Friday, April 30, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

Linking up at Laurens for Fill In The Blank Friday :)
1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is: Titanic. Absolute favorite favorite but I still don't actually own it. So I shriek when it comes on TV lol.
2. My favorite movie as a child was: I used to watch Angels In The Outfield every weekend at My Grandmas house and I never ever got tired of it.
3.The best movie quote ever is: I personally love any quote from Superbad or Talladega Nights.
4. My favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston and my favorite actor is Denzel Washington. (I don't really have favorite favorite actors so I just picked two people who I usually always like in movies)
5. The movie I could watch over and over is Blow.
6. My favorite movie genre is comedy, love to laugh.
7. A movie I'ld like to watch this weekend is Avatar or Date Night. I havent seen any new or recent movies in forevaaa.

Friday Faves

I'm linking up at Jens blog for her
Favorite Fridays
Tough Love Couples.
I think its still the first few episodes of the season, and I am loving it, and wishing it was on twice a week! Don't judge me but I do care for all some trashy reality TV!

Do any of you watch it? This guy and his Mom help advise the couples and they have weekly challenges, each with a message (sex/romance, arguing/communication, etc.) for the couples to benefit from. The winner walks away with a healthier relationship. Love this show! These couples are intense; high school sweethearts falling apart, its sad sometimes. But I think its a good sh
ow so its my pick for Favorite Fridays!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Theres something I've always wanted to tell you guys...And just so happens this something was also the topic of Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday!

'I wish' .... I could go back and spend one day working at a job from my youth, and it would be Sees Candies! (but please just one day)My 17/18 year old self looked pretty stupid snazzy in that starchy white dress! I was one of only a few employees without grand kids (and wrinkles. jk!)
For convenience a best and worst list.

Best Part About Working There:
The constant smell of candy. Have you ever walked in a See's store? It always smells good.
Wrapping boxes of candy for a customer, if its for a birthday or special occasion. I loved wrapping boxes, using the cute stickers and ribbon they had!
Helping a customer that wanted to make up their own 1lb box. Picking 20-24 pieces of candy, seeing all the different selections. Oh and people like chocolate, and are usually pretty happy to buy it. So seeing the face of the person after I weigh their pound of candy was pretty cool.
There were lots of other bonuses about the job. Free chocolate anyone? I'm super picky and honestly only like a select few types of their chocolates so I didn't eat a lot (enough to gain thunder thighs though ha!) while I was there. But it was really nice to grab one of my favorites, a peanut butter patty or caramel when I was craving one! The pay was good, the older lady's were nice, and all and all, it was a really great first job!
The Only Bad Parts Were:
The Christmas/Easter/Mothers Day/Valentines Day rush. See's has special packaging and goodies for almost all holidays and events. (Halloween, Fathers Day, Graduation, everything.) Thanksgiving was pretty busy too. But oh my godddd do people like their See's candies for Christmas or what? Let me tell you, yes they do. They really like their marshmallow trees too. A gift for neighbors, teachers, pastors, mother in laws. A 1 pound assorted box is the best seller ever. Not really I have no clue but we sold alot of them. Oh and lets talk about all the guys coming in on Valentines Day Eve! I don't know if you knew this or not but its the 14th, every year. I understand not buying it too early in order to keep it fresh, but an hour before closing, the night before Vday= a line long enough to wind out of the store.
I was lying when I said the older lady's were nice. They were grumpy and bitter and they got mad at me when I made mistakes. Sorry I accidentally charged $3300 instead of $33 but hey I've only been working less than a month. Seriously, I hated making mistakes, having to fill out a void form and asking a grandma to come approve it. Up above when I said "but only for one day", it was because I didn't like how stressed I felt working there. Older lady's stress hard. They would run around like chickens with their heads cut off, freaking out about sales and inventory like their lives depended on it.
But good and bad, I will never forget wearing that hideous dress and bow working there!
So do you like See's Candies? Do they even have one where you live? Lots of people would come in to buy candy to take to their family or to mail off, I guess some places on the east coast and in the south are not home to any See's?

