Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two For The Price Of One

I've gone through my closet and dresser. I have about 7 garbage bags full of clothes for my yard sale. My boyfriend was thrilled at the end result-you could actually see the back of the closet wall. Big deal, now I only have like 5 shirts and 1 pair of jeans to wear. I went through my underwear drawer too and ummm I kind of love buying cute new underwear so I got all excited about the thought of that, and hey maybe it might have been a bad idea to throw away so much thinking I'll be able to just go out and buy new replacements ASAP but whatever.

Who watched The Hills last night? I did, and all the while I pointed out to my boyfriend how extremely greatfull he should be that he met me when he did. I told him if we had been together way back when, he would have been forcedlucky enough to witness my addiction to Laguna Beach. Too bad he missed out we could have been watching mindless TV together! And what was up with the fake Hollywood set where did the realness go ha.

Today was not a good day for me guys. I hate cleaning, and one thing I hate more than cleaning, is needles/getting a shot. Which I did today. Oh wait, I mean shots. As in two. More than one. So yea I'm not a needle fan, first thing I do is warn the nurse that I don't handle shots well and then I half jokingly say I'll try not to cry too loud. Usually boyfriend is at work whenever I have appointments but lucky for me today he came with. Moral support. Nurse asked me which shot I wanted first. Oh goody I get to pick? BF sized up the needles, asked where they were going and he decided for me. He have me his hand so I could squeeze the life out of it. This kid in the picture is amzaing->>I cant even look in the direction of the nurse much less my arm or the actual needle. So my lips shake and my eyes water but I don't cry in the office, I wait till I'm in my car for my 2 year style old meltdown; "babeeee it huuuurrrrrrrrrtttt!!!!" He tells his two year old "she is so brave" and he is "so proud of her for being brave and getting two shots!" Such love. I thought I was going to throw up walking down the hallway of the Dr's office. It was just too much for me. Two shots?!! So on this not the greatest day ever, I treated myself to a hangout session with my couch, a big piece of Cookies & Cream dessert, a Cherry Pepsi and 3 episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras. Umm 2 shots I think that's the least I deserve hahaha.

Y'all know (BF thinks) ESPN is the only channel we get right? So of course we're watching the ESPYS and the host guy is semi funny, like I have laughed at two things he's said so far. But the skit that Steve Carroll from The Office did was hilarious. Y'all. I'm totally practicing my southern drawl. Totally. Not sure how well I can cover my like fast talking like California girl ways of talking though ha!

I have a few posts I'm gonna schedule to publish, one is below...But other than that I still wont be a regular blogger, so see ya when I see ya!

Catching A Baseball With Your Face

Statistics are an important part of baseball. Things like hits and pitches, stolen bases, how the runner got out, those are all things that are recorded by a statistician. When it comes to a players individual statistics or batting average, those things are very important to know and keep track of.

Keeping track of those things used to be my job; stat girl for the baseball team.

I used to keep track of which base each boy went to, who caught the ball that was hit, how many balls were thrown before the home run was hit. Allllllll that good stuff. But that's not really the good stuff, you wanna hear the good stuff?!!

Errr in this case, for this boy, bad stuff....

I'm sitting there on the bench in the dugout, watching the boy from our team at bat, keeping track of how many pitches have been thrown to him. He had to have had only one or two already, and the next one is just so fast, I barely had time to look up! And I just saw something fly by, and then the boy, crouching over holding his face....

Oh my god his face is broken. That's all I could think, do you know how hard baseballs are? And how fast high school boys can through? Pretty freakin fast. How much pain was he in!? I was expecting lots of blood.

I'm sitting there, looking up, watching and waiting for the crowd of boys to separate in the dugout, then I finally see the boy, and he has, a baseball under his cheek. I mean, that's what it looks like. Like his face is that swollen, it looks as if someone shoved a baseball in his mouth up against his cheek. It was huge. Huge! Huuuuuuuge! I cant say that word enough to explain how huge and puffy swollen his cheek was.

And I saw it happen. Kind of. I didn't actually see the baseball hitting his cheek but still. Craaaaazy right. Poor guy! No Golden Glove. His cheek stayed purple after that, for a while, but not nearly as huge as it was that day in the dugout. I really cant explain what it looked like. Put your whole hand on one side of your face and imagine all that just being 5 times puffier. Imagine puffing up your cheeks but times 100.

