Friday, March 26, 2010

Hold My Hand

♥BF and I went shopping downtown tonight for a little while. We held hands and he held my bags** :) It was fabulous and lucky me I was a successful shopper and came away with a few things to add to my wardrobe, with $$ leftover yay!
♥I was feeling crazy and took pictures of what I bought haha! Zebra-ish shirt it has a cute braided tie around the bottom, black tanktop with cute, not cheap looking jewels around the collar, it too has one of those ties that makes it scrunched at the bottom. And I got capri length yoga pants (love) and two headbands. Speaking of which, doesn't the girl in the red striped headband look cute! Umm yea I think she does. I got that same exact headband but in black and white. But when I wear it, all I see is doesn't the girl in the striped headband look retarded! I just feel like I cant pull off big bows which makes me sad because I think their adorable capital A! I played with the bow switching it to different sides of my head but I still felt like it didn't look that great. I kind of liked how it looked with a Snooki-like poof and a super messy side pony but I just don't know where the hell I would wear that kind of hair to! Soo brand new headband is gonna be chillin in the old junk drawer till I'm feeling brave and patient enough to find the right look and style to wear it haha! Which could quite possibly be never so we'll see.

♥ This weekend marks the start of my spring break! Woohoo!
Unfortunately/fortunately (depending my mood) I work all this weekend...
♥Tonight....We had Subway for dinner yum. And I'd usually say TGIF but I'm gonna say TGFDVR! We finally watched Gossip Girl. Thank Gosh for DVR! (it came on monday lol)
♥Saturdayyyyy.....Kentucky vs. WVU?! Go Mountaineers! (I always root with bf :) He's going to be hollering all over the place, WVU is the underdog I think so they need 100%+ if they want the big win...
♥Sunday hopefully I can "contribute to the upkeep of the household" because I have a room that really deserves a spring cleaning ha! So I'll be popping in here and there, do have yourself a great one =)
**(I guess I was in the mood to write because it just all came out in this what I meant to be a short post so feel free to skip this part, I just wanted to get it down)** Throughout middle and high school, I spent alot of time shopping at the local mall. I remember when I was finally old enough for my Mom to drop me and a friend off. So we could shop by ourselves. Oh my god. How cool was I? Really cool. Oh and my Mom was really cool too, well I mean she still is cool but she was a little cooler when she used to give me weekly money to blow on stupid screen t-shirts and chandelier earrings from Claire's that I would end up never wearing. Ahh I miss being 16. Kind of. 21 is going good though. Anyways, I used to love shopping with friends! I'm extremely indecisive, I needed & loved having a friend with me for second opinions and actual decision making like should I get it or not? All of us had different shopping styles, and that's something I kept in mind when deciding who to invite on a shopping trip lol! My three closest friends, one was the type of girl that has to look at everything on every rack, whether she has money to buy it or not! Another is more of a "straight to the point" shopper, unless she has money to browse. But my all time favorite shopping partner, D, shopped just like me. If she got the feeling she wasn't going to be able to find anything in a store, she wouldn't waste time, she'd walk right out. If we shopped too hard through clearance racks, she liked to stop for soda or a drink from Coffee Bean, and she'd browse a store slow but not too slow, she was just the best to shop with haha! Although I loved shopping with my girls, I'd never fail to think "I cant wait to shop with a boyfriend!" This was when I didn't have one, wasn't close to having one. I would see couples walking the mall, a guy carrying bags with a girl wrapped around his arm. I would think to myself how fun it would be to drag my guy through the mall, asking him if he liked the shirt or dress better and if this one looks good or maybe one size up. And someone to carry my bags! A boyfriend with muscles to carry all my shopping bags. Sexy. Since I'm Princess carrying the bags is like a predetermined thing I figured its routine. Umm lucky me I'm not that crazy and my Prince Charming thought the same :) I remember the first time we went shopping together, after I paid and got my bag, I just about died when he said I can carry that for you. My heart still skips a beat and I cant help but smile when he offers. He doesn't have to, you know? He doesn't have to carry all three bags in their lovely shades of bright baby blue, kelly green and hot pink, he doesn't have to but he does, and I love it. Nah let me carry that babe I got it. I blush and smile and say okayyy. I would much rather hold his hand than a shopping bag. (bags get heavy and the plastic & ropes hurt my hands after a while.) And he doesn't mind holding my purse. At all. At least that's what he has me thinking haha! He'll hold it if theres no hooks in a bathroom or dressing room or just so I can shop better (sometimes a purse is a pain to shop with, trying to keep it on your shoulder while trying to dig through a shelf of jeans ugh!). I think its the sweetest gesture. Something so simple I'm not sure he knows how happy it makes me (I'll have to tell him). So glad, I'm so glad I have my boyfriend to shop with. 16 year old me that was once so dying to walk around the mall with a hand to hold is now 21 year old me that is soo glad to finally now have that.


alanna said...

SO i just found your blog because someone commented on mine saying they had found it through your blog roll, and WOW how have you never come over and said hi!?!? i totally wish you had so i could have found your blog earlier!! i LOVE it! you are so cute and you have great taste and i LOVE all of your fab posts!!!

EL said...

Heeeyy! aw i SO did come over and say hi when i first found your blog i think it was your post on how that football guy talked to you on FB!(so jealous)Haha but im glad you came over & found me! And thank youuu :) but YOUR the one with the fab blog and great taste haha I love all your posts especially the ones with your latest & greatest purchases, I always want them for myself lol!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Hehe I hate when I start out to post something short and it becomes so long!

Jess said...

I cant wear those headbands either, but i reallllly want to. Damn.

Shell said...

How sweet that he carries your bags! :)

You won my book giveaway! Please email me your address at

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

ZEBRA PRINT? Me likey.

I cannot pull off a headband to save my life. It's so cute in theory. And on other people. Maybe I should try again because that one is CUTECUTECUTE.

I'm freakishly indecisive. But kind of an impulse buy-er. I'm great to shop with, if I may say so myself.

I melt a little when I'm at the mall with my man and he holds my hand and carries my bags so I think we're all still 16 if ya know what I mean. Mmmhmm.

Thanks for the bloggy love.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Holding hands with a loved one IS the best!!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love your finds!!!