Friday, December 3, 2010

6 Things In 1!

Hiiii there. Hope this post find you doing well :) Yes I know I cant believe its already December either. I have a bunch to say and I suppose each of these topics could have been a separate post but I don't have time for that its easier throw everything together and that's how I like it, so here's whats been going on in my life!

Inconsistency: Soooo I have pretty much proved to everyone that I am not good at blogging on a regular basis! The 14 Days Of Christmas Challenge sounded so fun and I did real good for a couple days but I have finals going on right now and it really wasn't fair for me to be posting instead of hitting the books so I kind of stopped participating. But I've been enjoying reading everybodys posts, and theres still a couple days left for linking up!

Finals & School Related Things: I have come to the conclusion that I hate group projects. I really do. I don't mind working with people I don't even know, it can be fun meeting new people sometimes, that's not the problem. The problem, for me, is that your working on somebody elses deadline. The group decides that they want to have a meeting and have the project finished by a certain date. That doesn't really work for me. I like to do my work when I want to. Maybe I have other stuff going on in my life and I don't plan on working on this project til the day before its due, which is fine if its my individual work, but I cant really pull that off in a group project. So yea the group work thing is not really my favorite deal. Which leads me to my next topic...

Procrastination: I don't know what my problem is, but for school especially I have always been a big procrastinator. I start off really good, then it basically all goes down hill and come time for finals, I'm struggling figuring out that I need to get an A on the final in order to pass the class with a C or B. I wouldn't need to cram so hard if I would just do good all semester. But it never fails that during the last few weeks of the semester, I try my hardest to become a wonderful student again. I don't know why I procrastinate so bad and wait until my grades are actually in danger to start worrying about it. It leaves me with so much more work, trying to raise my grade by doing extremely well on just one test. I wish I would have just worked a little harder overall during the semester instead of slacking off/taking it easy, then I wouldn't be working double hard now. You think knowing this I would take my own advice and fix myself but I'm pretty sure next semester I'll be saying something similar to this! Ha!

Sad Movies/I'm Old: Rebox had nothing else we were interested in so BF and I rented Toy story 3 . Ummmmm saddest movie ever!? Not not really ever but why the heck was it so sad!? Ok wait and I just Googled 'Toy Story 1 release date' and I cannot believe what I read!!! 1995!? That is not possible. That would mean I was 7 when I first saw it, and 11 when the second one came out!? Umm well if I ever felt old, its now! Someone please tell me I found the wrong information and that the first one actually was only released a couple years ago! That's what it feels like, I remember it like it was yesterday! (cheeseball) So I'm dying to know if kids thought it was sad!? I had a little bit of watery eyes and I'm sure Moms did too but I wonder if the little ones watching it got any sense of "aww how sad" during the movie. I guess Ill have to check with my nephew.

I'm A Bad Girlfriend But I Found A Coupon To Make Up For It: I was soooooo extremely proud of myself the other day!!! BF's family sent him a gift card for his birthday and he debated for a while what he should get. A nice pair of sunglasses? I shot that down because he works inside all day, there are times he doesn't even get to see the sun so that is not really a practical purchase. Shoes? Sure, but when the heck are you going to wear them since they have red on them they will not match your work attire and that's the place you frequent the most wouldn't you want a pair you could where there? An airsoft gun. Ummm ok well how often are you going to use that, wouldn't you want a gift you could use alot instead of one that will just sit and collect dust? Yes, I am a horrible girlfriend and I tell my boyfriend what he should get himself as a gift. I cant help it, I had to say something about the idea of sunglasses which I thought was ridculous! I even went as far as to say "girls are the ones that are supposed to want nice sunglasses and I'm at school 80% of the time outside walking to classes so if anyone should have a nice pair its me!" Girlfriend of the year award over here. (If I owned the sweet pair of Tiffany & Co. shades I saw in the sunglasses store the other day, I might not have had anything to say ;) So after I made him feel stupid about wanting impractical gifts, I made it up to him by being as excited as I possibly could over a video game. A video game. Now thats a good idea, something practical he can use that wont go to waste. If you haven't heard the name "black OPS" then I'm guessing you either a) live under a rock and haven't seen the commercial they have for it because they play it every 10 minutes or b)don't have a boy in your life that cares about video games. Its a super fun shooting game or something. So he was deciding between that and Madden11 or what not. I of course had to throw my opinion in again and said "I think you should get black ops but that's just cause I might wanna play it." He was sold, he said "ok then I'm going to get it cause I want you to play too!" Ummm what did I just commit myself to!? I tried to play Madden with him years ago, it was exciting to see myself somehow score a touchdown by pressing all the buttons at once and getting lucky that it worked. But that game was freaking hard so knowing that, sure I'd choose shooting at some cartoon figures over trying to figure out how to "pick a play" and throw a football with a video game remote, anyday! Back to the point of this story. It just so happens that the day we are looking for this stupid video game is actually Cyber Monday, you know, the black friday of online shopping. BF had no idea what that was. Anyway, I scored free shipping from the site I ordered it from, and before I "checked out" I decided to do a quick Google search in hopes for a coupon/promotional code I could use. Well I found a few that had bad reviews of them not being valid, then I found one for a % off and I hoped, hoped, hoped it would work! I tried it and whispered "ohh my godd no way" when I saw that it did in fact work and I had just scored 6$ off BF's stupid video game! Go me! Yay for Google. Moral of my story, a quick search for an online coupon code actually worked and saved us $$ off the total! Maybe I'll have more time to blog now that BF will have a new game to obsess over...

I Love Cheap But My Hair Does Not: I love drugstore make up, they have great eyeliner. I can buy shampoo at Wal Mart. I love cheap stuff. I love good deals. Sure I would love to use the best most expensive product for everything but I cant, I don't. I don't mind using inexpensive products on myself. I don't. I don't mind, but you know who does? My hair. My hair handles inexpensive shampoo just fine. Aussie, Herbal Essence, Redken, those are all ok for getting my hair clean. But give me a conditioner that was less than $10 and my hair is like "Umm no what is this crap that you have on me? I don't like it at all, I'm staying tangled foreverrrr, hate you rawrrr!" So I'm like, "come on hair, I don't mind the inexpensive stuff why cant you just like it and behave like you like it!?" And then my Mom throws in her two cents (sense? idk!) and is like "you cant skimp on your hair, your gonna be mad when it all falls out, you cant get it back! You'll wish you would have treated it right!" Ok ok fine, I give in to everybody, the hair wins. BF just got paid and I'm using my line on him; "I like cheap stuff but unfortunately my hair doesnt, and you don't want an even more hideous looking girlfriend do you? Then we need to buy expensive products babe!" That's basically what I said and we were off to find a salon or store in the mall that carries what I was looking for. I could make a whole entire post of what products I love and why their so great, but let me just say I love Aveda. (My Mom is to blame for that cause shes the one that introduced me to it!) Anyways, I pick out my conditioner (glad I let the girls working talk me into trying a new extra super moisturizing one) and am as happy as a clam. So is my hair, it hasn't been this soft since who knows when. I made sure to thank BF at least once every 5 minutes and every other hour thrown in a "my hair thanks you too." He is so sweet he was like "I knew you said it was gonna be expensive but when I saw the price I was like oh wow she wasn't joking." Nope, no jokes; $24 for a tube of conditioner, I'm completely serious about the price and serious about the fact that it was soo worth it.
p.s. Anyone else on Twitter?! I use it alot sometimes, @loves20

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Haha, that was all over the place although I love Aveda too. ;) Tell your BF that you can have my shoes for YOUR wedding. for FREE! ;)