Check out others Wishful Wednesday's @ The Seattle Smiths.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

In My House: Funny Things

I got out, then boyfriend hopped in the shower. First thing he does is complain and adjust the water temperature.
Oh my god its sooo hot!
No its not! (purple is me)
Yes it is I don't see how your skin isn't melted off! (this if bf)
That's like, impossible.
Your impossible,
Impossibly sexy!
(in my head thinking: omg that is the lamest thing i've ever heard! so dumb its funny! actually really funny! wow so lame!)

I dry off, laugh, roll my eyes and think how weird he is for not liking his water temp hot like a sauna. Then laugh some more because he really said impossibly sexy.

Moving on to the grossest thing ever. I had just gotten home from work, my dog was ell excited to see me, he rolled on his back, you know so his stomach and paws are up in the air. I reach down to pet him and the next thing I know, my forearm and palm is covered in pee! Dog pee. Sick! WTF! Theres pee on my hand! I couldn't get to the sink fast enough. He was suuper excited to see me, obvi! But it was really gross did I say that already? One day sure I might get peed on, maybe as a Mom to a little boy you know. But that is one day! Not now! So this was unnecessary! Uncalled for! SOOOO GROSS!!

I shorthand alot of my speech, you know, actually pronouncing OMG like 0-m-g. Thats what the cool people do right? Right. Someone needs to tell bf:
Wow they are losing bad. (talking bout some basketball game)
I know babe WTF. (my wonderful response to the score I don't care about )
He gave me a puzzled look for a second and I knew right away why.
I was like, "did you just have to think what that meant right now?"
And he was all, "haha yea kinda I was thinking what the f is she talking about, oh yea, wtf!"
It was funny, maybe you had to have been there! But since you werent, hence the post ha!
P.s. I typed in "pee" on Google Images, thinking I might find a picture to go with the post. Wrong. Bad idea. I'm grossed out now.


1) What is your favorite ice cream?

Cookies and cream. Just to make sure, I asked my boyfriend what his girlfriends favorite flavor is, and were both right :) But it totally depends on where the ice cream is coming from though, for me to give an honest answer. You know? The grocery store or the ice cream place where you get to mix in your favorite things (aka happiest place on earth). Sometimes I'll pick rainbow sherbet, other times I'll go for something chocolaty maybe with carmel. But I'm always always a toppings kind of girl. Rainbow sprinkles I could eat spoonfuls full. Or maybe not that sounds kind of gross, but anyways I really like them!

2) If you could get married anywhere in the world where would it be?

Hmm I've always thought island/beach weddings are beautiful, and how fun for all the family to vacay. But that's not really my style. If I could get married anywhere in the world, California would be my final answer! A pretty place outdoors with a view of the ocean perhaps. I love love loved this wedding here . Trish, (who is btw, solely responsible for the questions in this post, lame answers are my own. She gave me "blogging juice" ha, so love her!) she showed it for her Pink&Green Thursdays! And I think I read that that location is the brides parents backyard! I would loveeee to get married there, gorgeous! Too bad me and bride aren't BFFS ha! And any Real Housewives of OC fans remember Lauri's wedding? I thought that was amazinggg. So um yea my answer is California somewhere pretty outside ;)
(*have I ever mentioned how indecisive I am? Ask me same two questions in a week I'll probably give a different answer lol)
Have a great Saturday! I scheduled this post, so I'll really be working when your reading this! Enjoy your day! I cant get wait to get off work already haha!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Tell me what you think of that song if you've heard it.
Tell me you like my random picture for this post ;)

Forget why and what we were talking about but My mom says:
I think your sister does 100 sit ups a day.
I say: Britney Spears did like a 1000 a day when she was on it.
(love her but my sister has nothing on Britney lol)

Today's a big day for any football fan in your life. 1st round of the NFL draft. 1st as in yes there is more than one day of it, three to be exact. Clausen, Bradford, QB Top Picks, where is Tebow gonna go? I can tell you all about it, I know too much. I've told you my boyfriend likes to pretend ESPN is the only channel our TV gets right?

Speaking of TV. I have been totally into it. I make a good couch potato. But in my defense DVR is the only thing I have the time and energy for after I get home late from night class. 24 and Gossip Girl, not gonna lie, these shows had scenes where my eyes got a little full. Criminal Minds (don't know if any of you watch that show) was so sad I couldn't even finish my perfectly good burrito. I just wasn't hungry.

