Monday, September 27, 2010

Whats For Dinner

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves

1 (17.5 fluid ounce) bottle buffalo wing sauce, divided
1/2 (1 ounce) package dry ranch salad dressing mix
2 tablespoons butter
6 hoagie rolls, split lengthwise

I changed it a bit since I'm only making enough for two people of course. Its been in the crockpot for awhile now and it smells sooooo spicy/hot! I'm not a fan of super super hot stuff so hopefully this will be okay and not too much! I'm thinking the leftovers would be good on pizza!

Another simliar style recipe that's a favorite at our place is....

Zesty Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue
Is it just me or does the name seem all backwards mismatched!I just call it pulled chicken cause that's really what it tastes like! Anyways changes I made was not using the brown sugar or Worcestershire sauce and adding a little green bell pepper and onion while its cooking oh and cooking up some bacon! I serve it on Hawaiian rolls with sharp cheddar and crumbled bacon! Yumm, feed yourself your man food!

6 frozen skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 (12 ounce) bottle barbecue sauce

1/2 cup Italian salad dressing
1/4 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

When I Was Young..We Used Pencils

In the majority of the 6 classes I'm taking, at least more than 1/4 of students are using their laptops.
Instead of that whole pencil and paper deal that myself and certain select others use.
All of my professors put the lecture online through our school account.
The lecture their giving in class, you could stay home and read yourself, on your own computer, in your bed, why go to class. Just saying.
I think it was 1st or 2nd grade...
I thought the world was going to end if I didn't learn cursive.
The pressure was on.
I just knew I would get held back, and I wouldn't ever be as successful as someone who had already mastered how to write perfectly in cursive.
Also, no cursive=no friends.
Now, my handwriting isn't the prettiest, my cursive is decent.
But please ask me about the last time I used my cursive skills.
Doodling and signing your name doesn't count.
How is it in school now days?
Do they still make sure the kids are excelling in their cursive skills first and foremost?
Or are things like science and reading more important.
What if in 10 years iPads are being used by each student in a classroom.
No need to learn how to write when we can type ;)
"Mom I don't need paper I need a computer."
Wooden pencils used to be so great!
Neon, metallic, glitter pencils.
Eraser tops.
Lisa Frank.
I loved all the pencils in my toolbox.
But now I've moved on to mechanical and couldn't even tell you the last time I sharpened a #2.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flower Girl

**do you ever say a word so many times that it eventually starts sounding funny when you say it!? Happened to me with the word 'flowers'.
The Los Angeles Flower Market.
Good luck finding it.
I personally thought it was the most random street for such a location.
But LA is like that; random streets with amazing shops.
And good luck getting there on time.
I'm the very exact opposite of a morning person.
The flower market closes at noon.
We got there barely in time.
You could tell alot had been put away.
But there was like still a million flowers.
It was like flower central.
And the smell?
Flower central smells heavenly, to say the least.
Especially the orchid section.
Those flowers were dyed. I remember back in the day asking my Mom if they grew like that. She informed me no, that brilliant blue flower was actually dyed. So I totally busted BF's bubble when he excitedly said "wow babe are these real!?" Yea their real. Really real dyed flowers ha!The fattest rose buds everrrrrrrr. Tried to get a close up but just believe, the white lily/pink rose bouquet was gorgeous and the rose buds themselves were huge like the size of your palm.Amazingly enough nothing really looked wilted. Pretty roses, every color! Same with carnations.And the daisy's....Ohhh the gerber daisy's! My favorite. And there were soo many colors and they all looked perfect, like magazine flowers.Do you refer to them as stargazers or lily's? I usually say lily. They also were huge and just like very other flower, gorgeous.Lots of sunflowers, hydrangeas.So please add Rodeo drive, and the flower market to my California list!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sand Art?

