Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Break

I love the Google Reader app on my phone! I can read blogs anywhere. Maybe Ill be posting more and visiting blogs when I use my actual computer though, after the holidays when I have more time. Maybe. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can We Keep Her

We went downtown to walk the dog and look at the big tree and lights they have set up at the River Center.
We were walking back to the car.
I heard a super weird noise.
I heard it some more.
I handed over my dog to BF as quick as I could.
Then, I took off and walked over to these bushes on the side of the house we were walking by.
Its a babyyyyy! I squealed.
I kneeled down and tried to get a glance at it.
But it was so scared it kept trying to go back under the house.
It was a kitten.
A tiny tiny kitten.
It was wild or feral or whatever because it was hissing like crazy and it had a mean old meow.
But it was so tiny. The picture I have is pretty close to the size of the one we saw.
It was black and brownish.
I'm a huge animal lover, I stop my car for all dogs who look lost, but kittens are my weakness.
Cars driving by us were probably creeped out and wondering what I was doing.
I spent a good 15 minutes just kneeling down trying to get her to come out, come near me.
Her tiny little meow was sooo freakin cute.
BF was standing a few steps back keeping an eye on me.
I turned around and whispered to him, "babeeee I want her!" (all kittens are girls in my book)
He then went on to gently explain we couldn't, because we cant really afford her and the cat that we do have wouldn't be too happy about a new member, and this kitten is pretty wild.
But shes soooo little. She's all alone.
How could I not keep her?
But there was a tiny % of my brain that understood that we really couldn't keep her.
#1, she wouldn't even let us close enough to her to catch her anyways and #2 it really wouldn't be fair to our other cat.
So I walked back to the car, trying not to act childish.
But as soon as I sat in my passenger seat, I started crying.
BF hates seeing me cry and it was kind of funny how fast he changed his mind.
He stood there telling me he didn't know what to do, he didn't think we should keep her but if I was that upset, did I want to try catching her...
But I was a big girl.
I listened to that tiny % that knew we couldn't have another pet in our house, and I kind of knew deep down she was super crazy and even if we tried hard we wouldn't be able to catch her anyway. Do I really want a crazy cat.
Even though she was tiny. And cute. And living under a house when its 40 degrees at night.
So we got in the car and drove away.
We drove away to a gas station.
My boyfriend went inside.
He came out with two cans of cat food.
We went back to the kitten.
I tried to bribe her out with the open can.
We watched her take a few bites.
Found a plastic container and put some water in it for her as well.
We told her that's all we could do for her.
Merry Christmas.
Then we left.

Yes I cry over stray cats. I worried about her. Then I remembered there are like 50000 like her in that situation. At least the house she was living under was next to a law firm, and that plastic container we found was an old cat food thing, maybe the people at the law firm heard her crying too and tryed to rescue her or at least feed her one time.

My heart broke a little. Actually alot. I am kind of known for bringing stray animals home so BF kept telling me how proud he was of me, that he couldn't wait to tell my Mom he actually got me to walk away from an animal. If I was rich, I would have a house full of pets. Or even better, a house just for my pets. I would no doubt visit the pound and be like, "yes please I'll take all of them."

Friday, December 3, 2010

6 Things In 1!

Hiiii there. Hope this post find you doing well :) Yes I know I cant believe its already December either. I have a bunch to say and I suppose each of these topics could have been a separate post but I don't have time for that its easier throw everything together and that's how I like it, so here's whats been going on in my life!

Inconsistency: Soooo I have pretty much proved to everyone that I am not good at blogging on a regular basis! The 14 Days Of Christmas Challenge sounded so fun and I did real good for a couple days but I have finals going on right now and it really wasn't fair for me to be posting instead of hitting the books so I kind of stopped participating. But I've been enjoying reading everybodys posts, and theres still a couple days left for linking up!

Finals & School Related Things: I have come to the conclusion that I hate group projects. I really do. I don't mind working with people I don't even know, it can be fun meeting new people sometimes, that's not the problem. The problem, for me, is that your working on somebody elses deadline. The group decides that they want to have a meeting and have the project finished by a certain date. That doesn't really work for me. I like to do my work when I want to. Maybe I have other stuff going on in my life and I don't plan on working on this project til the day before its due, which is fine if its my individual work, but I cant really pull that off in a group project. So yea the group work thing is not really my favorite deal. Which leads me to my next topic...

Procrastination: I don't know what my problem is, but for school especially I have always been a big procrastinator. I start off really good, then it basically all goes down hill and come time for finals, I'm struggling figuring out that I need to get an A on the final in order to pass the class with a C or B. I wouldn't need to cram so hard if I would just do good all semester. But it never fails that during the last few weeks of the semester, I try my hardest to become a wonderful student again. I don't know why I procrastinate so bad and wait until my grades are actually in danger to start worrying about it. It leaves me with so much more work, trying to raise my grade by doing extremely well on just one test. I wish I would have just worked a little harder overall during the semester instead of slacking off/taking it easy, then I wouldn't be working double hard now. You think knowing this I would take my own advice and fix myself but I'm pretty sure next semester I'll be saying something similar to this! Ha!

Sad Movies/I'm Old: Rebox had nothing else we were interested in so BF and I rented Toy story 3 . Ummmmm saddest movie ever!? Not not really ever but why the heck was it so sad!? Ok wait and I just Googled 'Toy Story 1 release date' and I cannot believe what I read!!! 1995!? That is not possible. That would mean I was 7 when I first saw it, and 11 when the second one came out!? Umm well if I ever felt old, its now! Someone please tell me I found the wrong information and that the first one actually was only released a couple years ago! That's what it feels like, I remember it like it was yesterday! (cheeseball) So I'm dying to know if kids thought it was sad!? I had a little bit of watery eyes and I'm sure Moms did too but I wonder if the little ones watching it got any sense of "aww how sad" during the movie. I guess Ill have to check with my nephew.

