Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta Go Right Now!

J and I took our little mutt to the local off-leash dog park the other day, and we saw the funniest/grossest thing happen, depending how you look at it. The park wasn't that crowded; 2 other older couples, a group of kids, and a woman with her son. We were just standing around watching little mutt urinate on every trash can in sight when we heard the woman's son, who seemed to be about 5, yell for his mom. She started to walk over to the boy that was standing by the doggie water fountain(similar to this one pictured). "I gotta go to the bathroom", the boy yelled. His mom said "Ok hold on." She walked back to a near bench and grabbed a sweater or something. J and I glanced back at the boy. There he was, holding up his shirt a little bit with his jeans pulled down, only then did we notice the little boys stream of urine pouring out onto the woodchips. The lady called out "Justin, No! Wait!" Oh my goodness. The other couples in the park had seen and were chuckling too. Justin's mom walked over and attempted to splash water from the water fountain, to wash away the puddle of pee. Thoughtful. They left right after, Justin's mom seemed a little embarrassed ha. Ahh little boys. J explained how hard it is for the male species to hold it. (As little Justin proved) Myself on the other hand, I could hold it tell the cows come home. Gross bathroom? Ill hold it. Long line? Ill hold it. Males on the other hand...J said guys cant just simply stop the flow-"When you gotta go, you gotta go." Well obviously.

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