Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pixie Sticks, Butterfingers, And A Tootsie ROLL!

2009 marks the first year I haven't had a costume! I love love loved dressing up with J the past years, and all my high school Halloweens were so fun! I have to say though, I do miss being young enough to wear my green M&M costume and run from house to house hoping for Butterfingers. But today was fun. My nephew really enjoyed himself, and I enjoyed eating the candy he collected, that I know his mother wouldn't want him to have anways... So...My costume-less Halloween was fun! J took me to lunch and we watched a little football...Then I just got ready for the few trick or treaters that we had and made a yummy dinner, and desert (which actually deserves its own post :) Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not have an all out mother daughter day. Shopping, lunch, Saturday night church, the bookstore, smoothies. No no, none of that, not me! And if I did spend the day with my mother, I most certainly wouldn't have worn the boots! Not me!

I'm never behind on laundry, so you know it was not me who went to bed without her favorite pillows. I was not picturing them at the bottom of the laundry basket in the garage as I layed my head on some other pillow that was not mine. Not me! Not me complaining as I pulled the covers over me, pillow-less and tried to fall asleep. (Key word tried- my pillows really do make a difference!)

Today is not October 26th, because if it were, I would have already been to the pumpkin patch. The month is almost over and no pumpkins? Not me!

Sooo...head on to MckMama's and do read/join in the Not Me! Monday fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simply The Best

I had a semi rough morning and the boyfriend knew it. He sent me a text during the day saying he knows how much I love surprises and he has one for me. Remember those beads I never got around to picking up? Well that is still the case. Or was the case. I came home from work to the best boyfriend in the world and a freshly vacuumed bedroom. "I even picked up all those beads babe". Awww. And, you know what was laying on a very neatly made bedspread? The new issue of Cosmopolitan. I love surprises. I love having such a great boyfriend...He's so thoughtful, he didn't have to get the mag, I would have been happy with just a clean bedroom ha! I'm not complaining though, new reading material! Wonderful Wednesday! Also today, I was there when J found out about this and I heard him say to himself in a very sweet and soft voice, "too bad I don't have a gorilla suit". Awww dear, we have a variety of things on hand, but a gorilla suit is indeed not one of them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me

  • Friday night, I was finding it impossible to find the right accessory. So I was happy when I finally decided on a brown beaded necklace. Well, that necklace did not snap as I pulled it over my head/neck. I'm the type to find every single bead to throw away, right away. I would not have left it there...until Monday? Not me!

  • Dinner...I did not gladly take advantage of the food options given to me on my nephews birthday. No, I was not just as happy as the new 5 year old, to eat greasy pizza with extra greasy cheese and drink soda after soda after soda. No not me. Oh, and when the Transformer theme cake came out, the level of my excitement was not equal with the 5 year olds. Not me. Why would I be excited for a piece of good ol' chocolate cake with frosting sweeter than sugar? I wouldn't be. Not me.

  • I was not a sports junkie with my boyfriend this weekend. NLCS, ALCS, NFL & College Football...HDTV...But studying, laundry, and a list of other things needed to be done so you know I was not laying on the couch beside J all weekend watching some real good games. Not me.

  • The mail lady did not laugh at how thrilled I was to receive a package. The boots. I did not act like it was Christmas morning and she had just given me the best present ever. Not me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hide & Seek


...Have A Good Weekend...

Here's My Review

    ... on some of the stuff I bought last week...
  • I usually pick the Hydralicious conditioner with the purple label, but I opted for the pink labeled one this time, just switching it up. Bad choice. It didn't leave my hair nearly as soft as I know the purple one does.

However, I like the Aussie shampoo I decided to try.

  • That's what I get for picking a face scrub based on color only. What a waste, it smells gross and doesn't do anything for my face. Pretty though? Yes.

  • I found a gel in spray form that I like. Other stuff I've tried left my hair too "hard/crunchy" on days when I wanted to wear curls, but I was happy with what I got, it smells good and isn't sticky at all.

  • If you just smell this body wash, you'll understand why I love it. If you buy it, after you use it, you'll understand why I buy them two at a time. Ha! It smells sooo good and leaves skin so soft!

