Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I love to sleep. No, like I really love to sleep. Its been this way forever. Oversleeping in the morning and being late for class has always been a problem. I was late to kindergarten. Sleeping in on a weekend is something that bring a true smile to my face. Are you laughing?! BF says I'm the hardest person to wake up. Not that he goes around trying to wake up people lol...Sleeping is just easy for me, waking up is not. If I don't have to, I'm not getting up. I kind of have it made when it comes to my work and school schedule. I don't really have to be anywhere until noon throughout the week. Its pretty luscious! Yes I suffer through night class but I love my late starts. I don't have obligations or any early morning tasks to tend to, I can sleep in without worry-I don't have any kids to feed or clean up after.... Sure I do have my moments of baby fever, but the time will come for me to serve bottles and have sleepless nights and early mornings. That said, that time is definitely not now. No kids, no "have to's" equals a princess with lots and lots of beauty sleep :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fancy That

Too cute to wear only one day of the year ;) .Thank you Google made my day.

Sweet sweet things.

Seen any lately?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday at The Seattle Smith's:
'I wish' .... I could spend three
minutes in _____'s shoes!

This was a hard one! Anyone would be a good answer!
I knew if I spent too much time thinking about it, I would come up with too many answers or none at all.
One popped in my mind so I just went with it.
Wishful Wednesday
'I wish' .... I could spend three
minutes in Kim Kardashian's shoes!

I wish I could spend three minutes in Kim Kardashian's shoes just to see what it feels like :) What does it feel like to have super hectic schedules of early morning meetings and endless appearances, never ending paparazzi, a closet just for purses, autographs to sign. What does she think of the tabloids, fancy cars, baby bump rumors, having someone to get you any item at any time of day...I cant even begin to imagine her daily life. Which is exactly why I would like to trade shoes with KK for a good three minutes!

I wish I could spend three minutes in KK's shoes and in that three minutes experience all the professionals around her helping her with clothes, makeup, and hair. Hello doll dress me and put on my face! Ha! Blondie was cute for a split second but I love her brunette and don't really recognize her without that. Well I do but its like her trademark you know?NFL Girlfriend. There aren't many things that I find cuter! Probably what I would be most excited about in the "3 minutes of shoe switching!" How I would love to sit in my own press box in the Superdome and see my man down on the field, thousands cheering for him.
The Kardashian's seem like a close, fun loving family! If you watch the show, one if not all of them are always goofing around. Tons of drama and craziness I bet but who cares when you have Chanel to wear which I would definitely throw on in my three minute switch ha. Oh and I bet the sisters are so proud to be Aunts and plan on spoiling Kourtney's baby as much as possible times 11. So, I wish I could spend three minutes in Ms. Kim Kardashian's shoes. Just to, you know, sit there in a bathing suit, think about my gorgeous self, and fabulous life. =)

How you doin ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anyone watch Food Networks Worst Cooks In America? I've tuned in a couple times and it really makes me feel like a superb chef. Like my boxed cake with semi homemade frosting would come out on top in any throwdown. Mmmhmm! Seeing these people cook makes me feel like like I should be on Top Chef hahaha.

I posted a few days back typing a word in purple and yellow, LSU school colors. I applied. Then I sat there and thought about the place I've never been. Figured it might be nice to know at least something about a state where I'm considering attending school. I keep up with The Wilson's blog (and if you like seeing pictures of adorable babies you might want to check them out) and I was excited to see a post where followers could ask questions or just come out and say hi. My combination of being nosy and a love for meeting new people ha! Of course I had a question. I just wanted to know some of Mrs. Wilson's thoughts on Louisiana. She was so kind enough as to reply with this...

I am originally from St. Louis. I moved to Louisiana a little over 5 years ago. I didn't intend on moving here, but am sure glad I did. The culture is more than I can describe in words. There is always a festival to go to and a new restaurant to try. I think I gained 10lbs. when I moved here. From drive-thru daiquiris to LSU football, there's always a good time to be had by all! Everyone is so nice and I couldn't imagine raising a family anywhere else. Geaux Tigers and WHO DAT!