Hi my name is L and I like to draw hearts in the sand.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll Give You Something To Cry About

Jealous much?
Sometimes can be.
All the time very.
The apartment complex across the street from us has a pool.
Its not a great big Olympic sized one.
It doesn't have a diving board.
No water slide, waterfalls.
No 14 karat gold in the tiles or anything crazy.
Just a plain old pool right.
Is that enough to make me cry?
Will I ever live that down?
maybe. probably not.
Not ever.
"I will never forget the time you cried over the pool."
"I will always remember you crying over that pool."
My boyfriend says this to me, and I 100% believe him that he will not ever let me live that moment down.
It was our second day hanging out in a new state.
The first night we had stayed in a motel, checked out our apartment but not really any of the surroundings.
Second day we were moving in/unloading. Finding a grocery store. And exploring the neighborhood.
Sure I've said it here before but again I'll say no I'm not rich, not super poor either but you know what I mean?
We don't live in a cardboard box in an alley, nor do we don't live in the nicest area of town.
Yes there are better looking apartments than the one we live in.
Which led me to tears.

Driving around, exploring the neighborhood.
Conversing with BF about missing home, not being sure if I like it here, how nice is our apartment, etc.
We're driving by a complex of yellow/tan apartments.
Were looking at them.
That's when I see it, that's when I cry/yell/squeal: "Babeeeee theyyy have a poooooooool!???????"
*Sob sob sob*
"I want a pool!"
Followed by some more heavy crying/tear wiping.
In the middle of all these tears I say "why don't/cant we have a pool?"
At the time, BF did his best as always and I was comforted, and no longer crying about the fact that we were pool-less.
Flash forward to now, we can laugh about my ridiculousness. (it was a really rough day, the pool just set me off!)
Everytime we drive by that complex, he laughs.
Everytime we drive by the pool, he laughs and says he'll never forget me crying over it.

Leaving Your Heart, Not The Brightest Idea.

A couple things: I really want that necklace, >>It felt so good getting all these thoughts/this post out of my head! School has taken me over and left me no free time for things like blogging, so love love love having the extra time to blog.
Oh and here's a little background/info you might need for this post:
I'm stupid because I don't know what I want.
Used to live in good old California.
Now my home is in the 'South'.
I'm ready to go home.
Actually I was ready to go home the day we got here. (a post in itself)
Last year I got a not so bright idea.
I don't like school, its not my favorite thing, I wish I didn't have to go ever again.
In order to make school into something I like, not despise, I decided I needed to be in a place that was going to be fun for me.
A school I would want to go to, enjoy going to.
A big school, division 1 perhaps.
I wanted to see all the little sororities.
See all the people crazy obsessed with the football team.
I was wishy washy with what school, but overall, after hearing many great things about it, I had the idea of wanting to live in the South.
If you think school colors or outfits to wear to tailgating had anything to do with school picking, your 100% on the ball and you must have read this post.
Priorities people.
If I was going to continue my education, I wanted something different.
Different air.
Different people.
Just something different.
I got what I asked for.
And what is that saying, you don't know what you have until its lost?
Don't know what you've got til its taken away.
My boyfriend is adaptable.
Arizona, California, Texas.
Germany, Japan. Deserted island.
Wherever he is, we both know he's capable of doing fine.
Very adaptable indeed.
Well I thought I was adaptable.
I really did.
I'm not losing my personality per say, but quite often, I have many negative nancy moments.
My grumpy pants that I cant take off.
The "I hate everything moments."
Oh and the days when I know think everyone and everything is stupid.
Sure, feeling that way happened back home, but feeling those negative feelings here only makes me want to be somewhere else even more, you know?

California weather and weather in the South are like total opposites.
I wore yoga pants at least once a week back home.
Here, worn one time and felt like I was wrapped in a wet wool blanket, sitting in a sauna.
Whose idea was this!?
uhhh mine
I feel so bad for dragging BF out here, especially when he tells me he knew I wasn't going to like it.
I have no problem saying I think I'm right sometimes most of the time. I have that kind of attitude.
So of course I roll my eyes hardcore when I hear I told you so.
He did his best trying to warn me.
He told me about the heat. He did.
He tried.
But I packed a duffel bag full of hoodies.
Jeans. Scarfs.
Have I worn jeans once since living here?
You can ask BF since he's always right.
Where was I?
Oh yea, I feel bad for BF but he is an angel and comforts me by lying saying he'll go wherever I want to go, and be happy about it as long as I'm happy.
And it kind of makes me want to cry when he tells me "if your not happy and you don't like it we don't have to stay here, no ones forcing you."

