Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting To Know You

I don't know what I usually do on Sundays, sometimes its blogging sometimes it isn't...
But today, its linking up for Getting To Know You Sunday!
You can join if you haven't, link up at MannLand5.
Getting to know YOU
1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?
I'm not dying to get it, but I'm not totally against it! How about some boob liftage, cant go wrong with that I'm sure I'll really want it someday! Or laser hair removal, that's a great one, no shaving ever?!
2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?
I did for a split second...How about my sister was in her early early twenty's and obsessed with them and I was almost a teenager, trying to be cool, tagging along with her watching Days of Our Lives. Like sand through an hourglass, I'm sure I heard things that I didn't need to. Oh well, it happens. And Passions! The boat wreck with that odd old lady and that tiny boy....Yea, crazzzyyy story lines those soap operas!
3. Favorite clothing brand?
Kind of a hard question, I'm not brand crazy. I just like nice designer jeans....Oh and Victoria's Secret if that counts as a brand.
4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?
I do have a major love for shopping! But whats more intense than my major love for shopping is my dislike of cleaning, so a maid service for a year would be lovely!!!
5. would you ever vajazzle?
that word is so funny!
6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Another hard question, because I love them all! I consider myself a Cinderella because I have my Prince Charming :) I'm also a Sleeping Beauty because it is not enjoyable being the one waking me up. Ariel is a mermaid so that was always fun. And definitely loving Tiana from Princess & The Frog, she was so cute and the first "black" Disney princess woo! But for some reason, Belle from Beauty & The Beast was my favorite favorite.
7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?
Well crying, it was either Juno or Valentine's Day, I'm a little movie sap sometimes.
8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?
Have I yet shared this with my lovely bloggers? Once I broke my arms, yes arms, both at the same time! Only a move yours truly could accomplish. Two casts; it was the time of my life! ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Keep It 100?

Today I read a post at Kelly's Korner, it was regarding the issue of realness. It totally stuck in my head and I've caught myself going back to thinking about some of the things she said. Like, how real are you on your blog? Well pretty darn real. I mean as real as you can be when your not using your real name and showing any pictures right ;)

But blogs are different I feel.
I like how "pretty darn real" looks and sounds, so that's what is published in my post.
But in "real" life I might replace that darn with an F bomb.
Or I might not. It all depends. But main point, realness.

You cant tell my real attitude by this blog. Things are just hard to "read" when their written and not said (like with texting!) Theres so many different ways you could say "your so stupid" but you don't really know how/which way somebody is saying/meaning something just by reading it. So, sure, you get an idea of me, but no way can you tell the real level of sarcasm that I would be using in real life. Know what I mean jelly bean? I think for the most part though, regardless, some part of the writer shines through the blog no matter what, somehow.

I totally see the glass half full, always,(alwaysalwaysalmostalways:) and I feel like my blog reflects that, er at least I want it to. Its uppity kind of you know, its not a dark depressing blog, black and sad. Its bright, its pink, it has bows on it. Pretty much I like it that way and that's the way I'd like it to stay, but its hard, because yes yes yes I have crazzyyy madness going on in my "real life" that I could go on about for days, but, do you want to bring those dark depressing things to your bright pink blog? No. I don't want to bring my drama filled life and cuss words here. I don't know if I want to "stain the pink" with the "dirty black". Sometimes yes I do, but, that's not all I wanted my blog to be about. And seeing as how I've still, not quite yet figured out what and how exactly I want this blog to be, I just go with the flow. My blog is the "place" I can dump everything that's in my head, whatever it may be. A mixture of some nothings, few pictures of glitter, and some whining; that's my blog lol and that's ok, I'm still learning and know I don't have to classify this thing. But who knows what it will look like as we go on...I'm moving out, going somewhere new, and taking the bloggity with me.

Bottom line (because Stone Cold said so), just beacuse your talking about something other than another something, doesnt mean your not totally real right.

Other bottom line because I say so, this blog is a mixture of stuff. Stuff that doesn't really go in any particular direction, its crazy, if you haven't figured that out yet. And although its crazy and the words are all mixed up, its real, I can honestly say, its real. I know sometimes it looks and sounds like a 7 year old Princess is running this, but no, its a 21 year old girl behind this blog, for real. And I know sometimes your probably like yea right no way did her boyfriend really say that. But I guarantee you he does, really, every stupid stupid word, and I really do love him :)

So yea, I keep this blog 100, and if you don't know what that means please refer to my newest discovery, The Online Slang Dictionary (?!?!!)

here's the def:
Keep it 100:
Tell the truth.
Don't lie, keep it 100.