Someone can say they've been hit in the face with a baseball before.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guess What

July 6th=Cold, Me & Chestnut Uggs
Isn't that crazy.

It must have sprinkled Monday night, because the ground was wet when I woke up Tuesday morning.
I'm guessing some of you have been having some pretty warm weather?
To say the least, right.
How does that feel?
I would have no idea.
So please tell me, what does 90 degrees in July feel like?
Preferably with humidity.
Have fun in your bathing suit.
Or tank tops.
I'll be in my hoody and Uggs.
I guess =/
Hopefully only for a minute though!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its A Good Thing He Loves Her

You know when people roll their eyes.
It can be very disrespectful.
I have a problem with eye rolling.
The problem being, I cant control it.
Its natural to me. A very frequent occurrence.
I don't know when I'm doing it, which can be the worst.
Especially in certain types of conversations; my Mom would get pissed and I'd be so quick to say "I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't even mean to!"
I do it with boyfriend all the time not knowingly too.
It doesn't mean anything to me really.
Well I guess it means something,
Its some kind of an expression.
I do when it things are funny, stupid, ridiculous. When I'm mad sad or happy.
Really, all the time basically.
BF will ask "why I rolled my eyes at him."
I just say sorry and giggle. Then he laughs.
I love rolling my eyes.
I cant help it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

And They Say

One of many things on my to do list is this task: Find yummy places to eat, maybe a place that has been feature on a show on The Food Network like Diners Drive-ins & Dives (why is that so hard to say) or Best Thing I Ever Ate. Me and BF are roadtrippen it through about 3/4 states so I'm hoping were bound to come across some place? Holler if you know any.

We had yummy kabobs on Friday night, and burgers and the rest of the kitchen on Sunday.

BF and I got stopped at a checkpoint on Saturday night. Well everyone got stopped you know not just us lol. And since we were obviously not drunk and BF's license is more than valid, they looked over us quickly and said goodnight. We couldn't go anywhere though because the police were still talking to the truck in front of us, so the kind police gave us an informational brochure to look at, to pass the time I guess. Brochures given to me usually go from my hand to trash can pretty quickly but this one was interesting, "$10,000 for a DUI." Umm wow what a way to spend your money =/

Have you ever seen these at the Grocery Store? Ice cream treats for dogs!? Well this little guy got to try them this weekend and he loooovedd them! I think these few pictures I snapped of him are so cute, his face was such a disaster, sticky yucky mess! But he was really beyond happy to have a treat like that =)

Some TV shows I started watching! Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC. I've only watched two full episodes but I think its a new favorite, the last episode with the blonde that did Michael Jackson, "Kylie"I think her name was, oh my gosh I wanted to squeeze the cute out of her, ha! And Holly's World, on E! I really had no desire to watch it but last week I caught two reruns in a row and that's pretty much all it takes for me to get hooked! I cant say that my boyfriend gets any enjoyment out of watching it but I am loving it, ha! A show that receives only a slight groan from him is Bravo's Bethenny Gets Married. There are few moments in the show that make him laugh too so its not complete torture for him to watch it with me.

Yea so pretty much all I did this weekend was cook and eat. I made Jello Jigglers again, this time star shape. BF loved them and I didn't eat any but had so much fun admiring their cuteness. Oh and twice as much fun making them-I was stirring the Jello before I poured it into the molds right and somehow a bunch splashed on my hand and burned the heck out of me. Ouch. Hot hot Jello is nooo fun.
Oh and I made a watermelon bombe. Using this recipe from a blog from my favorite collections.. Mine definitely didn't look anything like that picture :( haha but it was carrying some weight! I don't think I even used all the ice cream or who really knows what I did, because I don't follow recipes well. But what I do know is that it was heavy. 9 POUNDS heavy! I made everybody lift the bowl when it was setting out to thaw and then we weighed it on the scale and sure enough, almost 10 pounds of ice cream. Love it! But not really. I'd like it so much more if it was like Cookies&Cream or something, I'm not lime sherbet's biggest fan!

Have you had Dr Pepper Cherry? I'm a huge Dr. Pepper fan but believe it or not I hadn't event yet tried the cherry kind til last week. Verdict? Its alright. Not too crazy cherry-like you know? I'd prefer the regular kind though.
That's it for now, take care. I miss you!! I'll be away, packing and saying goodbye to the last 21 years of my life. Wish me luck with that.