Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh But Its Cold Outside

Winter is right around the corner, and I am so excited and already singing Christmas songs ha! Really appeared yesterday- I actually got out the Uggs! Oh yes, and there is no "ugly" in my Uggs. I've had four pairs, two are still in circulation, and they are just lovely. My brown ones are becoming a little worn down but when they were brand new, I could have lived in them! Well I did. Their so comfy! I've been wanting some cute sweaters for Fall, and I'd love to find a scarf I like, so I'm hoping I have a little more in my budget next paycheck period :) Anyway, I knew Summer was over when I realized it would be the first Tuesday in awhile we might want to sleep with the window completely shut. I really want to remember to pick up a Duraflame next time I'm at the store, those things make a room feel cozy! Anyways, I've been playing with my blog layout and I think I finally have it to my liking. We'll see. Those 300 days of cookies sure makes me hungry though.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Hey, look at that chair. J and I were driving home and it was in the driveway for free at a house in the neighborhood. Cute right? We put it on the porch and I test rocked it. That's when he said woww yeaa one day you could rock our kids in it. He really is the best..and hey I was thinking the same thing when I had him put it in the car ha. Well its got lots of scratches and nicks/scrapes in the wood..and if you didn't notice some of the wood panels are missing. J said it can be his little project..maybe he'll use his handyman magic to make it an incredible chair. But I am not in any way attached to this impulsive why not chair yet because there's always cute chairs at Pier 1 and 2, this isn't the only little project he has up his sleeve.

Ohh I long for Summer whenever its not around, and Winter is my all time favorite, but fall is so fun. I'm so excited, love fall goodies. I'm crazy for candles so you bet that's a must have. So anyway I'm not a coffee fan, I can do a mocha if it tastes more like chocolate...Those pumpkin spice latte things everyone raves about? Hmm.. I don't know if I could go for it. I bet J would be happy to try it though so maybe this Fall season we will test it. Well anyway, hope its a wonderful Wednesday for all, these weeks just seem to fly by! Here's some Fall Favorite things I'm excited for.

* All the pretty leaves- Every ones favorite! I know our yard will be full of them.

*The weather- Still a little warm but the evenings will be cool & crisp, makes for perfect days of time spent outside.

*Midterms- The only good thing about them is that it is a checkpoint for being a little closer to done.

*Picking out Halloween candy for the trick or treaters-excusetoeatcandyWhat are the chances all those kids and I both love the same candy?!

*Taking pictures of my nephew in his Halloween costume- Some of my past favorites are Tigger and Thomas The Train..So cute!

*Sugar cookies, Family Circle, Woman's Day- I have more cookie cutouts for Halloween than Christmas and any other holiday combined. I love the Fall editions of all the home magazines, they have the best & cutest ideas for decorating, recipes, everything.

*Apples & Pumpkins- Pumpkin roll, pie, bread, decorating with them, love it!

Have a great week and fabulous start of Fall!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What About Georgia?

I watched the entire game yesterday, those colors are beautiful in HD TV, what a pretty red! My heart drifted off a little bit...I've been thinking about it since last week... Why not get out of state for school? Lets experience something way different...Where we wanted to go, how would we choose, has been all we talk about. I was all for Arkansas only for the cutest little girl ha! What about Georgia? Its the state we spend the most time playing with the idea of and no matter what other states and schools we think of, its been ending up with what about Georgia. Its a lovely place that seems like it would be nice to settle into. I want to go to a good, big college where I have a team to root for. That much school spirit, how fun. Sure I could go to Michigan..Utah..Texas, wherever I want really. But what about the south? A close feeling town with church and friendly people. SEC? The most important people, family and boyfriend, think its a great idea wherever, so I'm super excited. I haven't ruled out other options/made a decision but every time I turn on the computer I look for something Georgia. If anyone knows of any Georgia blogspots or sites with good info I'd love to know them. I know it wouldn't take long at all to turn my man into a Bulldog fan. I know he would love for me to go be a Mountaineer but I'd be way more excited to hopefully become a Bulldog! Either Fall next year or Spring 11 semester. I just need to really work on bringing up my GPA some more ha! Anyway, its a good church & football Sunday for us, mixed with a littleton of laundry and studying. Have yourself a good one...(p.s. I've also been saying what about Ohio?!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Would You Like Fries With That Ticket?