I'm A Bad Girlfriend But I Found A Coupon To Make Up For It: I was soooooo extremely proud of myself the other day!!! BF's family sent him a gift card for his birthday and he debated for a while what he should get. A nice pair of sunglasses? I shot that down because he works inside all day, there are times he doesn't even get to see the sun so that is not really a practical purchase. Shoes? Sure, but when the heck are you going to wear them since they have red on them they will not match your work attire and that's the place you frequent the most wouldn't you want a pair you could where there? An airsoft gun. Ummm ok well how often are you going to use that, wouldn't you want a gift you could use alot instead of one that will just sit and collect dust? Yes, I am a horrible girlfriend and I tell my boyfriend what he should get himself as a gift. I cant help it, I had to say something about the idea of sunglasses which I thought was ridculous! I even went as far as to say "girls are the ones that are supposed to want nice sunglasses and I'm at school 80% of the time outside walking to classes so if anyone should have a nice pair its me!" Girlfriend of the year award over here. (If I owned the sweet pair of Tiffany & Co. shades I saw in the sunglasses store the other day, I might not have had anything to say ;) So after I made him feel stupid about wanting impractical gifts, I made it up to him by being as excited as I possibly could over a video game. A video game. Now thats a good idea, something practical he can use that wont go to waste. If you haven't heard the name "black OPS" then I'm guessing you either a) live under a rock and haven't seen the commercial they have for it because they play it every 10 minutes or b)don't have a boy in your life that cares about video games. Its a super fun shooting game or something. So he was deciding between that and Madden11 or what not. I of course had to throw my opinion in again and said "I think you should get black ops but that's just cause I might wanna play it." He was sold, he said "ok then I'm going to get it cause I want you to play too!" Ummm what did I just commit myself to!? I tried to play Madden with him years ago, it was exciting to see myself somehow score a touchdown by pressing all the buttons at once and getting lucky that it worked. But that game was freaking hard so knowing that, sure I'd choose shooting at some cartoon figures over trying to figure out how to "pick a play" and throw a football with a video game remote, anyday! Back to the point of this story. It just so happens that the day we are looking for this stupid video game is actually Cyber Monday, you know, the black friday of online shopping. BF had no idea what that was. Anyway, I scored free shipping from the site I ordered it from, and before I "checked out" I decided to do a quick Google search in hopes for a coupon/promotional code I could use. Well I found a few that had bad reviews of them not being valid, then I found one for a % off and I hoped, hoped, hoped it would work! I tried it and whispered "ohh my godd no way" when I saw that it did in fact work and I had just scored 6$ off BF's stupid video game! Go me! Yay for Google. Moral of my story, a quick search for an online coupon code actually worked and saved us $$ off the total! Maybe I'll have more time to blog now that BF will have a new game to obsess over...

I Love Cheap But My Hair Does Not: I love drugstore make up, they have great eyeliner. I can buy shampoo at Wal Mart. I love cheap stuff. I love good deals. Sure I would love to use the best most expensive product for everything but I cant, I don't. I don't mind using inexpensive products on myself. I don't. I don't mind, but you know who does? My hair. My hair handles inexpensive shampoo just fine. Aussie, Herbal Essence, Redken, those are all ok for getting my hair clean. But give me a conditioner that was less than $10 and my hair is like "Umm no what is this crap that you have on me? I don't like it at all, I'm staying tangled foreverrrr, hate you rawrrr!" So I'm like, "come on hair, I don't mind the inexpensive stuff why cant you just like it and behave like you like it!?" And then my Mom throws in her two cents (sense? idk!) and is like "you cant skimp on your hair, your gonna be mad when it all falls out, you cant get it back! You'll wish you would have treated it right!" Ok ok fine, I give in to everybody, the hair wins. BF just got paid and I'm using my line on him; "I like cheap stuff but unfortunately my hair doesnt, and you don't want an even more hideous looking girlfriend do you? Then we need to buy expensive products babe!" That's basically what I said and we were off to find a salon or store in the mall that carries what I was looking for. I could make a whole entire post of what products I love and why their so great, but let me just say I love Aveda. (My Mom is to blame for that cause shes the one that introduced me to it!) Anyways, I pick out my conditioner (glad I let the girls working talk me into trying a new extra super moisturizing one) and am as happy as a clam. So is my hair, it hasn't been this soft since who knows when. I made sure to thank BF at least once every 5 minutes and every other hour thrown in a "my hair thanks you too." He is so sweet he was like "I knew you said it was gonna be expensive but when I saw the price I was like oh wow she wasn't joking." Nope, no jokes; $24 for a tube of conditioner, I'm completely serious about the price and serious about the fact that it was soo worth it.
p.s. Anyone else on Twitter?! I use it alot sometimes, @loves20

Saturday, November 27, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge Day 5

Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Show Special

This one was easy for me! Imagine that...Elf is great, but it seems like they play it on TV everyyyy other day during the holidays day so sometimes I get burnt out.

All time favorite holiday movie: Home Alone 1 & 2! Love them both, I cant decide a favorite between the two! I liked seeing Kevin lost in New York in the second one but the first one is so classic and the part where hes walking home in the snow and his groceries bust out of the bag gets me every time, lol!

Runner up is The Santa Claus with Tim Allen, such a cute movie! When I was little I used to watch it like every day in December ha. And honorable mention goes to The Polar Express, it was weird at first but I really liked it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge Day 4

Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season

Keep track of your $:
*Know how much your gonna spend! So important to budget. (unless you've got it like that and don't need to budget with your visa black card ;) If you have $700 to spend on 6 people, know that you can spend just a little over $100 on each person!
*Keep track of everything! On paper, notebook, whatever, document that you have spent 45 out of that 100 and can only spend 65 more until your over budget on that person. Sometimes you spend more on your nephew than your Dad, or more on your significant other than your grandma. Being able to see the "math" of it all has really helped me in the past!

Shop Smart/Careful:
*Take advantage of shopping online! Free shipping is amazing, and look for sites that offer a % off your purchase.
*Also be careful of online shopping, its tempting to spend an extra $25 just so you can qualify for free shipping but is it worth it, will it mess up your budget?
*Shop for more than one person at a time, especially online! If you can get gifts for 3 different people in one store, perfect! Saves you extra shopping trips.