Ok so I loved her answer! It was full of only kind things about the state she resides in. Although I'd be moving there to go to school, not to raise a family, knowing that its a good place to raise a family lets me know that its obviously a nice place to be, so my decision to apply there sets well with me. But what about all that yummy food!? I'm not sure if that is a curse or a blessing for me. Blessing because I love eating good food even more than I love cooking ha but curse because if you read my past posts, I'm trying to stay away from the Fat Fat WaterRat look because I have jeans that I like wearing. But it was so nice of her to reply and so nice to hear about what seems like an awesome place.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Things

Update. It was sad when they showed Brett Favre's wife in the stands and then cut to a shot of him on the sidelines, looking like somebody stole Christmas from him. Well they actually stole the Superbowl which probably actually IS Christmas for NFL players. But I got a backrub out of it! And Hey! If you like the Lifetime Channel, I would recommend watching The Pregnancy Pact. I watched it last night and it replays tonight, its pretty good! Goodnight!
One of my least favorite ways to wake up, very early on a Sunday morning with the feeling of sickness in the back of my throat. I don't have the worlds strongest immune system and I can totally feel when I have a sickness coming on and I felt it, I woke up feeling like it hurts to swallow, and my nose stuffy. I feel like crap and I've been lazy all day, watching both football games with my boyfriend. I think I'll take a bath at halftime though maybe that will make me feel better. And I think the Saints better win because BF is going for the Vikings and we have a back rub bet on the game that I have to have! Speaking of Saints who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Khloe is so funny when she calls Kim & Reggie "the Bush and the Tush"! Anyways! Its so hard for me to decide what to eat when I'm sick. Nothing sounds good. However, I am absolutely positively sure that I could eat Subway and Jamba Juice every single day, including sick days. Which is why I would not mind an unlimited/a high amount gift card to these places! Nothing sounds better. I wonder how many smoothies with immunity boosts I'd be drinking on a 1000$ gift card?! Oh and after the game is over, I have Titanic saved on DVR so I'm just counting down til I can sucker him in with the "since all the footballs done wanna watch Titanic now?" Titanic is my favorite movie of all time and even though I ask every year no one has every got it for me for Christmas, so I continue to search for it on the TV Guide and fill up 4 hours of our DVR space when I find it! Well hope it was a nice Sunday for all! I'll be here fighting off a sore throat and dreaming of a million dollar Subway gift card ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fat Fat WaterRat

Fat Fat WaterRat!
Don't know where my Mom came up with that but I always found it hilarious and it used to make my nephew crack up when he was a baby
Fat Fat WaterRat!
Is actually me. Haha! But really. BF got me a pair of Hudson jeans for my birthday (it was after Christmas) that I absolutely love love love love love. Don't get me started on designer jeans it will be a long post ha! Anyways. Over winter break I was Suzy Homemaker and tried out some recipes. Good idea. Actually bad idea if I want to keep fitting in those jeans! Over at Sweet Simplicity I found a recipe for Cinnamon Honey Butter and man it was soooo good. The bad thing though, well duh it is butter so that's not good but even worse you have to find something to put it on! Bring on the carbs! French bread, raisin toast. Oh my...And then I just stumbled upon these bad boys at Mrs. Southern Bride. Delicious, definitely will remember that recipe! Mrs. Southern Belle was kind enough to post a Mac&Cheese recipe and I know my boyfriend thanks her, he was so happy with dinner that night ha! But this dish right here, courtesy of "whatever" is my favorite thing to make as well as one of our favorite things to eat. A super soft leopard print blanket was one of my favorite gifts out of all the ones given to me by the BF. I thank my man for buying me this because if I keep finding yummy recipes to try I will no longer be able to squeeze into my jeans and I'll have only a blanket of leopard to wear ha!
*Frequent Posting Alert* I am just happy to have a working internet connection and a laptop to use!