I guess that's all I've got. All I can manage to pull out of my brain. Lame. Hey I'll take questions or comments? Haha. Something to get the "blogging juices" flowing. Blogging juice sounds kind of gross lol but hopefully you know what I mean ;) Anything new with you guys?! Surprised (and glad!) May is almost/already here!?

Have a good one ♥

Oh hey one thing! Really really cute wine glasses for one winner! (that could hopefully maybe be me?!)I'm entering a giveaway over @ the Newlyweds blog.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out: Celebrate Good Times

I will be "walking the line". Its easy for me to get super exited for an event, I look forward to getting dolled up. Any excuse, reason or opportunity to receive flowers and balloons.

Yes please.

I'm graduating from a Community College, and I will be walking the line. Its not mandatory, the ceremony decision is up to you.

Those who decline, I kind of understand.
Yes it will be hours long.
No there wont be any parking.
But you'll get balloons and flowers.
And priceless memories.
Pictures of you in your gown with your family.
Proof you did it.
I want that.
I want to walk the line.
I'm not too cool.
Sure I'll have to sit through all the Smith's,
but who cares.
Its worth it.
Balloons and flowers.
Those who could care less about the ceremony, that's cool, really :) whatever works for you! You just want to pick up your diploma from the office one day and bone out, (young folks way of saying "leave") that's fine!

But not for me. This is big for me. I am excited and making a big deal of it. My family is excited and making a big deal of it. I'm proud of this accomplishment and I want to celebrate it. (ill celebrate anything!) I worked hard for this, I woke up (semi) early, studied (kind of) hard for exams, and I did it.

So I'll be shopping for a graduation dress.
I am making appointments for my hair and nails.
I will probably wear fake eyelashes.
I will probably take 200 pictures.
I will make a big deal out of Graduation day.

The tassel was worth the hassle.

I love balloons and flowers.
♥ Link up w/Shell, shes fantabulous @ Things I Cant Say!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've Been Waiting For This Silence All Night Long

Remember here I said I wanted to go visit the campus? Well that's not necessary yet because I cant get an admission decisions until my grades from this semester are out. I will break it down like this; Mid May they'll get my grades, who knows how long they'll take to accept or deny me. With that I'll be either one of two things, sad to be using backup & attending the local U, or super stoked and packing on short notice. Say they get my grades by the end of May that means I should know by what June/Julyish? The earlier the better I'll need to pack and oh um find a place to live! So thats the sitch on that!

Prison Food

Sometimes I just feel like being in the kitchen. I have top chef super master pro semi decent cooking skills, so it isn't really a chore for me...and I truly think I could bake for a living, cupcakes anyone? And as long as I have someone to help me clean I'm good to go ha. Friday night I made yummy enchiladas, that means happy BF! Oh and I always make red (you know, red sauce) but I wanted to try green. I definitely will be buying another can of that, they were so good!

Storytime. Friday night before cooking, while we were unloading groceries, I'm all, hmm I have a sweet tooth. BF said me too, so I told him I'd make us something to have for dessert. And then he went on to say something like this because I don't exactly remember each word "okay but you have to make something your gonna let me eat, something good that you like to make", something like that plus a few other comments about how I "always
do that." This is what he was talking about. Call me super wasteful but I am really okay with going stove top to trashcan, (spellcheck says its one word but its looks funny huh) scraping a pan into the trash and pretending I never tried that recipe. If I wouldn't eat it, I'm not setting it out for my boyfriend to eat. He always trys to talk me into keeping the burnt cookies and bread and sometimes I will if their not too extra extra crispy/charred but I just have a thing with serving something that I don't love. And I guess my boyfriend has a thing about me throwing out food before he gets to try it haha!