Well, all be!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wipeout Sucks & Is Stupid. Love Always.

Why I wont be watching Wipeout:

Boyfriend and I loved that show. Every week we would tune in so he could embarrass me laugh so loud I'm sure the neighbor's could hear, also making me question if I should learn like CPR or something because I would seriously think he was going to die choking, he would be laughing so hard. Oh boys and how they think hurt=funny.
I got sick and tired of every week hearing him tell me how he would do so great on the show. He would go in to specific detail about what the contestants were doing wrong, and what he would do differently if he were on the show, what he would do and how he would of course win it all.

He peed his pants when I told him I was online signing him up to enter.
Not really.
I signed myself up while I was at it cause really if anyone deserves to be on TV its me.

So were at Disneyland one day right.
A casual day.
Were waiting in line.
I'm checking my voicemail.
Done checking my voicemail.
I tell BF,
Wipeout called, they want ya!
Then he pees his pants.
Not really though ;)
But soooo excited he was and guess what they told him when he called them back.
"We're also having a Couples Edition Wipeout and would it be possible if we could get your beautiful golden goddess girlfriend on the show too!
Yep. Something just like that.
We were so excited to go "audition".
It was hot that day. And it took a lot of gas to get there.
What if we made it?!
For $100,000, I would totally be willing to damage my body on an obstacle course while making a fool out of myself on national TV. Because if you didn't know, we would obviously win. BF had it all planned out remember? He knew what he would do? (I'm sure that's what all the guys that didn't come in 1st place thought before they went on the show ha)
So what if.
What if there were like 6 other couples and a couple of solo's auditioning too. If you've seen the show, you know how odd some contestants are. We shared the room with a cowboy, an older couple in tae kwan do uniforms, and a man with his face painted like the big red balls that are in one part of the show.
We waited and waited and it was finally our turn.
We stood in a small room while they filmed us answering their lame questions.
Then they moved us to what what! a second room that was supposedly very special and" not everyone gets thru" so keep it on the DL. Basically, that means your going on the show right?!

They had us fill out a book of papers for nothing. Seriously. Signing your life away, agreeing to never mention the audition process or them having contact with you. (ha) Whole lotta signing my name for nothing.
Maybe they would have picked us if we had dressed all crazy like. Maybe they thought BF wasn't TV ready.Who knows who cares.
But when the commercial for it comes on the other day, BF says, babe are we gonna watch it?!
I replied with a grumpy I don't knowwww their kinda stupid we should boycott. He laughed. Well I guess I can still be a sore loser and still watch but just wish it was me. Stupid Wipeout though! But yea we'll still watch.
Wrong again.
The show premiered this week. I think Wednesday maybe. BF had it saved and ready on the DVR. I unwillingly agreed and he did too saying we could "just see". Ummm lets "just see", 3 seconds of seeing a man on my TV and the words Wipeout was enough to make me whine and cry wahhhhh and say "no lets watch something else."
I just couldn't do it. (and I feel bad because that was his favorite show) But I couldn't bear to sit and watch a show that I didn't get the chance to be on. I mean I(we) had the chance, but they didn't pick me(us), that's the problem here! I cant believe I really don't want to watch it, isn't that so bratty? I'm kind of ashamed. Ha! I didn't think it was that big of a deal, not being picked, I mean I know it wasn't that big of a deal, the audition was over a year ago and that's really the last and only time I was sad about it. But sitting and watching the show just doesn't do it for me anymore.
Hi my name is Sore Loser and I don't care. My boyfriends name is Great, I never saw the "W" word on DVR again.

See You Soon

Just in case you wanted to know...I guess theres a million other things, like packing, I'm supposed to be doing besides sitting here reading blogs...Soooo I'm gonna unfortunately be away from this blog for a while. No linking up, no winning giveaways. No comments, ughhhhhhh =( I'll miss you guys...some of you...heh heh justtt kidding.

