Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Safe Food?

Give us a loaf of fresh bread and some Cinnamon Honey Butter, my boyfriend and I could call that dinner.
But I'd like to step it up a little bit for our guests...Especially because the guest is his mother!
The problem isn't that I cant cook, its that I don't know what to cook.
Everyone has their personal preferences on how they like their food served and most importantly what the food is!
More spicy, less butter.
Less pepper, more salt.
No cheese,
no dressing.
More cheese, more bacon, more butter.
(yes that's me)

I don't want to be to extreme.
I'm not making a 5 course meal but, I'm not serving Easy Mac either!

I know I definitely will not want to serve a Mexican dish, Sure I am confident in my burrito making abilities but I'm sure they don't compare to hers! I can not compete, I don't even want to try to serve a Mexican dish because that is one category of food that has way too many opinions on how it tastes best! (the salsa is too spicy, the tacos are too crunchy or too soft, blah blah!) It would be like making my own pasta from scratch and serving it to a famous Italian chef.

What are some safe meals?
What I mean by safe: liked by all, not too odd/out of the ordinary, not too complicated to eat/prepare.

The only possibility I've thought of so far is spaghetti or some type of pasta.
I feel like its generic enough and also a simple one dish meal, so I wouldn't have to stress about figuring out a meat, side dish and veggie...
I wonder if homemade pizza would be too casual?

Sure, the inner hostess in me wants to go all out and serve apps and pretty drinks and bake bread from scratch...
But to be realistic, I just want/need to serve a good meal.

So if you happen to stop by this old mess of a blog, I would love to hear any suggestions of an appropriate meal to feed a somedayfuture mother in law!

The drinks are so pretty I would serve them just for that reason!

Possibly Pasta....

Maybe a Stiry Fry?

Brownie Cookie Dough Sandwiches (I would be happy with these!)

I better come up with something,

or else I'll resort to serving grilled cheese robots!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Everything looks SO good! I'm not much of a cool either so I understand your fear. As long as you keep those drinks coming I'm sure she'll love dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

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