Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can We Keep Her

We went downtown to walk the dog and look at the big tree and lights they have set up at the River Center.
We were walking back to the car.
I heard a super weird noise.
I heard it some more.
I handed over my dog to BF as quick as I could.
Then, I took off and walked over to these bushes on the side of the house we were walking by.
Its a babyyyyy! I squealed.
I kneeled down and tried to get a glance at it.
But it was so scared it kept trying to go back under the house.
It was a kitten.
A tiny tiny kitten.
It was wild or feral or whatever because it was hissing like crazy and it had a mean old meow.
But it was so tiny. The picture I have is pretty close to the size of the one we saw.
It was black and brownish.
I'm a huge animal lover, I stop my car for all dogs who look lost, but kittens are my weakness.
Cars driving by us were probably creeped out and wondering what I was doing.
I spent a good 15 minutes just kneeling down trying to get her to come out, come near me.
Her tiny little meow was sooo freakin cute.
BF was standing a few steps back keeping an eye on me.
I turned around and whispered to him, "babeeee I want her!" (all kittens are girls in my book)
He then went on to gently explain we couldn't, because we cant really afford her and the cat that we do have wouldn't be too happy about a new member, and this kitten is pretty wild.
But shes soooo little. She's all alone.
How could I not keep her?
But there was a tiny % of my brain that understood that we really couldn't keep her.
#1, she wouldn't even let us close enough to her to catch her anyways and #2 it really wouldn't be fair to our other cat.
So I walked back to the car, trying not to act childish.
But as soon as I sat in my passenger seat, I started crying.
BF hates seeing me cry and it was kind of funny how fast he changed his mind.
He stood there telling me he didn't know what to do, he didn't think we should keep her but if I was that upset, did I want to try catching her...
But I was a big girl.
I listened to that tiny % that knew we couldn't have another pet in our house, and I kind of knew deep down she was super crazy and even if we tried hard we wouldn't be able to catch her anyway. Do I really want a crazy cat.
Even though she was tiny. And cute. And living under a house when its 40 degrees at night.
So we got in the car and drove away.
We drove away to a gas station.
My boyfriend went inside.
He came out with two cans of cat food.
We went back to the kitten.
I tried to bribe her out with the open can.
We watched her take a few bites.
Found a plastic container and put some water in it for her as well.
We told her that's all we could do for her.
Merry Christmas.
Then we left.

Yes I cry over stray cats. I worried about her. Then I remembered there are like 50000 like her in that situation. At least the house she was living under was next to a law firm, and that plastic container we found was an old cat food thing, maybe the people at the law firm heard her crying too and tryed to rescue her or at least feed her one time.

My heart broke a little. Actually alot. I am kind of known for bringing stray animals home so BF kept telling me how proud he was of me, that he couldn't wait to tell my Mom he actually got me to walk away from an animal. If I was rich, I would have a house full of pets. Or even better, a house just for my pets. I would no doubt visit the pound and be like, "yes please I'll take all of them."


Brown Girl said...

Awe ;( Yes you can keep her!!! I said SO!!!

Adrienne said...

Oh I am the same way I have caused more caos in my home and cried more tears over animals that are not mine and I would not change for a minute!

ty said...

I am the EXACT same way. I always have some rand-o dog in the backyard.