Have a plan, don't just shop:
For me, the holidays is the worst time to just "go shopping". If I don't have a set plan, I'm going to end up wandering around the mall, trying to come up with ideas for gifts for others as I'm walking, but in the end, I'll be shopping for clothes for myself, eventually spending money on a pretzel and sitting down with a drink from Coffee Bean because I was frustrated and didn't know what to buy or who I was shopping for. So before you go to the mall, know what stores you need to hit. At least have an idea of who you can get a gift for and in what department, don't just browse! You'll waste time (&possibly money) thinking of things you could have had figured out before you got there!

Thats all I've got! Link up with Aly & Molly!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Love Grocery Stores

I love grocery shopping.
No like I really love it.
I like it more than any other kind of shopping, clothes, shoes whatever.
I'm curious to know how much time I could actually spend enjoying a grocery store, taking my time, no time limit.
I love looking at everything.
Things I need, things I don't need.
Different brands of the same thing.
Comparing prices.
"Ooh this looks good!"
"Ooh I wonder how this is."
And I'm a pro at navigating the store, I know where things are.
I've asked BF to run to the store for me, and he ends up calling me cause he cant find the cream cheese.
"Its by the other types of regular cheeses but not by the lunch meat."
Yea, I know my grocery store!
Every type of item, I don't discriminate.
Food, non food.
I like to look at all the different types of Febreezes.
I also like to look at the various types of breads, rolls, tortillas, etc.
Sure I spend more time on certain aisles. (cough cough ice cream and cake mixes cough cough)
But if I could, I'd look at everything.
Its great if BF can push the cart while he reads a boy magazine, then, I feel like I have more time to look at things I'm not buying.
But that's not what he usually ever does.
He usually pushes the cart then stands there watching my every move, therefore making me feel like he has a stopwatch and I need to just grab everything quickly so we can go.
There have been numerous incidents in the store where I get an attitude because I am feeling rushed and hes swearing that its fine to take my time.
Argument on aisle 7! Ha.
Of course I don't believe him.
I know its not his favorite thing to do and if its longer than 45 minutes, then he's really hating life but trying to be nice and not show it.
Ive told him before how I feel bad for him.
Some girls like purse shopping best, I like grocery shopping the most.

Breaking Routine. I Hate Nightshift.

In December, I'll have officially been being ('been being' sounds so weird, grammar police help?) a girlfriend for 3 and a half years.
3 & 1/2.
At times it doesn't sound like its a long amount of time at all.
Sometimes it feels like its been really long, longer than 3 years.
Other times it feels like it sounds like a short amount of time.
So what I'm feeling right now, tonight, I'm not sure how to describe it.
Sad I guess.
For some reason they have my boyfriend working over night tonight, 10-6.
Like, he gets off at 6 in the morning.
Yea, took me a while to actually process that happening.
But it is happening.
Call me a baby.
Go ahead really, I already talked to my Mom tonight and that's what she said, she thinks me feeling this way is somewhat funny. If I weren't me maybe I'd be laughing too.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
I don't know if I'm going to sleep.
I cant imagine being able to stay awake all night.
But I also cant imagine sleeping without BF.
I loveeeeeee sleeping, but going to bed without him just doesn't sound good at all.
At night, I hear lots of noise like cars going by with music, somebodies dog going through bushes, the house shifting/settling.
But it is very hard to convince me that those noises are not burglars, psycho killers yelling, break ins/robberies, wild animals.
But BF does a great job of that convincing and he's always been right, no burglars.
But I'd much rather be alone during the day.
3+ years spent going to bed with the same person.
One night alone during these particular hours feels so weird.
But don't worry I'm toughing it out somehow :)

*(if you are laughing at me going crazy over just this one night, please feel free to stick around and next month you can laugh at me panicking over the thought of spending 6 whole days/nights away from him)

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 2

Black Friday/General Shopping Tricks & Tips

Black Friday: I've only ventured out for it one time. With my sister to a Saks 5th ave outlet. It is craziness but a fun thing to do. So I don't really have any super amazing tips for Black Friday, I'd just suggest:

*Bundle, dress warm, its so cold that early!
*Have lots of patience for finding parking, managing crazy crowds.
*Make sure you have enough energy/are not too tired. (I was gonna go last year & tried to stay awake all night til Macy's opened at 5 but I "napped" and never woke up to go ha!)
*Don't buy it just because its a good deal because its BF (black friday, not boyfriend :) One of my great purchases from BF, I only wore once.
*Keeping track of how much you spent on each person and what gifts you've bought, makes it easier to decide if you can buy that nice big present for someone, and you'll be able to tell how much you have if you need just one more small gift for someone at the last minute.
*PLAN! If your going to the mall, know which exact stores you need to hit.
Target/similar stores, have an idea of who you can get a gift for and in what department.
*And always, dress comfy! So irritating to want to stop shopping because your too hott, too cold, don't have a jacket, or you wore the wrong shoes and your feet are tired!
*Shop online too/instead. If your looking to buy a talking Transformer from the toy store, look online too, you might find that it is cheaper/better/a bigger selection.
*Try to shop for more than one person at a time. For example, I can get NFL slippers for BF, a NBA shirt for my Dad, and a MLB coffee mug for my grandma, all off of the same website! Knocking out 3 gifts in one store, so good!

Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday Traditions
Cookies & Milk tradition- Not anymore of course but when I was little. Am I the only one that did this?! I have a really good memory of one year my Mom helped me make cookies and leave a plate of them and a little note saying hi Santa or something. I was soo very happy when I woke up and saw that the cookies had been touched and "Santa had wrote back" oh my note saying thanks for the cookies! That Christmas I was just in awe that Santa had really, truly ate some of the cookies I made. Yes, there were actual half bitten into cookies left by Santa. I probably had a million questions and I remember wanting to know why he didn't finish them all and my Mom telling me that "he couldn't finish all the cookies cause he'd be too full". My Mom Santa rocked that year.