I'm pretty bad with scheduled posts...but when I have a spare minute and I haven't blogged in a while I'll usually post like 5 times in one day though so maybe look forward to that :)

Hope you are nothing but well while I'm away. xo.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where You Goin

Thinking about going to school out of state? Let me offer you my help, the most wisest words of wisdom. Just a couple of suggestions, tips, if you will =)

Chooosing the right college/school for you should end and begin with Victoria's Secret. First, view their "Pink" Collegiate collection, and if you don't see a schools color and logo printed on cute sweatpants and underwear, then, that school is out. No longer an option. Keep lookin.

Now flash way back to elementary school and start to get real familiar with your states, if you aren't already. Arkansas is above Louisiana and all that. Become BFFS with the site that lists all Universities by state. Spend some time at Kelly Korner, reading her posts like this one mentioning "College Gamedays". Check out how hardcore the commenter's are raving about "their team", notice the states their from and this should help you in getting some ideas for school choices. Look at the adorable little girl dressed in Arkansas Hogs attire until your convinced you want to be a part of the SEC. Then, go to this site that Kelly had linked to, they'll hopefully list the schools your considering, then you can begin imagine yourself dressed in something cute in your schools colors.

Then, visit this blog here, be inspired by another adorable dress, and proceed to visit both websites that are linked to. This will result in you being overwhelmed at all the possibility's of cute things that have your University name stamped on them.

Is this shopping or choosing a future University? Well who's asking because if it was my Mom then its totally choosing a future educational establishment. If its you,well then you definitely know me and know I totally based my school decisions off of clothes from VS and what not, I pretty much picked the state half blindfolded ;) so yes this is kind of just shopping for future clothes ;)
Everybody wears them.

Sooooo toss your options around for a while. State info, school info, requirements blah blah blah. Google will be as faithful as it can be in providing optimal search results. Which is not much so that's always fun.

What I'm telling you next is very important. probably the only thing you needed to read in this post. And yes I know they are oh so cute but unless you want to wear your University of Florida sweatpants to the University of Alabama basketball games, then you better avoid the temptation to order early! Wait til you've got your admissions letter and you know where your going.

Thennnnn, go back to Victoria's Secret. You know for sure what school your going to, order away friend!
Oh and have fun at school.
Because that's whats its about.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Hope you are all well and having a great weekend!
Have you ever been to any kind of Pet store where they have cards? You know, get well, regular Hallmark looking like ones except their usually all animals on the greeting cards. Anyways, Mothers Day I received two of those.

One card cover; a kitten playing a harp. Not sure about that...I don't play the harp & neither does our cat.
The other; a little terrier in a tub all soapy.That one I loved because I am the only dog bather between the two of us.

How impressive he took the time to stop and browse the card section while he was there getting dog food. Their our fur babies so its a nice gesture and the cards were so cute. He said "Did you notice I wrote sloppy so it would like theirs!" Totally noticed, and it totally looked like lefty cat writing! (??!)

3 Year Anniversary. We are broke and saving any available money for the big move so we've been agreeing to no nothing for everything. Or I guess only I have been agreeing. So tell me why did I roll over and wake up to a big bag of M&Ms (omg yay) and a card in an envelope reading "I Love You". Who likes reading sweet nothings getting watery eyes in bed, 25 seconds after first awaking?
I guess I do!
But only when those sweet nothings are something like; "I hope you have a great anniversary day, mine is already great because I have you."

I don't usually like being lied to, but that was really sweet.
All that Princessy-ness of mine, I don't understand at all how he does it. There are times I think to myself, I know I'm being so difficult right now. So if I know that, imagine him, poor guy.

But he loves it. He loves me. He gets me. And he makes jokes about me not having to vacuum. Don't know how it works but sounds like a keeper to me.

I know one day he's going to be a great Father.

I felt like an ass reading my card and eating my M&Ms wishing I would have gotten him something even though we said we weren't.

So I got the ball rolling, and for once I'm going to be looking like the most nicest significant other ;)

So how about a Fathers Day-from-the-dog-card. What? I didn't know they made them either so I saw it and had to get it. I'm gonna leave it next to his wallet so he sees it in the morning, first thing! And his picture folder inside his wallet is equipped with a fresh new photo of him and I from my graduation. We'll see how long it takes him to notice its there. I've left little "I love you notes" in his wallet before and I forget about them because he takes forever to finally see it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday

Pink & Green Thursday.
Link up with Trish @ Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.
Enjoy your Thursday and some pretty pictures!

Thank You Very Much!