Here's My Review

*Here's My Review, means just that; here's my review. A couple words about the last beauty products I invested in, or want to pick up.
No endorsements here! Everything is tried by my choice.*
Like this shampoo. Storytime. I have been with my boyfriend for over 2 1/2 years now and in this time I have never ever seen a flake of dandruff on his head, so I was super shocked when I found some. Time to pick a new shampoo, I guess the Aussie one wasn't cutting it? I kind of felt the same, it left my hair really really soft, but not really clean feeling if that makes any sense. So I decided on this one because it smelled so very nice and it said clean right there on the bottle, I hoped it would be what I was looking for. It was. No dandruff for the man. Left hair feeling clean and smelling good. I'll be buying this again.
Ok so I swear by Secret Clinical Strength deodorant, its my number one top pick deodorant of choice. But when I saw this I had to try it for two reasons, 1 could it be any more pink and 2 its advertising something wonderful. So I didn't use it very frequently, like I said, Secret is my daily pick. But whenever I did put it on, it was really nice, it smells really good and just as advertised, left my underarms feeling pretty soft. I don't know about less stubble, but yes they felt soft. Softsoap NutriSerums I know I have reviewed before but let me just tell you it turned into a favorite! I got hooked on the smell and how it truly honestly leaves your skin so very soft. One time I had just showered and was still in my towel and my boyfriend goes, "Wow babe your skin is like glistening." So surprised at the mans choice of words, I wasnt even aware he knew what glistening meant ha but even more surprised by the fact that if this was indeed true, I had found a new favorite body wash, one that leaves skin glistening =)
I forget what magazine I saw this perfume advertised in but I made a mental note to try it next time in a department store. I did, and I love it. Its not too much of a heavy flower scent, but its strong enough where someone will notice how absolutely amazing it smells.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

For me, not being sure means sending out tons of transcripts to random and not so random Universities from here to there and kind of everywhere. Paying for all these application fees is clearly the best part though don't get me wrong ha! So should this have been done um way before yesterday? Maybeeeeeee but lets not start on that.So guess where I applied to...
No guesses? Ok I'll give you a
Anyways, go me for such a huge accomplishment. Sending out an envelope and all ;)

For Sure

I graduate this spring. Then what. Not sure. Not sure at all. Very sure about not transferring to a local university. Pretty sure about transferring somewhere out of state. But not sure at all where. Not sure at all which new place I want to spend the next couple years of my life. Definitely not sure how I'll afford everything, where I'll work...Not sure I'll make new friends. Not sure I'll like the weather. Isn't that a lot to be unsure of? I'm sure it is! Ha Ha. But seriously, how do you decide on something your not so sure of? I have to like the town, I have to like the school. But I have been completely pushing all contemplations/thoughts out because its just all so overwhelming. Of course this is bad because no thinking/deciding is going on. I go about my day acting as if in a few months I'm just going to get accepted into my college of choice and magically end up somewhere I love. Its still what I'm hoping for, but I know I need to get my rear into gear, get out the map again, pick a place and go to school ha!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday
So, it is Wishful Wednesday at The Seattle Smith's and the topic of choice is gowns. Well, I agree with the host(Kelsey) when I say that "I wish" I could have worn the gown that Kate Hudson wore at the 67th Golden Globe Awards.

I thought she looked really pretty and how elegant was that dress. Really liked her look, the dress was sharp and graceful. I am one for excess and could never stop at just one so let me just say that Zoe Saldana looked gorgeous I liked the color and ruffles on her gown.

Eva Longoria Parker in that radiant red! I like to see white against the red carpet as opposed to red on red but I thought she looked nice.

Heidi Klum, one of my favorite favorites. (her not the dress). I liked the color and the top half especially, the bottom not so much but I still give her a 10!

Ok and I really did like this dress, thought it was a good looking orange.

The other populars? There as a strapless grayish/silver gown that I thought was so pretty but couldn't remember who wore it. Olivia Wilde's Gucci gown was a looker. I liked the color of Sanda Bullocks dress, but not the whole style of it. Kristen Bell's white dress was cute but a little too simple. The woman with George Clooney had an interesting design on her gown but I didn't love the color. Those are my dress picks!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Im Back! Not Me Monday!

(Not Me Monday at MckMama's!)

No blogging since Christmas Eve?
That would mean being very behind in posting/reading, so Not me!
Oh wait, actually it is.
First the Internet connection was down for a while, then, the power cord/charger for my lovely laptop was missing, actually still missing.
I haven't found it yet and I'm borrowing my Moms.
Well were in the middle of watching The Proposal, so funny so far, but I wanted to post a little tidbit especially before January gets to be any more further gone! Take care!
Happy MLK Day