?'s to me)
Unsure of which approach to take; practical-saving it, spending most of it on bills, school tuition, moving out. Or not so practical: spend it on decorating the house, new TV, new bed, stuff for the kitchen. Then I was leaning towards not really practical at all though, you know, shoes, clothes, fun stuff, lol. And then, I didn't know how I wanted to get into the specifics. Type up every item I'd buy? Wishlist? Pictures? But I'd be here all day if I wanted to post a picture of every single thing I would want. Stuff like bras, underwear, nail polish? We don't really need pics do we? No. Because I would be here forever if I tryed to find and show a picture of each ring, bracelet and necklace I'd get if I had $5000. So I tried to compact, by not finding an exact picture of the pair of jeans I want, I just found a pic of the brand logo. Know what I mean Jelly bean? Like, the cruise ship represents cruise tickets I would want. I hope we're all on the same page! And I'm not sure but I feel like $5000 could go a longgg way if your spending it all on items that aren't so practical. Soft serve ice cream maker, a spa day, and an iPhone. All of that, what is that, still under $500? (btw I hate the collage so tiny!) Sooo yea I got tired of searching for images haha but lets just say I'd basically take that 5'gs and spend a nice day in a good mall with fab department stores perhaps. Cute little dress shops too. And then definitely stop by a few stores on the way home. And still have more for plane tickets and online shopping in the end ha!
4) What is your favorite holiday and why?
I love everything about Christmas time. Especially the part that's my birthday time too ha. Christmas spirit and winter time is my fave =) but a very close second favorite holiday is Easter! (no not just because of Easter M&Ms ;)
5) What is your favorite scent of candle?
This is a trick question because I cant seem to give a defined answer it! I'm a candle person so unless its absolutely horrible, I'm burning it. If I had to give you a handful of my favorite scents I'd say sea breeze/ocean/nature-y mountain spring-y, flowery & fruity I like. Theres really so many scents I love! The seasonal ones for like Christmas/Thanksgiving in pine, Bath&BodyWorks cinnamon and all that smell soo good, and I currently have a Yankee candle burning that is making my room smell like birthday cake. But I guess if I could only buy one scent of candle for the rest of my life (could you imagine!) it would probably be either clean laundry/fresh linen/fresh cotton. Any of those types of clean, I love that smell.