Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey Young World

A few thoughts..
-In the past week I have seen males driving cars that look like they are owned by females. Yea let me just tell you a man was driving a minivan, solo, with a plate frame that read "I'd rather be shopping at Nordstroms". Oh really middle aged man? Me too. The other two were all interior. A cheetah print steering wheel cover with a matching seatbelt cover, black leopard seat covers on a convertible. Where did all the F250 boys go?
-Nephew likes the big K. He has fun. So much fun. So much fun he forgets to go to the bathroom. The school called to let us know about the accident and my very wonderful boyfriend was the only one available to pick up poopy boy from the afterschool part of his kindergarten. Boyfriend: When he got in the car he was like "Ohh J, when I sit down right now the poops gonna squish in my pants everywhere." Ha! Hope the kid makes it in time next time.

-Speech this semester, its required and it makes me want to drop out of college entirely. I'm just not a speaker, don't do it well. It makes me supernervous. Last week, I procrastinated HUGE and didn't start to memorize my speech until 1 oclock that day. After awhile of google-ing "good reasons to miss class" I decided to just go. This weeks topic can be anything. I pick my kitty, cutest in the whole world. That's how I feel about my dog too. I'm sure ill say the same thing when I have kids. Judgements. about.
-Tool Academy on Vh1 is on as I'm typing this. This show is sooo ridiculous I might tune in on the regular. Oh my goodness. These guys are craz-yy and the poor girlfriends.

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