I bought the cutest flannel, plaid shirt from Target the other day. It looked like that one but in black and white. Anyway, I browsed the dress section and I was kind of in shock. I go to Target to buy dresses that aren't 80$, so I was surprised when I read the price tag. One of the blogs I like to read mentioned Target prices too so I know I'm not the only one that's wondering where the deals went!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Cant Help Myself

Is there a Taylor Swift song I don't like? Cant think of one.
I've been singing this all day.

Not Me!

  • A muddy dog, that you could tell was old, with one of those plastic cones around his neck, was not wandering around my neighborhood late Sunday night. I had no sympathy for the dog with the cone from whichever vet he went to, that was stumbling across his own paws (meds?). Not me! So you bet I wasn't the one to give him a towel to sleep on, food, water, and a neighborhood search. Not. Me.

  • I did not set all of the bagged refrigerated items in front of the fridge and simply go outside. Disappear into the backyard and hideaway with the dogs, so that J was left putting the bags of groceries away. What kind of girlfriend would not help?

  • We have a new shower curtain that makes the bathroom a little darker, and more "spa" like, ha! But I didn't take an extra long shower. No way! I wouldn't stay in there for anything over 20 minutes! Not me!

  • I did not set out chicken to thaw to cook for dinner, and I did not end up putting it back in the freezer. Who does that? Not me. I did not call and order a pizza after I put the chicken back in. J did not go pick it up. And he didn't put the pizza box on top of the car so he could unlock the door. Not him! He did not actually get in and take off and he most certainly did not get waved down in the parking lot because he was driving with a pizza box on top of his car. Noo he did NOT! That would be embarrassing!

  • I was not awake past 2 a.m three nights in a row, doing last minute preparations for a midterm. No, not me, I usually get a nice 8 hours in and I'm on top of my studying anyway!

  • Before cleaning up the Crayola Heads & Tails Markers and printer paper that the nephew left out, I did not sit at the table for...umm...awhile...and design a rainbow themed declaration of love for my boyfriend. Not me. Oh and I didn't slip it under the bathroom door when he was in the shower. Oh and this isn't my first "Not Me"! Not ME!

See what everyone else isn't doing here!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is That A Red Dino On Your Bag

Today I tried to spend a minute looking at toys online with my nephew. He pretty much pointed to each toy on each page, everything I scrolled past so I still have no idea what he really wants. But at least I have a bag for whatever I end up buying him! Ha! I grabbed it at Target earlier,

>I just needed a few things..

<> The silver tin holding everything is so cute and useful, I should/could have bought 10!

<> Shampoo, conditioner, face scrub..

<> Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly spay gel, I've been wanting to try it and its never at the grocery store..I also got some split end creme that I kind of might not mind if it doesn't work because it just smells so good ha! Oh and some fun colored headbands I couldnt pass on clearance!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Found A Childrens Book

Hey Hey! I got the boots! Sooo tired this morning I barely did it- woke up and turned on the computer just in time, there was only 4 minutes left to bid! There was only a couple other previous bids, so I only had to raise my bid one time in the last few minutes. Soooo I cant wait to throw a couple cute outfits together and finish off the look with cute cowboy boots! I hope they come soon... Anyway, I have been doing A TON of laundry today! I usually save it all for Sunday but I luckily got a head start today. So hopefully I wont wear too many different outfits this weekend and be stuck doing more on Sunday night ha! I was out in the garage looking for something earlier and you know what I came across? My very old, most favorite favorite book! You know thaat type of book, the child's number one choice for his parent to read no matter what, every single time, until they get sick of it? I was obsessed with it!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Early Bird Gets The Boots

I have yet to elaborate on my fondness of sleeping anywhere on this blog, so for now lets leave it at, I am the far opposite of someone who doesn't mind waking up early. But I happend to find a super cute pair of boots on eBay and the sale ends in the morning so I have to get up and hopefully out bid everyone!

Does anyone else almost almost get teary eyed for this commercial every single time!? Something about it, maybe because I know the feeling of a lost pet too. Anyway, I feel like I have so much to do in the next few weeks for some reason...maybe because I do ha!

Hope October gets a great start!