I'm pissed!
I mean, I'm sooooo thankful! So I'm linking up with Kmama for TYVM Thursdays!
Dear waitress that served us when we went to dinner at Chili's,
Thank you so much for drawing such cute hearts on our receipt/tab bill thing. Thank you for writing "thank you" in such big capital letters. Thank you for the excellent and prompt service. But most importantly, thank you for mentioning to "not forget to fill out the survey online, you could win!" I cant thank you enough for the many times you forced it in my brain repeated it during our last 5 minutes in the resaturaunt. You must have known I believe in luck, and I believe that I do have good luck. (Somebody one 13$ on two random scratchers last week. Just sayin.) So, thank you for allowing me to believe. Thanks for the encouragement to skip past the smart side of me! The part saying are you really wasting your time. Yes, your the only one I can thank in all this ;) Thanks for helping me see the other side, the side your company gets a free survey from! 1000$ I could have one. Yes, waitress thank you for telling me that could happen. I'm so glad I spent my time on something that could happen!

Bed Bath & What

We're getting a new bed (frame & everything) and dresser this summer so I need to find something, but don't know where to look.

Wahhhh. Help I'm lost.
I've looked at Babies'R'Us (lol dressers only!) & IKEA...Not super impressed.

Do you have fabulous furniture and if so can I have it can you tell me where you got it? My money tree hasn't bloomed yet though so if its $2500 from Pottery Barn well you could just count me out lol.

Soooo tell me where did you get your bedroom from?!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday with Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma!

Top 2 Guilty Pleasures

1. Candy and Soda. My two most horribly horrendous indulgences. I've been on a Cherry 7Up kick for quite awhile and I guess its not so bad since I only drink it when its in the house. But actually that's quite frequently so nevermind. The candy on the other hand, isn't so bad because I have to go out and buy it you know. But that is in fact my real hand with real bags I demolished. I know right?! I'm keeping them in business.

2. The trashiest of trashy reality shows. Yes lets kill my brain cells please give me all of them: Celeb Rehab, Kardashians, Tool Academy's, Teen Mom, Real World The Challenges. Uh huh!

Pour Your Heart Out

I have recieved a real nice compliment before.

In my world, telling someone "they have a great/fabulous attitude", well that comment goes into the "nicest things you can ever say to someone" category.

I don't toot my own horn too much, only when I'm feeling really Princessy you know.

I believe attitude is everything.

And well, to keep it real, receiving that compliment totally made me want to toot my own horn and since its not something I do often, well, I'm doing it. And I really hope this counts as Pouring Your Heart Out...but what am I thinking of course it does because the lovely Shell(xo!) from Things I Cant Say, says "really, it's anything that YOU consider pouring your heart out." So this post totally qualifies and thanks in advance if you read it :)

My attitude is fabulous. No not 100% of the time, but I work real hard to keep it up for at least mostly high 90%s. Actually I don't have to work too hard though, alot of it just comes with my personality; soft spoken, kind of quiet, doesn't want to be the center of attention all the time, polite, cheerful, etc. On my club volleyball team, I wasn't the girl that got a red card for kicking the volleyball like a soccer ball across the gym after a bad call, I was the girl that was friends with that girl that kicked it. I was never the girl that liked to get wasted and be ridiculously loud and crazy. I was the girl that was best friends with her and made sure she got home safely. Yes I love me some gossip, but I'm the girl that wont get be the start of it, or really any big part of it. Sitting there quietly and listening (laughing in my head in awe of things I've heard) works better for me.

I have an everythings gonna be alright attitude for the most part. I have called 911, hysterical inside, yet perfectly calm and collected on the phone with the operator. I can make it through a stressful situation and still manage to not lose my head or my cell phone. Sometimes. I know that things can be fixed, and even if they cant, I know they could be a lot worse.

This is where me and Momma differ, how we see "the cup". I see: a pretty glass half full filled with my favorite drink. Momma sees it: a dirty broken cup half empty with holes in it and nooo wayyyy can it be fixed.

Umm yeahhh. Her thinking is the sky is falling, and "what if" it snows! (in a town that hasn't gotten snow in 30+ years.) I cant and hate doing that. You can play "what ifs" all day and it wont get you anywhere. Yea sometimes its good to have "what ifs" and therefore have back up plans and etc, but only so much. If it snows, then it snows. NO I don't have snow boots but that's okay, I'll bundle in what I do have. What if my boyfriend doesn't find a job when we move right away? Well that's not going to hold me back from moving. I know theres so many people out there that have packed up and started new and I have faith I can do it. If he doesn't find a job right away, all we can do is keep looking.