Soo anyways. What was the dessert I made? Umm our new favorite dessert. Lemon Pie was not in the fridge for long and I cant wait to make it again! Lemon is neither of our top favorite flavors but we both thought this pie was amazing! Loved it, sooooooo good! I seriously could have just ate the crust all by itself. And since I had leftover *Oatmeal cookie dough in the freezer, (IlovePioneerWoman) I thought a cookie trio would be nice. I don't know about you but we can always always go for cookies so I whipped up two batches of batter to keep in tupperware just so we can have cookies whenever Iwe want. I've made these *Cinnamon ones before and I loveee them but this was my first time making the *Peanut butter ones, I think I made them pretty well, they tasted good! Haha. Well I don't know about rules and what not so I'm linking to all the recipes I used. (enchiladas=my own recipe, top secret suckas ;)
A Cookie Trio: Back Right: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Front Rows: Cinnamon Sugar Cookies. Back Left: Oatmeal Crispies

After my Mom tried the Lemon Pie this is what she said to me: Did you follow a recipe? Sensitive Sally me said what do you mean by that? She said well sometimes you just go do your own thing so I was just wondering. Its good! I don't know what this says about me as a cook hahaha but shes right I'm always adding or substituting something in a recipe. Or just completely not following directions or tweeking the recipe a bit. Whatever. Bacon makes everything better. Cheese too. And cookies! Food Network callyourgirl!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Look Like You Could Use A Vacation!

Oh my goshhh. That was a much unwanted, not needed blog vacation! I've seen many take time away from blogging on purpose, I know I spend way too much time on blogger but I do what I want and anyways, this little break was not on purpose at all! I've missed you guys soo so much! I haven't had a minute to post in like forever but ya'll know I would die without you so I was doing my best to stay updated on Google Reader but BF gets tired of me hogging his phone and says "are you even watching this show" so I cant do that too much ha! So where have I been? Umm not somewhere special! Just slaving my life away at the part times, and writing till my hand hurts cause finals are almost here. Last week I went to school and worked, then went to my other work from like 2-7ish and then back to night class until 9:30-10ish. And Fri/Sat/Sun I didn't get off work till 7/8. So that's where I've been! Stressed and tired yea and sadly no time for downtime but hopefully that changes and I'll get a minute to sit down and relax! My ToDo list has not been touched since who knows but more importantly, there are like a million comments I want to leave ha! Hope your all doing okay, I'll be over to read what I've missed as soon as I get the chance! ♥!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Say I Love You

In her words "Its a fun and often hilarious way to show off the comment love received on the previous weeks posts"! So you know you copy and paste a bunch of comments and then read them all continuously and bam theres your comment love letter ha! This sounded like way too much fun to pass up so I had to join in and here's my "letter"!
Kerri’s Clutter

Dear El,

Hello! My Jello Eggs broke every year before this one. The secret? Lots of cooking spray in the molds! One of my favorite places on earth, great song and you do not have chubby legs! but they look great, that's important too! Oh, EL, you are too cute and bring so much happiness to the blog world :) I used to LOVE making Jello eggs as a kid, fun times! Agree with The Popes above, lots of cooking spray helps keep the eggs in tact! Happy Easter lovey! Those heels = F A B U L O U S!! Too funny. AS long as you love your swamp dresser what does it matter, right? Totally got me! I was like what? How does she not like headbands and sparkly things?? I don't know if I like this girl.. lol JK (more because I'm wearing a headband as we speak) You got me..Never in my life even heard of a Jello egg. Sounds ummm, squishy. I bet you could impress a lot of guys with that baseball statistician gig, you know, if you wanted to! being a baseball statistician must have been AWESOME! I'm so jealous! Oh I dont even know what that job is but it sounds fun! I've never had a Jello egg either...I'm still confused by what the heck it is? Egg or Jello? Or cake? Either way, I like eggs, jello, and cake! ;)Yikes!! Those cat claws can be deadly! lol bathing the cat in the sink is never good...Also what a fun job I love some Baseball. Great pics! That is one of my favorite songs of all time! I love Incubus! Also, I have an award for ya on my blog when you get a sec! Hope you have a great Easter! ( : Oh dear, I must put up both hands. I'm bad. Love the Jello eggs! holy hell woman, your on blogging fire~! I wear mismatched socks to work, the kids think i'm a total re-re but I think its fun. I would ahve so had an ice cream wedding cake if Momma Dukes wouldda allowed it...superbad rocks and I didnt mind getting my teeth pulled either. Phew.. I'm done now lol
{each and every comment I truly adore and appreciate. Not that I'm a comment whore (ok I am) but how nice is it to read what somebody thinks about the post you took the time to create? Without each and everyone of you, my days would be a little sadder seeing no comments on my blog haha and of course this letter wouldn't be possible either so thank you! And if you want you guys should join in the fun @ Kerri's Klutter!}