My family is pretty horrible at sticking to a plan flexible with everything, so we don't always eat Christmas dinner at the same time or always open presents in the morning. One tradition we do always follow though is to open one present (I always try for more than one though ha) on Christmas eve. I love doing this cause it seems to make me even more excited for the next day. Why and how did this become a tradition? Probably because I'm so very impatient and my Mom cant say no to me ;)

Christmas has changed since my nephew came along! It used to be me and my sister having extravagant "lists", we could for sure count on unwrapping something from Sephora and if we were lucky, something Juicy Couture or any other nice name brand. Now days,I'm happy if I just get a new pair of pajamas Christmas is more catered to my nephew, he's the one who can get away with the long list thing and Christmas is still new to him.

We do have somewhat of a routine though, it consists of Christmas eve dinner hosted by my sister. Then on Christmas day we do presents (stockings first!) in the morning/as early in the afternoon as possible. Then we relax and spend time filling up on Ruffles w/ranch dip hanging out with each other till dinner is ready.

Other little traditions include:
*Helping to put up lights on the house
*Helping decorate the tree
*Christmas candy in our stockings
*Fuzzy socks in your stocking-The past 2 years my Mom has been pissed she hasn't been able to find said socks for us though haha.
*Going to see the neighborhoods Christmas lights (some people go all out)
So thats it. Were not super duper all out must follow every tradition, but we do have a few, and I love it :) I also cant wait til I have a family of my own to start traditions with!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This & That

*I was selling my student ticket to a football game and I had replied to this guy telling him how much I was asking for and what now. His reply: Nah thanks I got a better offer! Umm a nice "no thank you" would have been acceptable! I was really upset haha I thought it just sounded so rude.

*Do you talk in your sleep or do you know somebody that does? It is soooo crazy!!! BF does it occasionally but the other week it was kind of frequent! And it is always sooo random! But only sometimes. I remember when he used to work in construction, it was always when he had worked a really hard day, in his sleep he'd say stuff like "we gotta get this job done/we have to finish the drywall"! It wakes me up for sure and sometimes I'm not even asleep yet when he's talking. But anyways he did it twice a couple weeks ago and both times were hilarious. He said: "I have to stop eating so much junk food!" Hahahaha oh my gosh, him and me both! Is this what he thinks about when he's sleeping!? So glad to see the Halloween candy go! The second weird thing; "whered she get the sausage?" Ummm what!? All I could do was laugh and think what the heck. The only thing I thought he could be thinking of is how he loves breakfast sausage but I never make it. But really, both so random! And I always wanna know what he was talking about so I joke like "oh who is SHE!? she makes you sausage!?" lol but of course he never remembers saying anything.

*It used to just be a show that my boyfriend watched while I sat on my bed and blogged away. I didn't even lift my head to look at the TV because it just sounded so violent, pretty boring and not at all like something I'd be interested in...Now its one of my favorites. Main character is easy on the eyes Sons Of Anarchy on FX has been aaaamazing this season, love it!

*I didn't get to nor do I know when I'll be able to see tonight's episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay (Food Network) and Pioneer Woman! Love her! And that's one of my favorite shows on the network so I really cant wait to watch it!

*Even though it took a couple of crying fits to finally find it, I'm so very glad I have my airfare all set for December! I moved here in August and it feels like forrrrrrrevvvverrr since I've seen them! Thank gosh for skype though.

*Have you ever traveled with a pet on a plane? Like brought them in the actual plane/cabin? I plan on doing this and I am ohhh so nervous! 6 hour flight...he is pretty good at "holding it" though but I am just terrified about the "what if" he goes in his carrier and makes the whole plane smell....Yea...horrible!

*So I haven't been the best at frequent posting these past few months! But I saw this "12 Days of Christmas" linky happening and I got really excited, I love all things Christmas so here's hopping I can crank out daily posts! Starts Monday, can't wait!
Day 1: Christmas/Holiday traditions
Day 2: Black Friday/General Shopping Tips & Tricks
Day 3: Most meaningful gift/best gift you've received
Day 4: Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly holiday season
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Show Special
Day 6: Gift ideas (what do YOU want? We all have family/friends reading our let them know!)
Day 7: Holiday Craft/DIY (If you don't make anything, what do you WISH you could make?)
Day 8: Least favorite thing about the Holidays
Day 9: Favorite Holiday recipe
Day 10: Favorite Christmas Songs/Caroles
Day 11: New Year Resolutions
Day 12: Show us your decorations (indoor/outdoor)
Day 13: Favorite Cookie Recipe
Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Giving Up Summer

This girl in one of my classes, I'm semi friends with (re: friends not outside of school, only in class cause we usually sit in the same seat, by each other) is a couple years younger than me and she totally proved it in a conversation we had the other day. I was talking to her about classes, telling her I had just picked out what I would take over summer...I asked her if she would be attending summer school and her reply was "I dunno, I dunno if I want to give up my summer ya know!?"

Oh girl, I totally know.

Her response cracked me up and reminded me of myself, only a couple years ago I would have said the same thing! Back then I wouldn't really care and didn't need to worry if I didn't have a job through summer, I liked the time off because I love sleeping in and I'm so good at not waking up til noon. I didn't really consider the option of attending summer school, because I would be there in the fall and spring anyways, and to me summer=beach and beach+summer classes=doesn't really work.

I just loved her response. "Dunno if I'm ready to give up my summer." I cant blame her though and know how she feels. I think she is like 18, and when I was that age summer was everythinggggggg. Its still nice and everything, but its no longer all "lounging at the pool and not worrying about anything from the middle of June until August" Not for me anyways. Nowadays I "give up" my summer to summer school, in order to stay on track & have less courses to take during the fall semester, I don't mind going and getting a course or two out of the way. And BF doesn't get to stop working just cause its summer! I'm turning 22 this year and I have to say my summers are alot different than the ones I had in high school and as a 18 year old. But those were some of the best ones though, so I'm so glad I have them to look back on. And now I'm actually ok with "giving up my summer", I mean, I kind of have to be ok with it! Bills don't stop coming just cause its summer. Summer doesn't mean the kitchen and bathroom stop needing cleaned. Even if its only a little, I can see that I've definitely grown up! Weird!

*Have you had to give up your summer? Is it still one of your favorite parts of the year? If you have kids would they say summer is everything?