I'm not one to stay down and focus on the negatives. In our little "tiffs" I'll tell BF "I hate fighting, I don't like to be mad its a waste of time! Being happy is a choice, and a choice I choose indeed! Yes I'm mad, but I don't want to keep this attitude you know? (but its so freaking hard to get rid of it sometimes!)

If I don't quite hear you, I will always say, "pardon?" Some people respond with a laugh and a "you sound like an old lady!" Umm that's okay, I adore manners.
We could be anywhere, my boyfriend will catch me making crazy faces and he asks me what the heck I'm doing. I blush and say nothing and then point to the little 4 year old behind us that I was "playing" with. If any Moms have ever caught their kid playing peek a boo with a stranger, you know, stepping back and forth all over your legs, looking back at something a few feet away, or if their little ones and their stuffing their face into your neck with a smile? Oh yea, I make friends really easily with the baby being held by the person in front of me. If I get caught in the eye of a little kid, forget it.

I'm not quite sure what my boiling point is. I'm horrible with saying no and I have the mindset of "I don't want anyone to be mad at me" so I stretch myself thin sometimes.

Every weekend There were some nights in high school I played Momma to my alcohol sick girlfriends. Keeping track of phones and purses at the party, when we got home, making sure they didn't fall asleep on or in the toilet, no climbing in bed with their heels on. And the morning after, making a breakfast that would be good on their tummy. This post from awhile ago mentions my love for holding hands. Younger me couldn't wait to be a girlfriend, I was so ready! Even though it didn't happen for quite a while, I didn't get down and depressed about it. I knew when it was my time, I would be a great girlfriend. I don't mind taking care of other people, putting them before me. Its so crazy to remember myself thinking "one day I'm gonna make a great girlfriend". And now here we areeeeee :) My absolute favorite part of dinner is when I get to fix BFs plate.

My Mom and I have our ups and downs and really low downs lol, but theres not a day I don't thank her for raising me the way she did! I love feeling like I'm a great girlfriend, a hard working employee. Sure I have it set it in my head that I'm a Princess that is forever exempt from all house cleaning. Yes I would sleep in til noon everyday if I could. But, if those are my worst qualities, I think that's all okay. I'm happy with where I am so far in life. I would settle and just be glad for the success of NOT living in a cardboard box at the riverbottom with my cat, so the fact that I'm going to college, working, not super rushed for kids/marriage(oh but I am!) and haven't gotten arrested, well, it really makes me want to give myself a pat on the back. And ohh how I hate giving myself those, reminds me of a creepy substitute from 1st grade and I just think its the cheesiest stupidest thing ever ha! But anyways, kudos to me, and Mom, I guess she did something right raising me lol!
I'm so thrilled I have such an exceptional attitude. I think its going to make life alot easier for me. It kind of has so far. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively with people and having a positive outlook on life has got to get you somewhere right? I hope all the patience I have nowadays sticks with me later in life, cause I heard you need lots if it when you have kids. But thats probably just another rumor..... ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink & Green Thursday On Monday

Thursdays are a good day of the week in my little blogging world. One of my favorite bloggers is responsible for a post I look forward to every week. Pink Preppy Lilly Lover aka Trish comes up with the most gorg pink & green pictures and puts them together for Pink & Green Thursdays! I made timerandomly had a little extra time on my hands to throw a post together, so I found pictures of some pink & green things that I think are adorable and here we are! (p.s. you might definitely want to enter her giveaway; fab Lily stuff!)

I dedicate those lovey dovey pictures to my boyfranddd. Happy 3 years! :)

What's Up Cholo's

Hi to everyone and anyone who happens to read this, by choice or accident, =) I hope you have a really awesome rest of your day.
I was just thinking about how much I appreciate everyone who stops by this page, it truly brings a big smile to my face, awwwwww! ha ;)
Here's whats mixed up in my head, cant always get it all together and looking pretty so you'll find its really all just a bunch of words.

