Sunday, August 29, 2010

Richy Rich

I like to people watch. I like to think about what it would be like to have 5 million dollars. I like to take pictures. Put all that together and you get: a fun time spent on Rodeo Drive, boyfriend driving me taking pictures of all the places I'd love to shop at. Why not.
The arm of my chauffeur :) Dear all you people in the LV store at the register-must be nice.
Dior, and just one of the "Miu's" in Miu Miu ha.
The Chanel display in the window was beaaaaaaaautiful.
Stuart Weitzman, palm tree leaves, I love this picture.
My little alien finger, in case you forgot where we were.
Whoever lives here, I like your house :)
Juicy, I'll take one of everything in the store thanks.
Cartier, the store full of magic and sparkles aka diamonds.
I like this picture alot too. Chanel, Cartier, trash can.
Valentino had the neatest store sign, you could barely see it, the letters are so light and blend in. No people in this shot either!
Love this picture too, I think I just like when palm trees are in the picture, pretty. D&G, totally caught those guys in mid step, ha!
The sun was lighting up the LV store it looked cool.
It was 80 degrees out and sunny, then out of nowhere came rain, for like 20 seconds. And then I noticed we were in front of the Tiffany store. I think it was a sign. Can you tell those are raindrops on the window?
And that was it :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Complaint Department

This post is going to feature me, whining. And that's it. Go on and feel free to click that little "x" right now. But if you want to stay, well I think I have a pretty legit reason to complain!

I'm currently in Undergraduate school. I transferred from a Junior College/Community college. No one used laptops in class. No one. It was all about pens, pencils and paper. Now here I am in class at a University, and everyone has a laptop. Everyone and their mother! (and by everyone I mean about at least/more than a quarter of the class :) First day of class, all I could do was scan the room looking at all of the little sorority girls with their adorable little $2000 computers. The notebook laptops smaller than my face, thinner than a piece of paper. The beloved Mac's with the all pink keyboard, how freaking cute. A girl sitting in front of me, with her Mac Book Pro, I literally had to remind myself to stop staring at her stupid screen. It was hard, but not that hard, took me about all of one day to get rid of the computer jealousy. Had to remind myself that the black ASUS I have at home works just fine and was probably $1500 cheaper than what they had. Jealousy pretty much gone, now theres something else...

Its called being irritated with what they are doing on their computers in class.

You brought that laptop to type your notes in right?
(complaining is really kicking in)
It is so distracting.
Your sitting in front of me.
Your stupid computer screen is in my direct line of vision, I kind of have to look at or past it to view the teacher/powerpoint.
Is this really the time to look at your party pictures from last night?
I guess so.
You and your friends are so cool holding a Bud Light and red plastic cups.
So cool.
How cool? Your not even 21 cool.
And now your online shopping.
Class is almost over, and you've been on your computer, NOT taking notes, the entire time.
Why did you even come to this geography class?

One of my professors has a rule I like, if your using a laptop you have to sit in the first 5 rows. Fair enough.

Last night was the worst. My middle name is Rosie, first name is Nosy. I cant help it.
So, this girl in front of me, has her facebook messaging thing open for the whole world (me) to see. I can clearly view her conversations. The names of who shes talking to and everything. I had no choice but to read it :)
Hers what one of her convo's looked like. With a guy.
"Well if you go you better call me!"
"Ok but I don't even have your number!"
"Alright girl, Ill definitely call you we should go out/hang out sometime."
Here's her other conversation:
"I'm sick of you acting like I'm the immature one. And I'm not stupid I know there are guys there when you go out."
"What!? OMG. When I go out its only with my girls, and if theres any guys there I don't know them they just happen to be there too! its not like I meet up with them!"

Reallyy. Yea I'm sure you don't know any guys.
Especially the one you just gave your phone number to.
I assumed the second conversation was with her boyfriend type guy? And the first, a guy she recently met?
You see, I know too much.
Information I don't want or need to know, yet I do, because I cant help but look at the laptop in front of me, next to me.
I always thought I was all for computers in class, if that's your thing go for it. You type faster than you write, whatever. Just because I don't mind writing on paper with pen. But lately, I've come to thinking that no, I'm no longer for computers in class. Not at all. Their distracting, and the majority aren't even used for note taking, because obviously Facebook pictures are more important. What do you think? Maybe I'm being harsh, because I know if I brought mine to class I would totally be tempted to check up on blogs, shopping sites and all that. But if you don't bring it, there wont be any temptation right. And sure, I'll go on twitter during class, but thats on my iTouch, way less distracting/less visible.
I'm not sure if my nosiness is the problem, or the facebooking during lecture is the problem.
But I sure do feel better getting all those complaints out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Real Life Words

Its the day of my "transfer student orientation."
My lack of directional skills had led me to a place I thought I was supposed to be at. Thought. Unhappy I was in the wrong spot. Unhappy with the days very high temperature. I don't think I hid that unhappiness as I marched up a flight of stairs. Grumpy must have been written all over my face or something. I step up the last step and look around trying to find the place I'm supposed to be at right. Then I look at this guy, looking at me and he says, "you know what you look like you could use!?" My thoughts: huh what? I washed off my "I'm pissed" look, put on my friendly pants, and replied, "hmm, I don't know, what?" Thinking in my head please don't say hug please don't say hug. He shrieks, "Ice Cream! Theres some free ice cream right around that corner over there!" I say my thanks to the guy and walk away.

