Friday, August 7, 2009

Airbag Doggie Death

I found it pretty much impossible to get the timing right in order to take a good picture of fireworks. Camera too slow, fireworks too fast, whatever. My man and I watched them in a little parking lot, and after they were done, an old creepy rent a cop security lady came over to our car. J was driving. She pointed at me. "I need to talk to her!" What.the.F. We weren't doing anything illegal, I didn't even know her, what the heck did she want with me? Let me just tell you what she felt was so important.
"Miss, you know if you get into any kind of car accident your little doggie will die. (she put big emphasis on die) I'm a certified EMT you know and if the airbag goes off and your pup is on your lap, he will die."
I'm serious. I couldn't help laughing at this kook. Thanks for the info (great advice if you hadn't already known the obvious; airbag+smalldog=:( Not to brag (or jinx myself ha) but I have the best driver as a boyfriend. I don't worry. I sit there with my 5 pound pup and watch him look out the window. Our ride home was funn-yy. We thought of ways to "save the doggie" in case of accident. J's idea-raise him above my head so the airbag doesn't pop out on him, I came back with throwing him in the backseat(much quicker).

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