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday @ Taylor's!
This weeks another fun one,
Top 2 Favorite Magazines:
#1. Cosmopolitan. This mag has taken a backseat since I've been addictedto blogging lately. I like whoever is on the cover usually and I've found some pretty good recipes and tips! Sometimes theres alot of stuff I don't read though. #2: Glamour. Just got this months and I'm saving the LC article for a rainy day ;) Glamour always has the cutest clothes in their spreads. Their always talking about freebies you can get online but I never check them out. Its a good buy though and definitely a favorite!
I used to be really crazy about Cosmo, like counting down and thinking to myself when does the next issue come out. But that was in no particular order...I don't know when but I'll be by to check out your favorites! Did anyone else have trouble deciding on this topic? Lucky, Real Simple, not to mention the gossip mags like Life&sStyle & UsWeekly! I don't know about you but theres so many mags I like to flip through! Better Homes, Family Circle, Allure..OK ok I'll stop ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Jello Doesnt Jiggle.

Yay for Jello Eggs! Hooray for cooking spray! They were thick and chewy. Kind of hard. Jello is supposed to be wiggly jiggly right? But since I made the recipe water deprived, it was a little different. But BF loved them and that's really all that matters.

Picture of the table before dinner =)

Princesses drink out of pink Princess coffee mugs if you didn't already know.

Although I am capable, I wasn't drinking two sodas, one was for BF.

My Easter Sunday was lovely, was yours?

Raise your hand if you ate too much...

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Crackerjacks


Yum ;)Beauty.

I'm a huge baseball fan, and if you are too, Happy Opening Day!

Big Hard Sun

We're no longer Santa Monica Pier first timers. Remember last week I went?It wasn't that hot. But that never stops people from getting in the water. There was a little wind, blue skys with clouds and high in the 60s. The Pier wasn't too crowded but I see how it could be so packed in the summer on a hot day. That beach is huge. We took our time walking. Reading signs. Looking at all the little vendor tables and souvenir shops. Noticing the weirdos. We were almost to the end of the pier when my camera died. When I'm somewhere special and even when I'm not, camera is a must. Battery exhausted is like a knife in my heart. I could have let it ruin the whole day(I wanted 100 cute pictures of me and BF, did you not see my skirt?! and 200 pictures of everything random to post and show you guys!) but we were having so much fun I didn't even think about it much. Tried not to. Bumper cars. They had every color. 10 year old me would have wanted to be in the pink or purple one and she'd race to get to it first but if somebody got to it before her, she would say ugh and then go back to wait until the next set so she could get first color pick and ride in the pink one. 21 year old now settles for the next best, maybe a green, silver or blue. But occasionally I totally have my Princess Moments and my boyfriend who loves me waits patiently for the next ride to start, so that Princess can ride in the pink teacup or sit in the very very front of the ride.Icees are magic drinks and I love them. Do you? Red and blue are the usual for me. There were only two things on the pier that made me stop in my tracks and gasp loudly; a man spray painted silver doing the robot, and this, an Icee stand with a million kajillion flavors. I wanted to buy 5 and try them all sooo bad. Being on a tight budget makes it a little easier to pick up your feet and walk away, easier, to not buy one, still sad lol. There were rides. The Ferris wheel was huge. They had games. Big bright fluffy stuffed animals as prizes. And food. And ice cream. Everything smelled yummy but not that yummy for what they were charging so we definitely didn't eat on the pier. We were such tourists. Both native to So Cal, but we were oohing and aahing like we had never even heard of such a thing as a pier. "This is so fun!" I don't want to ask BF if he got tired of me saying that once every 30 steps.It was one of those best days ever. Nothing was perfect but it felt like everything was. We were so excited to be somewhere for the first time. That time spent just the two of us, having no worries, being nothing but happy, was so nice and exactly what we needed. It couldn't have been better.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

or if you don't...Happy Sunday =)

♥I searched at Target and the craft store, no luck for Jello egg molds. Some lady at Target told me try a grocery store. So I did, and I found one. But it wasnt an egg mold, it was an egg, a chick, a bunny and an Easter basket mold (pictured). Thought it was definitely better than nothing. After all that, my Mom tells me, found our Jello egg mold if I "want" to use it. Ummm want? More like need. More like I spent all day searching for one, and you happen to have two?! Love it. Then, when I'm finished making them, I realize I made them wrong. I used a 6oz box instead of a 40z. Whats that mean? My Jello eggs are going to be saweeeeeeeeet. Like really sweet. Pure sugar much? I used about half the amount of water I was supposed to because I was reading the directions for the smaller box. Syrupy jello eggs? You know their going to be all thick and ugh I hope they come out somewhat ok. But I secretly think that's not happening lol!

