Friday, March 4, 2011

A Letter

Dear Blog,

First I have to say, its not you, its me! I used to totally love this blog. It was easy to think of things to post was easy to publish those was easy to read other posts and comment on them. But all that has changed.

I basically skated through highschool and my junior college. Now that I'm at a University I'm realizing what its like to be an actual student. For junior college I think I could use my hands to count how many times I did homework. Now, I'm realizing homework is a must and studying is essential. Since I'm paying an arm and two legs to attend this school, I definitely have to put my education first. But I miss you little blog. I'm always thinking of funny stories I could share but its so hard to find the time to open Blogger. I usually clear out my Google reader daily though--it is sooooo handy to have that app on my phone!

I don't know if anyone still comes by this blog. But I think about it often. I just cant put the effort into keeping it updated. Things always change though so maybe in the future I'll dust it off and start posting more often.

Until then,
Wish you the best!


Adrienne said...

Good luck with school ..stick to the studies and remember to let the blog be your outlet...use it as needed and remember your little corner of cyber space will always be there =)

Katie said...

Heyy! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, it was very sweet. <3
Good luck with school, in the long run its totally worth it!

Angie said...

Post when you can, otherwise keep with what is important!!!!!

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Mary J. Smith said...

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