Drama Girl

*warning! post contains talk about "girl stuff", "that time of the month", possibly tmi? if you don't feel like reading that kind of stuff, skip this post =) *

♥I don't know about you but I have crazier than usual emotions when its that time of the month. I am more grumpy and cranky than usual, and its even easier to make me cry. My boyfriend knows this but one day last week he was reminded.

♥I was sitting there looking up cheap airfare, trying to find flights for my "vacation/visiting home" in December right. And I was just overwhelmed, Google was giving me too much; Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, oh my gosh there has to be like 3 million different result sites for searching "cheap flights". I started crying, saying how frustrating it all was, how hard it was to find the"right" one. BF comforts me and asks if theres anything he can do to help, and theres not, with one computer, its pretty much only one person able to do work.

♥So he is sitting there with me on the bed, and next thing I know, he is snoring. And I am crying. He wakes up startled and asks whats wrong and I respond like a brat saying how "I wish I could just lay there and nap but we need to find a flight asap and I'm the only that's doing all the work and it must be nice to just lay on the bed and not worry about a clean house or anything." So he got up right away and started to straighten the house, I sat there, ready to throw my computer out a window, still sorting through travel sites.

♥I hear a sound in the kitchen followed by a ****! So I go in to check on him. He was cleaning out the fridge and a tupperware of something opened and spilled on the floor, he snapped at me that he "was fine". (I hate being snapped at, easy way to make me cry) I go back into our room, throw myself on the bed and cry some more. Immediately he comes to ask whats wrong. Don't remember exactly how I said it but I was so sad that that had happened, I felt guilty for making him feel like he wasn't helping out, I felt like I was being bitchy ordering him to clean and I wished I had never even asked him anything. AND I was still frustrated with the searching of airfare. What a drama girl.

♥But all ended well, I was comforted, he was happy, I was happy. No more tears. But seriously, I had 3 crying fits in probably a 2 hour span. I am such a cry baby and that time of the month just makes me sooo very cranky/grumpy. Its hard to think that emotions you have when your pregnant could be any worse!?

Friday, October 29, 2010



2 actually.

1: Do you guys look through your "Google Analytics" and see what key words people used that led them to your blog!?

2: If so, do you get any crazy weird odd ones!? Like what!?

I thought these old ones were random but I was just looking at new ones and they are on a whole nother level!

So if you can, if you even want to, can you answer those questions?! Share!?

Growing Old & Steroids

A little while ago I posted something about how ever since I moved I basically was miserable and wanted to go home! Well hey I've adjusted :) 80 degrees is normal to me now and I thiiiiiiiink I might have said "y'all" one or maybe two times, ha!

No but really, I'm not as homesick. Knowing I'm "going home" for Christmas makes me feel a little, actually alot better! I found this little website when I was trying to figure out how many days til I go home. Its pretty handy huh! 57 days til Christmas if anyone was wondering!?

I feel old. Like really old. I know I'm not, right, but whenever I say or think that I'm "going to graduate when I'm 24, in 2013", I seriously feel like I'm 50 million years old. Not that theres anything wrong with 50, my Mom is and she rocks. Just you know I'm not ready to feel like that yet. I really don't even feel like I had a chance to be 21 and now I'm gonna be 22. I'm just freaking out over the "graduate in 2013 I'll be 24" fact. Its weird to me but I'll get over it.

Oh hey yummy recipe alert! They were a pain in the you know what to assemble, but soo yummy! I used ground beef, seasoned with taco seasoning and salsa, black beans, can of "fiesta corn" (it has chili's and red things in it) and cheese. Put all that in crescent rolls, then put the crescent roll filled bundles in pan, cover with enchilada sauce and bake! (topped with green onions btw) Putting it in the crescent rolls was the hardest part, the meat/corn mixture was super hot, and I couldn't fit alot of it in the crescent rolls. They came out soooo good though! BF liked them alot! I really didn't know what to even call the dinner, I asked him what you'd call it and you know what he said!? "Their like hot pockets on steroids!" Ohh my goodness I was laughing so much. So yeah theres the recipe for 'hot pockets on steroids'! If you make them good luck I cant guarantee you wont burn your hands a little but if you make them and that doesn't happen you have to tell me how you did it lol!

Happy Halloweens

*Growing up, Halloween was not big in my family at all. When I was little little my Mom was a really avid church goer so we did their "Fall/Harvest" activities because Halloween was basically considered the most evil day ever. I was too young to care until I think elementary school probably 5th grade? In my little group of friends one of them lived in a nice/safe/fancy neighborhood and I was dying to join the group on their outing. Thankfully my Mom let me because I can faintly remember having a really fun Halloween and I'm pretty sure I was one of, if not the cutest Green M&M ever.

*I dont remember what I did in middle school. I think it was freshman or sophomore year of high school I was a 'Geisha girl' in a kimono thing, and that was the last year I was 'young enough' to hold a pillow case of candy and say "trick or treat." Lots of people at my high school dressed up and that was always fun to see but I never played along til Senior year when I knew my whole group of friends would be doing it, I was a "sheriff" that year. I think I made it through 4 classes with my shiny leather 3+ inch heel boots on before I went and got my sandals out of my car. I am NOT a heels girl. Prom, senior ball and that Halloween, those are pretty much the only times I've made my feet suffer.

*And after I graduated it was all about me and my Mr. so our first Halloween dressing up together was super fun. I had a cute "army girl" outfit and he was a "soldier." Our second year of costumes was totally last minute. Sidenote, Halloween costume sizes are a joke; their large is really a small, and all the material is soo unflattering. Anyways I found a devil costume totally last minute days before Halloween. It was not the cutest and all I could hear was my Moms voice saying how Halloween is an evillll dayyyy...Ok and why do boys have it so easy when it comes to costumes? BF's army costume was so simple, camo pants, camo hat, an his devil costume consisted of black pants, red shirt, and 'devil horns' on a string so they looked "real" on his head. I loved our accessories though, pitchforks! I had too much fun poking my friends with mine! And of course it was not just a plain red pitchfork, I added silver and red glitter :) Our 3rd year we just carved pumpkins, didn't dress up, just took my nephew out trick or treating. This year no dressing up either. I don't think were done with costumes forever though just not this year, he has to work and right now I don't really want to spend money on something I'll only wear once.