♥I took two showers today. Whaaat. One this morning one before I went to bed.

♥Easter dress I cant wait to wear.

♥Looking forward to returning to school for one reason; I plan on checking out The Last Song from the library. If I could I would totally fork up the cash to go see Miley on the big screen. If I had 20 extra bucks to spend on a novel I would. But its kind of new isn't it I doubt my library has it. Scratch that.

♥I love work days that fly by. Today did.

♥I have been living in my sunglasses. The suns out. Or its kind of out. Its not thaaat bright. But as long as I can feel a couple rays, the shades are on and I'm channeling Kim K. *lip pout*

♥BF's watching a show right now I just looked up at the TV and caught this convo:
Kid selling cookies to 2 homeless men: Would you like to buy some cookies?
Homeless man: Can those cookies get me drunk?
I laughed.

♥I cant wait to hopefully conquer this recipe for our Easter dessert. Masterpiece or piece of....I'll let you know! k Well hope your day brings you smiles!♥

Friday, April 2, 2010

How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning

Two ladies I'd like to talk about; first Katie, who passed me the Beautiful Blogger Award! Her blogs a fairly new add to my list, I'm glad she joined the blogging world though she always has cute posts, swear! Ok and also Sonja, who is giving away 2 OPI nail polishes and a book and a bunch of other goodies! If you want to be more competition ugh ;) go enter her giveaway! If you go see how fab her blog is do me a fave and tell her I sent you please so hopefullyI win all the goodsone of us can win! heehe.

Not that those weren't, but on to THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL things. A serious matter. My boyfriend has never heard, seen of, eaten, a Jello egg. Ummm what? BF I'm sorry I said are you serious 61 times but I really was in shock and I kind of still am so I'm gonna say it again. Are you serious? You've never had a Jello egg? Nothing to those who haven't I'm sure theres trillions(or is that too many?)out there who have never had one, that's cool or whatever. But my own boyfriend? How could this happen? Jello eggs are something he should totally know about, er well something I want him to know about! Am I responsible for this deprivation? Hahaha oh my goodness I'm just saying I have to expose him to the magic that is a Jello egg. But how to solve this problem? I am pretty sure I threw away my Jello egg mold many years ago when it failed to create no whole eggs, they were all split horizontal you know. Do you guys know where to get any good molds or am I out of luck? I'm thinking Michael's the craft store or maybe Target? I'm not usually ever crazy about jello (unless I'm sick and its the only thing I can eat and then I end up craving it weeks after I'm better, weird) but having a boyfriend that is a Jello egg virgin...I have to go out and buy an egg mold and a box or two of Jello, I am so excited to hopefully show him a bowlful of colorful jiggly eggs! (what flavors should I use?!) He is going to trip out. Not really but he loves seeing "how its made" you know, he gets a kick out of seeing me mix the batter and turn it into a 6 layer cake. So I know he's gonna love the eggs. I was crazy about them when I was a kid, I'd beg my Mom to make them, they feel so weird when you squish them in your handspoke them which is cool and Jello in an eggshape is awesome any way you look at it yeah? Hey do I have any Jello egg *never ate em's* here? Or do you all know what I'm talking about, and if you em or not I'd love to know! Oh and of course I welcome any tips on how to get them out of the mold in one piece! Wish me luck in shopping/creating all that madness lol.

Well I work Fri/Sat but I'm looking forward to a relaxing Easter Sunday/weekend! Hope you have a great one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Is For Lovers

No no no I'm just April Foolsing. Did I getcha? Please tell me yes I didn't get anybody all day haha. "Wow, I love your Louboutins, but, the bow goes on the right.+

-Headband queen ^