Monday, August 23, 2010

Real Life Words

Its the day of my "transfer student orientation."
My lack of directional skills had led me to a place I thought I was supposed to be at. Thought. Unhappy I was in the wrong spot. Unhappy with the days very high temperature. I don't think I hid that unhappiness as I marched up a flight of stairs. Grumpy must have been written all over my face or something. I step up the last step and look around trying to find the place I'm supposed to be at right. Then I look at this guy, looking at me and he says, "you know what you look like you could use!?" My thoughts: huh what? I washed off my "I'm pissed" look, put on my friendly pants, and replied, "hmm, I don't know, what?" Thinking in my head please don't say hug please don't say hug. He shrieks, "Ice Cream! Theres some free ice cream right around that corner over there!" I say my thanks to the guy and walk away.

I really thought he was going to say hug.
You know, like, you look like you could use a hug.
Heard that a million times right.
But ice cream?
Never in my life would I have guessed that.
Never! I was kind of in shock, thinking wow did he really just say that?
He did.
He really just said that.
Then, the whys came. Why would he say that.
Can someone please tell me how one begins to look like they are in need of ice cream?
Did my "opposite of a runners body" give away the fact that ice cream is my favorite, the one thing I could eat all the time.
What if I was lactose intolerant?
That mans recommendation of ice cream truly had me baffled.
I just didn't get what would make him say that!
So weird, I had to share.


Erin said...

Tell me you went and got some free ice cream and stopped that wondering! I know that's exactly what I would need if I were feeling like that, and I do, pretty often living in this new town and teaching on this new campus.

Adrienne said...

Free ice cream is the best kind =)

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I would obsess the hell out of that statement. Like you can't even begin to believe.

I mean...what is an ice cream face? How does one LOOK like they need ice cream? Is it a trick? Am I obligated to GET the ice cream, now? Is this a test? Am I doing the ice cream face NOW? Do I look more approachable than other people, even when I'm pissed, or is he saying that to EVERYONE?

And so on.

I really like that picture. I worked in an ice cream shop for a very short time before I was moved to another part of the resort it was in because my scoops were SO UGLY. There is a technique, apparently, but I just couldn't get it.