*You know who is dressing up though? Probably 98% of the girls at my university. I don't even want to see their costumes. And by costumes I mean bra and underwear. I'm sure I can get a couple of you to agree with me on the whole "let it all show" costume craziness!? But in defense that's what the majority of costumes sold are and I guess if you've got it you can flaunt it? Anyways. I stopped at Circle K on my way home awhile ago and there was a "school girl" at the register in front of me. She sure was taking advantage of the one day in the year when its "acceptable" to reveal that much skin. Like bathing suit revealing status. Anyways. When I'm a mom I'll probably definitely throw my newborn into a little fuzzy lion or Winnie The Pooh costume for sure. Babies and kids in costumes and candy! are pretty much my most favorite thing about Halloween.

*So with Halloween being on a Sunday, that leaves Friday and Saturday totally open for parties. 4 or so years ago, that would have been the greatest thing ever. Me 4 years ago, I'm sure I would have been out and about with my girls having a blast. But today here I am, cozy in my cheetah blanket, burning a candle that makes my apartment "smell like fall", waiting for BF to get off work at 11. He works all weekend so thats probably what I'll be doing all weeeknd ha!

*But yeah, a 3 day celebration!? I can hear the sirens of the ambulance racing to pump the "school girls" stomach already. No seriously, I heard sirens. Sirens in my neighborhood are not ever usually for violent crimes as much as they are for alcohol poisoning. Seriously, I live in an all college kids type of neighborhood and I'm sure they all have big drinking plans for each day of this weekend. Here's hoping everyone drives safe though. They close down this one street on my campus and I guess all the sororities & fraternities do their thing at thier houses...Sounds crowded but its probably fun fun! I wonder what we'll do next year....

*The Halloween edition episodes of all the shows I watch were so funny. Modern Family was hilarious, I haven't watched The Office yet but I'm sure it will be really good. that's what she said

*BF and I had an interesting discussion regarding Halloween candy the other day! We decided that when we grow up and are home owners passing out candy on Halloween, were gonna be the house that passes out the "good candy"! I'm talking about Kit Kats, Reeses, etc! I remember being pissed being not so ecstatic over candies such as Tootsie Rolls, Dots and Dum Dums but give me a Twix and it was the jack pot.

*What did you do with your Halloween candy/What do you do with your kids candy? I mean besides eat it of course. I would first sort it out and see how many of each I had. That way I knew what I wanted to share/give away, what I wanted to save for last, and how many of my favorites I had came up on. And of course my Mother "checked" it for razor blades and anthrax or whatever else your afraid of being in the candy! I remember when they were developing really nice 2/3 story houses up the street from my house and we would trick or treat at those newer houses because they passed out King Size candy's! Yeaaauhh. But then it got burnt out/crowded and people that didn't even live near around there started going and I think they just stopped passing stuff out :(

Sooo yeah that's pretty much all I have to say about Halloween :) However your celebrating and even if you don't, hope you have a fun weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whats Up

Once upon a time I published posts on my blog at least several times a week. Times and priorites change I guess! So let me tell you what I've been up to....

♥Realized I've been burning the same candle for at least 2 months now.
♥Singing this song.
♥Caught my cat eating the dog food. Very angry.
♥Washed my sheets and immediately after I managed to spill a drink and it got on them. Very angry again.
♥Was not in the mood for cleaning, begged asked BF if he would do it all. Of course he did. Laughed when he told me "I'm lucky I'm so cute or else he wouldn't do half the things I asked him to." ;)
♥Not having any complaints when it comes time to have to study educational psychology. Are you a 'success seeker' or a 'failure avoider'? Interesting.
♥Mentioning how much I wished I owned 'Titanic' so I could watch it everyday whenever I want.
♥Limited movie rental options led us to rent "How to Train Your Dragon." Thought it was super cute and kind of understood why my nephew insisted on playing 'train your dragon' for weeks.
♥Realized how happy/proud I was to able to say "my cat is from 'the pound'". Totally saved a life.
♥Not pressing "skip" when Miley Cyrus 'Party in the USA' came on Pandora.
♥Getting frustrated trying to find good recipes that require 5 ingredients or less. I know they exist but where.
♥Listened to Carrie Underwoods version of 'Independence day', decided I'm so very ready for 4th of July. Too early!? BBQ, fireworks. Let freedom riiiiiiiing, let the white doves sing.
♥Printed out an assignment in 'midnight blue' instead of automatic because I was out of black and white ink but still had color.
♥Searched for roundtrip airfare that costs less than $400.

And if you want to know what I've been wishing!....

*Wished (semi wished lol) that I was still living at home so I could do things like eat my nephews leftover birthday cake, see his Halloween costume, and pass out candy to kids on Halloween.
*Wishing I owned superglue so I could fix a broken headband.
*Wish I wouldn't have gone crazy on the 'fun size' Butterfingers. Looking in the mirror I can totally see all that Halloween candy I consumed during the month of October! Ha! I've officially declared the next month 'No Candy November' to make up.
*Wish I would have taken better care of my iTouch computer cord charger. Its days are looking very limited.
*Wish I was watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show.
*Wish I lived in a house, not an apartment so I wouldn't have to worry if the neighbors could hear me singing and I didn't have to shush my boyfriend for laughing too loud late at night in fear we were waking someone therefore being lousy loud neighbors.
*Wish I had a money tree...I'm totally prone to major homesickness, therefore I cried when my dad told me he can only help me so much (regarding airfare for christmas vacation) so I need to get a job on my feet. I cannot tell you how many times I hear girls at school on their phone saying things like "did you put any money into my account/did you send money to me already/I need some money." Not poor, but definitely not rich are my parents. Oh yes sure I wish they had an extra $500 to kick me. Its hard to not envy those students with no big financial worries, those who have their books, tuition, rent and car payments, bills, etc, already paid for. But I'm happy with what I do have and know it could always be less.