3 months ago, I would have been more than glad to sit and gossip about how crazy my Mom makes me and how she just irritates me beyond belief sometimes.
And now here I am, I would give anything to be able to sit on the couch with my Mom and talk about the reunion show of the Jersey Housewives.
I thought my family drove me crazy, but I'm going crazy being away from them.

So what do I do?
I pretend to love it here, and say I'm doing okay.
Nobody besides my boyfriend is going to know that I would rather not be here.
As I said, I can barely stand to hear I told you so's from my other half, so hearing it from anyone else is just not, not okay.
And my parents would die if they knew I was the least bit unhappy.
And since the day I left my Mom's been more than ready for me to come home so of course she would not push me to stay here.
I will suck it up and say yea yea its great I love it here, soo much fun!
But I'm really not good at sucking it up.
And to be 100% honest, in my spare time I look at universities in California.
Umm really?
The place I just left?
So why did I leave in the first place?
This was a nice experience.
I got my taste of something different.
I also got to know myself better.
I now know that I have and I guess always will be a California Girl.
No matter how hard I try to not be.
My personal opinion is that there is no where better.
Its what I'm used to. 21 years used to.
So, yea sure, I can say I like it here.
I like it, I really do!
The people are nice, a fun city, I have nothing against the 'South' at all!
But ask me if I love it?
Not quite...
I love, love love love, where I came from.

And I'm just not adaptable.
As much as I try to make myself be.
I'm not.
I want to go home.
I would love to transfer back to a college in CA, finish getting my BA back home.
But my gosh the expenses.
Tuition there is more than double of what I'm currently paying here.
The rent here that were paying now is very likely to be half of what we'd be paying there.
California's expensive if you didn't know.
And I'm kind of poor.
Hahaha jk jk. Kinda. ;)
Soo maybe I'm just having a moment. Maybe the "I miss home" gig will fade away?
Was I too spontaneous?
Will I be able to stay here and enjoy/finish my 2 years and come home with a degree?
Or not finish and go back to the state I left my heart in?
Its a daily debate but I'm definitely not making any moves any time soon.
We've been living in the 'South' since about August.
Am I really so very not adaptable that one month into it all, I'm already looking to go back to where I came from?

Those who have lived in many different states, different cities.
Those who've lived in the same state, same city all their life.
Southern belles. California girls.
Well it takes all kinds.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Future Kids, Your Dad Rocks. Sometimes.

I'm sure I could share a few billion story's of my boyfriends "not brightest" moments. Like when he turned and drove the wrong way on a one way street, or the time he left me waiting for an hour/he was waiting at the wrong doctors office. Oh yes don't get me wrong, I have plenty of those "This is really the man I'm dating oh my goddddddd how could you be so stupid/inconsiderate/mean/NOT funny at all" moments. But you know what kind of moments I have more of? The kind where I'm really amazed, swept off my feet, and glad to be called his girlfriend. For the hopefully future kids, I will have stories for days. Oh no now don't get the wrong idea not pregnant, engaged, nope none of that going on here, just stories, ha!
The entire day, I had been whining about having a sweet tooth.
He stopped at the gas station on his way home to buy something to fix "my problem."
He handed me a king size Butterfinger (yum) and pulled out a king size Baby Ruth for himself. (yuck)
I asked if he wanted his in the fridge.
I love cold candy.
On my way to the kitchen I hollered, "king size for a king huh?!"
"Yep and for my queen!"
Not so fast mister. Not sweet or cute in my book.
I came back into our bedroom and said "What did I tell you about that! Queens are old!"
"Ohh that's right! Princess Princess Princess!" He corrected himself.
I'm 100% serious.
When we first started dating he would come up with stupid sweet things to call me or say, one time he tried out 'queen'. I had to lay the smackdown, I told him some of the Queens I "knew" are old and sometimes very hostile/mean, I'd much rather be a Princess. And that's what I've been ever since. But the other night he must have forgot so I just had to remind him ;)

I just noticed both these stories are kind of food related.
Yes I know most of the time it may sound like I'm 500 pounds and I do nothing other than eat or think about eating.
Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't.
Hahah ok but no really it isn't.