I really thought he was going to say hug.
You know, like, you look like you could use a hug.
Heard that a million times right.
But ice cream?
Never in my life would I have guessed that.
Never! I was kind of in shock, thinking wow did he really just say that?
He did.
He really just said that.
Then, the whys came. Why would he say that.
Can someone please tell me how one begins to look like they are in need of ice cream?
Did my "opposite of a runners body" give away the fact that ice cream is my favorite, the one thing I could eat all the time.
What if I was lactose intolerant?
That mans recommendation of ice cream truly had me baffled.
I just didn't get what would make him say that!
So weird, I had to share.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Night Every Night

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we are no longer the only people in the world who hadn't yet seen Avatar or any of the Twilight's. Avatar was too long for me but I actually really kind of liked the Twilight thing. What do you do without cable? Thank gosh for 1$ movies. Customer of the month, Redbox?!

Hot Tub Time Machine
Land of the Lost
The Lovely Bones
Shutter Island
Couples Resort
I Love You Man
New Moon
The Hangover
Youth In Revolt
Its Complicated
Our Family Wedding
Death at a Funeral

So, holler at me if you need a movie review :)


1000+ in my Google Reader is totally freaking me out. How will I ever catch up? Good, bad, glad and sad, I've pretty much missed everything that's been going on in the blogging world. Oh and I have no background on my page? I guess that's what happens when I disappear for a good month or so huh. Ok, back to blogging, well I'm living in a new state now. The only LA I was ever used to was the one that is home of the Dodgers, but I have to say, I'm adjusting to living between Texas & Mississippi quite well. Except when I'm driving I'm looking around, pissed at all these people talking on their cell phones while driving. I forget, its only a law in CA!

I have so many things I want to post about and share but I'll have to write about them as they come to me because there are 70 year olds with better memory than me...

We picked up a pizza the other night at a place that had ESPN going on all 5 of their TV's. How funny am I? Pretty funny; I tell my boyfriend, "oh my god, Tom Brady died." The New England Patriots is not BF's ultimate favorite team, but he is a man that loves all football, doesn't discriminate. "What? How? How do you know?" "On the bottom of the screen I read it, crazy huh?" BF looks shocked and nods his head. Next thing I know hes busy on his phone.....Um woops...I say, "oh wow are you really looking it up? I was just kidding! Followed by my deep laughter. He gives me a big fat "wow really." "He really didn't die, but you know he could have, and we wouldn't have even known! I tell him, "see what happens when you don't have cable!" Like I said, I'm pretty funny. BF just shook his head and said "I don't know why I even believed you." (I do; my poker face is amazing, and like I said, if Tom Brady or make that anybody in the sports world died, we really might have been the last to know.) You really don't know what you have until its gone. I never thought I'd miss ESPN SportsCenter so much, but my routine of laying my head on BFs chest, and falling asleep to people talking about the day in golf or MLB, I miss my background noise. However, with Cable TV not being an option, I have made a new friend in Hulu and it has led me to discover something pretty amazing, Cheerleader Nation. Thanks Lifetime, its like Bring It On the movie but a reality show, kind of.

Ready for what I consider a very funny story? Possibly one of my favorites of the last 2 weeks.

BF couldn't resist the sign hanging on the gas station window advertising 99 cent Icee's, any size. So we made our Icee's and head to the register, I set mine on the counter, paused for a sec, and then start to wander down the aisles of chips and cookies. "You want anything else babe?" BF calls out. "Umm yeah can you get me the Glutes." Funniest moment ever. BF starts thinking in his head, super confused, he says outloud "the glutes?" The cash register man looks at BF and asks if the two Icee's will be it. BF gives me the death glare, then looks back at the guy and says yes please. I'm hysterically laughing as we get in the car; "The Glutes" is one of those "dirty" magazines, you know, the kind that come wrapped in plastic that they hold behind the counter?! So I happened to see it before I walked away from the register and very jokingly, I asked BF to get it for me, knowing he had no idea what it was. "I cant believe you made me say that! What if he would have really put that magazine on the counter!?" BF says and shakes his head. I was honest and told him, that would have made my joke even funnier!