What have you been up to!? Found your Halloween costume yet? Baking pumpkin desserts? Yum! Christmas shopping yet? Hope you all are well! =)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Good Stuff

My boyfriend went on and on and on about how good these quesadillas were. He filled up on them, really filled up on them. I liked them alot too, total recipe success. Who's to thank?

BF said, who would even think to put pineapples in a quesadilla!?
I said, Pioneer Woman that's who!

Duh who else. All good things come from Pioneer Woman.

Shes amazing and I don't know how she does it. Seriously, anything I've ever cooked and thought of as absolute deliciousness, I bet the recipe is from her cooking blog.

(Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas) I made a few changes in the recipe. Instead of fresh, I used canned pineapple rings to grill, and I used a can of chopped green chilies instead of a jalapeno. Sooooo good!

I've made several things off her cooking's just a couple I've previously tried and loved:
Tequila Lime Chicken
Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

I wouldn't talk about it if I didn't think it was 100% yummy ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eating Wrong

I cant wait til I'm older I'm gonna stay up as late as I want!
I cant wait til I'm older I'm gonna eat whatever I want whenever I want!
Said by the younger version of me.
Real quickly, can I just slap the younger version of me?
I still love staying up as late as I want, my inner 10 year old appears with a "fine" and an eyeroll when BF tells me "we should probably go to bed."
But the eating whatever you want thing....
Is it only 10 year olds that die at the thought of being able to have an ice cream bar for breakfast?
Yea sure its great to eat candy before dinner and not hear anything about spoiling/ruining your appetite.
But younger version of me didn't know there would be a downside to ruling your own food world.
Let me just tell you;
Its 12:30 pm, my first meal of the day was an ice cream bar.
That's great.
"Life is uncertain, eat dessert first."
Great quote I've always liked it.
Except for now when I really don't want to eat dessert first.
Ice cream for my first meal was definitely not torture, it was nice and all...
But all I really wanted was just a breakfast, regular normal breakfast food.
Pancakes. Bacon. Waffles. Potatoes. Toast.
I could go on and but I'm really going to increase the hunger pains so I should stop.
But my point here is basically...
Now that I can eat however, whatever I want, I don't want to.
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times we've ordered pizza for dinner in the last week.
I'm blaming my Mom for passing on the worry.
The other day she asked "where I was getting my vegetables from."
I replied the tomatoes in the pizza sauce was about it.
I feel fine, I look fine but I know the no veggie thing isn't the best for your health.
Knowing that if I had my choice I really would want a salad helps the situation a little.
So I guess I'm not eating like crap by choice.
I'm kind of forced into the not the healthiest eating options.
You see, BF and I have to be very frugal right now.
That is my new least favorite word to use btw.
Its our first time being grownups and paying bills, rent etc.
We have to be frugal with our purchases.
So maybe it kills me a little bit but pizza is way cheaper than anything, and cheap is what were going for.
7$ for a pack of chicken/3$ for a head of lettuce/5$ for a pizza.
No choice but to choose the best deal.
Sorry body, sorry health.
My excuse is being in undergrad school.
These years are looking to definitely not being the most healthiest for me.
I hope they pass quickly, for the sake of my health only ha!

How funny that the younger version of me would have done anything to be able to eat ice cream as a first meal.
And now look at me!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


See you in 10 hours.
That's what I tell my boyfriend.
It really sucks when he has to work till midnight.
I go crazy just sitting here.
The post before this one took up a nice amount of time though.
But still.
I'll be waiting...till midnight..