I think I've briefly mentioned my love of surprises here before.
Really, I cant help it, nothing stops me from asking "yeah can you get me a surprise?"
Today, I was hot all day, it was 90 degrees but it felt like 900.
And my luck of the day led me to walking behind people smoking cigarettes, yucky to me.
So the combo of all that left me with a very dry throat.
Water, soda, I was dying I wanted anything.
But one thing in particular sounded really good so I totally had to go for it.
I sent my boyfriend this text, halfway through my 4:30 class this afternoon: what if you surprised me with an Oreo M&M Mcflurry :)
He text back: well if i told you it wouldn't be surprise
I got out of class
He was there to pick me up.
I got buckled in my seat and gave him a kiss before I "noticed" the Mcflurry in the car cup holder.
**Ok ok ok honestly it was the very first thing I noticed before I even opened the door to get in but I had to pull the "Ooh I'm so very surprised, thank you!" thing and pretend I hadn't seen it.
What can I say its a challenging task to surprise a Surprise Queen.
Wait I mean Princess!

He is so good sometimes!
Pretty much 100% of the time actually.
But like I said, don't get me wrong and don't let me forget...
The opposite of good is bad.
(thats my college education :)
Like those random couple times every few months that for some crazy reason he forgets to put the toilet seat back down; one of the things that gets on my nerves the most. I really refuse to put the lid back down. Lifting it up and closing it that's a boy thing, and I'm a girl. He is the one that lifted it anyways so why should I have to close it?
I stand in the bathroom and call out "babeeeeee!"
Wait there until he comes and puts the lid down so I can use it like a normal person girl would.

So am I mess or what? Princess not queen?
Please tell me refusing to put the lid down yourself is not completely ridiculous.
Also tell me that requesting to add an additional topping in your McDonald's ice cream dessert is not super extra fat.
Tell me.

Love Love Love.
Loooove Love Love Looove Love Love.
From the song "Season of Love".
I first heard it in one of the many amazing episodes of Gossip Girl.
That full scene here.
A wedding song?
I think its pretty

I Doubt It's Here But I Hope You Find What You Are Looking For

I like to look at the "keywords" that people were searching for that led them to my blog. The results I find in my Google Analytics thing amaze me, and I've had a few of them collected, saved and sitting in a blog post draft for forever, and I added a couple of the more recent ones too. Share them I will, just as they are shown in my Analytics, no changes, these are real. Lol. The "keyword" in black and any comments I may have regarding the craziness in green.

♥tall girl rub my feet. What can I say about this one....Is someone really looking for that? Is that from a song? I'm at a loss for words.
♥bf birthday. Boyfriend Birthday right? Here is my guys last year one, who knows what 2010 will look like.
♥cheerleaders not wearing clothes. Sorry, were not that kind of website. Best of luck.
♥blonde bucks cheerleader. Most definitely not. A Dallas cowboys cheerleader is the only kind of cheerleader you will find me mentioning.
♥dresses. Yes they are great but what about them?
♥5. Ok...5 minutes? 5 monkeys? After 5 is 6?
♥courtney kardashians bathing suit pics. Probably could be found in one of the many tabloid magazines they keep by the register at the grocery store, I'm sure?
♥twenty something grow up. Trying to tell me something!?
♥twenty something cooking. Here.
♥something head. Ummm what.
♥american flag toilet paper. Wow! I really don't know anything about that sorry.
♥m&ms weight. The only thing I know about M&Ms is that I like to eat them. Lots, here, here.
♥pregnant nightgowns. Sounds fun but no not here.
♥giraffe print baby swimsuit. Yes! Future baby of mine is definitely wearing one.
♥wipeout sucks. The following 3 "keyword searchers" were pretty much in the right place.
♥why wipeout sucks. Here lays the only major reason I can think of!
♥wipeout is a stupid show. Refer to previous response.
♥contestants on wipeout are stupid. But I would have been the exception.
♥authentic chanel handbag. Sure I'd love one.
♥kim kardashian bikini fat. Does that exist? If so, not here.
♥toddlers and tiaras auditions signing paper. Hiii person, can we be friends?
♥sweating shirt interview. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day In The Life Of A Dog.