I know I'm not the only one with a significant other that chooses to tune in to some crazy TV shows. My boyfriend watches some interesting stuff while I'm over here blogging away. I don't pay attention to any of it, I'm focused on the comp, but every once in a while I look up to see the madness, a man clearing out a nest of angry red wasps, alligators, etc. I think by chance I always catch the good stuff. Yea like that >>>

I was on my Microsoft iTouch typing in Chili's because I wanted to look at the menu before we went; we decided to use a gift card we've been hoarding foreverr. So I type it in not really paying attention I guess because the next thing I know I'm looking at search results for Cholos. Whaaaaaat. Oops sorry Wikipedia I don't kneed a picture of men in bandanna's, those are supposed to be i's not o's.

We were all ready and dressed to go to dinner, the dinner we were paying for with a gift card right. I'm putting my shoes on, BF asks me where the beloved card is and my heart immediately sank. I lost it, I had no clue where it was. I had looked up the menu and got ready for nothing. Looking forward to going out to eat, and then having to stay home and cook, how sucky. But thank newborn 6ounce baby Jesus my boyfriend really is an angel saint nun type of guy who's number one strength in life is finding all the things I cant seem to keep track of. The Chili's card was very stickily stuck to another gift card, resulting in the look of 1 gift card but it was really two stuck together. I couldn't tell. All that matters is we had a fab dinner :)

I didn't stuff my face too much so when we came home I had a sweet tooth. I stood in front of the pantry, staring at a jar of peanut butter long enough to finally want to make peanut butter cookies, so that's what I made. I was feeling really large and in charge so I went ahead and softened some ice cream. Resulting in, cookie sandwiches. Yes I started demolishing mine before I thought to take a picture so I had to snag BF's so I could do my photography.

So why do I say Microsoft iTouch? Well first it was just to make fun of BF but then it kind of stuck. When I first got it, I would always refer to it by saying "hand me my phone, grab my phones please, etc." BF would correct me every freaking time, "its not even a phone, its not really a phone." OKAY! I obviously know the electronic device is not really a phone but I guess I just cant call it that. Nope, no since in shortening what I'm saying. So now he can laugh, shake his head or roll his eyes all he wants when I use any of the phrases, "wheres my Microsoft Apple iTouch? Hand me my Microsoft Windows iTouch please." He wanted to get technical ;)

But I guess you haven't really seen anything in life until you've seen Poodle creations/decorating. What? I know, I said wtf right before I got sucked in to some special show they had on TLC. A competition pageant type of thing, featuring crazy cut & colored poodles. How did I not know about this. I had to make BF watch 2 minutes of it, I'd say it was a high point of the weekend, hah! I'm really serious; that's a poodle not a panda?!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Theres No Place Like...

Thinking of what its going to be like to be living somewhere brand new,
I couldn't help but think of how much I love where I'm living now.4494019206_dcdd6b40ce_large
I wanted to list all of the things I have done and the things I havent done but kinda wanted to. You know.
Have Nots.
Napa Valley
Death Valley
Hearst Castle
Lake Tahoe
Runyun Canyon(you know, that big old hill in L.A. with the pretty view that is always shown in reality shows, all the celebrities and everyone jog there?)
Mammoth Mtn.
Universal Studios
Lake Tahoe
Big Bear
Staples Center
San Diego Chargers Game
Anaheim Angels Game(I don't really like them but still!)
Rodeo Dr.
Laguna Beach
Coto De Caza(I would love to see the gates to the homes of the RHOC ha!)
USC; Rose Bowl
UC Berkley
UC Davis
Dodger Games
San Francisco Giants Game
Long Beach, Queen Mary
Catalina Island
Great Western Forum(Lakers old arena)
Los Angeles Zoo
Los Angeles Museum of Natural History
Santa Barbara Zoo
Santa Barbara Natural History Museum
San Diego/Del Mar Fair
San Diego Zoo
San Diego Wild Animal Park
Sea World
Knotts Berry Farm(only when it was Knotts Scary Farm though)
Disneyland/California Adventure
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Monterrey Bay Aquarium
Yosemite Mtn.
Big Sur
San Francisco
Palm Springs
A Lake or two
A Circus or two
A Casino or two
A "Mission" or two if you know what those are
Oakland Raiders Game
Golden State Warriors Game
CityWalk @ Universal Studios
California/Mexico Border
Phew that was alot. But not really at all! I know I've been around way more than that. (that could sound so wrong, ha!) There are so many have nots, I just cant think of them.
What would you want to do if you were in California? I'm thinking/hoping maybe before I move I can squeeze in one more have not, something that I've really wanted to do. Laguna maybe.
We will seeeeeee.