Friday, October 1, 2010

100 Things

1)I always always wear bottom eyeliner.
2)I'm very very forgetful.
3)I call it "black Downy" and it is the only laundry softener I will buy, even though its twice the price of some others, I just love how it leaves my clothes smelling and cant bring myself to buy any other scent/brand!
4)I remember it like it was yesterday, being a sophomore in high school, at a party on a Saturday night and getting the "your sisters in labor text", then asking my at the time best friend to drop everything and leave the party so I could be dropped off at the hospital to see my nephew.
5)When I was younger I loved outside activities like riding my bike, rollerskating, messing around on my skateboard or steering myself down the hill in my wagon.
6)I never mastered the skill of using the brakes with those said activities^.
7)Those said activities are where most of the scars on my legs come from.
8)My Mom still tells me how dark soda is so much worse than clear soda.
9)But dark soda happens to be my favorite; Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer...
10)I love Cherry flavored sodas; Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke, Cherry 7up. Not Cherry Dr. P so much.
11)I know how very horrible it is but I rarely drink water.
12)I've gotten heat stroke times before.
13)My Mom still tells BF to "make sure I drink water".
14)Since we've moved to a place with hotter weather, he now nicely forces/reminds me on those very hot days to drink up.
15)I love coloring, its my favorite thing to do with my nephew.
16)I like to color in coloring books with crayons, use markers on plain paper.
17)Last year for my birthday BF got me a set of 100 markers and it was one of my favorite things he got me.
18)I'm a sucker for advertising.
19)I often say "oh I saw this on TV I wonder how it is?"
20)I used to beg my Mom to buy me the latest deodorant/face wash/any beauty product.
21)I'm complaining if I'm too cold, or too hot. Picky with my temperatures.
22)My Grandma taught me to keep my shopping cart organized and not just throw all the items in there.
23)I passed that on and taught my boyfriend how to keep our shopping cart organized and not just throw all the items in there.
24)When unloading my groceries onto the conveyor belt at the register, I keep everything organized; boxes of dry stuff, refrigerated/frozen, cans, bread and fresh veggies last.
25)I'm unbelievably picky about pretty much everything.
26) When it comes to sleeping, I'm picky about my sheets being tucked into the mattress, the comforter being straight, the pillows being perfectly fit into the pillowcases, etc.
27)Ill never forget how happy my Dad and I were the day I found a 20$ bill in a hotel parking lot.
28)I've had season passes to Sea World and Disneyland.
29)Turning 18 and writing my own notes in school was one of my most favorite life experiences. I got a kick out of excusing myself for appointments and illnesses.
30)No, I never had the best attendance record, especially for 1st and second period classes, I had no problem going to school an hour late.
31)I was happy, almost too happy about the fact of not having to take P.E anymore.
32)When we had to run the mile at school for P.E, I would try and lie about how many laps I had ran. (BF finds this hysterical)
33)There was an ice cream truck that went through my Grandmas neighborhood that never stopped for me.
34)Grandma loves to tell the story of how her chubster granddaughter used to chase after said truck, trying to get him to stop.
35)Recently, instead of returning the movie I rented I instead returned one of my personal DVD's to the Blockbuster Express machine :(
36)I only started using lotion on my face I think during my last year of high school, I wish I would have listened to my Mom and started sooner.
37)I feel bad for the skin on my legs, I shave them seriously every day.
38)I speak without thinking sometimes.
39)Junior/Senior year of high school I was allowed to use the family gas card and I was so stupid, irresponsible with it. Filling up twice a week and going wherever the friends and I wanted.
40)I asked my date to Senior Ball by making him cupcakes and writing on them with the frosting "senior ball ?"
41)For my Senior Ball and Senior prom I had the stressful responsibility of organizing the limo/party bus, collecting everyones money and all that not fun stuff.
42)I don't eat seafood.
43)I only like milk in my cereal, wont drink it.
44)It really really bothers me when my boyfriend gets out of the shower and puts his shirt on while his back is still wet.
45)I love headbands.
46)A child's cry is one of my least favorite sounds in the world. It breaks my heart to hear them crying from being in trouble or being sad about something, I just want to go comfort them and stop the tears.
47)I read all my junk mail, advertisements, the flyer's and even coupons for stores I don't even shop at, I just like advertisements in general.
48)Baseball is my very favorite sport to watch.
49)I watch the entire 9 innings, all the while completely entertained, even in shut outs when its considered boring.
50)When I get cramps, I get them really bad.
51)A pair of Joes Jeans and a Coach purse were my first two real "big" purchases.
52)I cant help it that I get really irritated that my Mom isn't good with technology, especially when trying to Skype.
53)All I wanted for my 21st birthday was to spend that day at Disneyland with my boyfriend.
54)It was one of my best birthdays.
55)I always ask for ice cream cake for my birthday.
56)Doing dishes is my least favorite chore, I selfishly refuse to wash them and somehow BF is okay with this and picks up that task for me.
57)This past month, I've burned myself with my flat iron more times than I have in a whole year.
58)I love the Thesaurus.
59)My 4 year old maltipoo is like my little lamb, and I am Mary. He goes everywhere I go, always follows, stays near the bathroom til I get out of the shower, etc.
60)Said maltipoo is 5 pounds, and it took 3 members of our Vet's staff to get him to hold still for his last shots.
61)4 inch scar on my outer wrist, got it when I was little from when I tried to give our old cat a bath in the sink while my Mom was napping, when I was supposed to be too.
62)I don't like strawberries or strawberry flavored things.
63)One of my bad habits is biting and like picking at my nails/cuticles. My Mom tried everything but never got me to stop.
64)This would be my first year in who knows how long I might not make a Christmas list.
65)Manners are my favorite.
66)I took it personally that the guy exiting the building before me failed to hold/leave the door open for me, it pretty much shut on me as I was going to open it. gentleman.
67)When I was a teenager, my Mom didn't get Food Network so when I went to my Dads, that's all I ever wanted to watch.
68)2 of the gifts I've been most proud/happy to purchase for my boyfriend: his XBox 360 and a pair of NFL tickets. I was very very proud.
69)My absolute favorite job I've ever had (out of 3) was a position as a personal shopper in a store specializing in high end prom dresses. Absolutely loved it.
70)I prank call/use a funny voice when I call my Dads work phone. I get a kick out of it when he falls for it.
71)Easter is my second favorite holiday.
72)I found my date to my Senior Prom only days before the dance and he turned into my now boyfriend :)
73)Looking back, I'm so happy I was single all throughout highschool, I had so much fun with my friends.
74)I always had great friendships with guys too, I found the majority of them to be so hilarious.
74)My last day of being single was the day I graduated high school :)
75)When my nephew was a baby I used to take him out of his playpen where he was happily napping and put him in my bed so I could nap with him :) He was the best snuggler.
76)When my nephew was first born I sang him 'Badfish' by Sublime and whispered to him how much I hoped he grew up to like baseball.
77)Seeing the completed rainbow cake I made for my Moms birthday was a moment of success I'll never forget!
78)I'm not a drinker at all but the thing I collect happens to be shot glasses.
79)I went to the same lady to get my nails/acrylics done for 6 years. Loyal much.
80)Because so many people have one, it almost feels odd to not have a Facebook, but I don't.
81)I loved playing volleyball.

82)Know how they say twins skip a generation? Well its both mine and BF's 'generation' for them.
83)I'm beyond excited for the day I (hopefully) have my own elementary school classroom to decorate!
84)My Mom spoiled me maybe too much and I do not have a very strong work ethic.
85)I dream about having a whole entire house of my own to be responsible for decorating.
86)When I worked at See's Candies, I just loved seeing all the different kinds of candy people would pick out.
87)I get really annoyed when BF and I are sharing a drink and he chews the straw so its flat/lost its shape.
88)I'm big on procrastination.
89)I still cry when I have to get a shot.
90)I love scaring my boyfriend, its my favorite thing to do. The best is when he's in the shower and I move the curtain and say rawrr.
91)I don't like going to bed early.
92)I cannot wait to have a bachelors degree to frame.
93)I'm big on my sleep and the thought of having to go through that sleep deprivation when you have a kid scares me.
94)I love staying in hotels.
95)It happened with both my cat and my dog, I picked out their names and ended up not liking them and giving them new ones months later.
96)I love hearing that "I'm from California and am used to being spoiled with nice weather all the time." Cause it couldn't be any more true.
97)I have really big tonsils for some reason. Dr's always say "oh wow", they get even bigger when I'm sick.
98)I've yet to find a soap that I think smells better than 'Softsoap Milk&Honey."
99)I love surprises but am hard to surprise.
100)I cant believe I came up with 100 things, very challenging but actually a fun post.
Lets hear your 100! Give me something to read, ha!
(I'm sure I've seen '100 things' other places before but today I got the idea from The Wilson Family blog :)