Were at the dog park.
My dog is socializing with the other dogs.
He sees a large crowd gathering, and because he gets his nosiness from me, he scrambles over there to see what is going on.
Because he displays many of my good qualities, he knows when and where there is good food to be served.

Theres about 4 or 5 little dogs his size and a little bigger (he's 5 lb's.), crowding around this lady, they are watching her reach into her FANNY PACK full of dog treats.
"Oooh who wants a treat!? Who wants a treat!?" She squeals. "We have to sit if we want a treat!" More squeals.
She tells a couple of the dogs to sit, they do, she gives them the treat and says "good boy."
My dog has been waiting, waaaaiting for his turn to have a treat. He is looking at the lady with intense anxiousness.

He is tiny and does that cute little thing where he stands up on his back legs with his paws out in the air, you know, looks like a squirrel. If you hold food out, he'll do almost do a 360 standing on his back legs. Its cute.
He does this a couple times as the lady passes out another treat to another dog.
He barks. He's getting impatient.
Its his turn finally.
At this point, my boyfriend and I pretty much know what is coming, and all we can do is watch and wait.

The lady says to MY dog, "Oooh would you like a treat? You have to sit for a treat, sit!"
He barks at her. Loud. And jumps around.
"Noooo, sit!" She says it with more force. To MY dog.
BF and I just look at each other and exchange awkward half smiles.
Ready for the killer: "No sit, no treat, no treat for you!"
Says the lady, to MY dog.

Now there is my dog. Now, he's the only one out of the few that did not receive a doggy treat. He sniffs around looking, and gives one last little bark as the lady walks away and zips up her stupid fanny pack.
At this point, BF and I are shocked, and sad, super sad.
I call my dogs name, pick him up and we exit the park.

Our conversation was a mixture of: "Oh my godd I am so sad for him right now he really thought he was getting a treat/I cant believe she said that/He never sits even for us/Poor baby."
"No sit no treat. "
We couldn't believe she had told him that.
He doesn't have to sit to have a treat, take that.
And why would he want to sit for you anyways lady?
Your wearing a fanny pack.
Please. My dog knows better than that.
He sports lime green and pink shirts and could show you a thing or two about fashion.
Cuter than you ever had a chance to be, he is.

He does sit though, and you may have to say the command and his name about 6 times, each time raise your voice, and then if you get lucky he'll sit for 2.5 seconds. But he does do it.
And that is good enough for me. But apparently not good enough for Leader of The Pack Lady Fanny Pack Dog Whisperer.

We felt so incredibly bad for our pup though, you can tell when hes sad its all over his face and in his eyes. Can I compare my situation to that of a Mom watching everyone but her child get a fluffy yellow cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles? Good, because that's exactly what it felt like. What explanation do you give when they ask "Mom why didn't I get one?"
Ummmm. Because that lady is a youknowwhat who wears a fanny pack full of dog biscuits and spends 5 hours at a dog park entertaining all dogs who enter. But only if they have manners that the Dog Whisperer himself would approve of.

I approve of his manners the majority of the time and I'm pretty definitely sure that's all that matters.
As we walked to the car we asked each other what do we do? We didn't have any dog biscuits on us, nope we were completely dry of dog treats. So we jumped the lady, pushed her down and stole the fanny pack of goods. Just kidding.
We didn't know what to do but all I knew was my baby is not going to be the only one without a cupcake. The only edible thing we had in the car, was a ketchup packet from a fast food place. I know I know but I had to give him something.
After a small debate about tomato product being worse or just as bad as giving a dog chocolate, I tore open the packet, pushed out barely any ketchup, it was really like the size of a pinhead, let him lick it and then threw out the packet. (Sorry Mother Nature it was a rough day though) He kept licking the roof of his mouth, looking for more possibly. The sad eyes were gone though I called him a good boy,and my boyfriend and I drove home in success.
We didn't need her stupid dog biscuits anyways!

I'm happy if he's happy.
And nobody can tell me what to do.
Or my dog.
We will sit when we want
We will eat when we want.
And that is that.