A frosty from Wendy's is like my ultimate favorite desert from a fast food place. I had a sweet tooth and a couple bucks, so J drove and I rode and we made a Wednesday trip to Wendy's. Bad idea.
Me: There's a cop behind us? Whys he so close?
BF: I don't know babe are his lights on?!
Yes. Yes we are getting pulled over. Ughh really. ( not a great pic)
BF: Its a f***** highway patrol.
Lame. Were not even on the highway.
Me: Well were all legal right don't not worry yet.
BF: Ughhh your tags El!
Oh. OK. So were getting a ticket. A ticket. In the mans name. Bummer. Do you know why I pulled you over? Were you going to ask me if Dave Thomas is still alive? Ha! Where was I going? Well sir, I wanted a frosty. Drive safe? Hmm sure will. Specially now with this pretty yellow ticket I got in my hand.
Me: I don't even want a frosty now.
BF: Ohhhh your getting a frosty! If its the last thing I do, This frosty better be worth that ticket or else I'll smear it all over your face! Just kidding you know he only said the bold.

Other interesting going on this wonderful Wednesday include the fact that nephews picture day for the big K is tomorrow. I hope he knows he has to smile pretty, and cant do his usual T-Rex face, complete with 3 claws, I mean fingers. My sister picked out an orange polo. Nothing rhymes with orange but he looks adorable in it. A man in my speech class is doing his next speech on zombies. Hmm. I'm hoping its informative not persuasive.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Good For Something Sister

Today when I counted my blessings, I counted my sister twice. Ha. I dont know what it was that made us get along so well today...maybe the smell of turkey dogs on her eensy weensy gas grill or her being down onetwothree empty margarita glasses. Whatever it was, reminded me of how great a sister she is/can be when she wants to haha. Kindness, which usually runs short in her world, was even oftered to my boyfriend. Kindness in his case was a freshly made margarita. Dont you hate when you sit down, your all ready then you realize theres no toilet paper. And theres none under the sink, next to it, nada. I called to my sister from downstairs. A bag of toilet paper busted open the door, maybe a half second later. "Ohh my God we are sisters I so read your mind right now." Thanks. And when a pretty teal MAC eyeshadow caught my eye, with an eyeshadow brush right next to it, she didnt hesitate in her "yes" to my "can I try it". Big sisters are always good for makeup right? Anyhow, it did look better in the case, and probably even better on her. I'll stick to browns and golds, because it takes a certain I dont know what to pull off a shade like that. Go figure Labor Day brought out the niceness in her.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chick Chick Chicken For All

Rep Your Hood.
I mean, wear some sports attire.

Now go get yourself a free chicken sandwich.

Pink Sweaters & Pigskin

An issue of Glamour was the good mail of the week. Good mail for me consists of work/financial aid checks, magazines, coupons, etc. Bad mail is obviously bills, bad letters/statements etc. Something about the pink sweater (on cover girl Stefani) stole the number one spot on my wish to own list. The absolutely adorable pink knit I could take my eyes off only long enough to find out how to make it mine. Ugh, McQ by Alexander Mcqueen. 270$ that sweater must feel like heaven. This to die for sweater was simply a reminder that college football season is here. "Babe I loveee this sweater its cute huh?" He turned his head away from the game, and looked at the magazine for what seemed like a second not even long enough to figure out what color it was. "Guess how much it is?!" He replied with a "there you go baby". Yes, football season, you have arrived. My man is ready. Oh TV he will be with you all season long, cursing and woo-hooing at every game possible. We, as in him, have missed you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Project Night Class

I can see halfway out the door as the sky turns a pretty shade of purpleish pink while I'm learning numeric systems. I sit back in my padded computer chair and listen to Heidi lecture on. What is dee Roman Numeral for dee noombah 1876? She scans the room...I'm hoping she doesnt call on me; my phone wouldn't get enough service to let me search it on google during the quiz. MDCCLXVI. But its not really Heidi Klum on Project Runway. But if you were sitting in my night class with your eyes closed, you might mistake (by voice only) my teacher for the famous model. Im already sleepy by the time ten oclock rolls around and I can finally say Auf Wiedersehen to that stupid class. I hate math.