Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Complaint Department

This post is going to feature me, whining. And that's it. Go on and feel free to click that little "x" right now. But if you want to stay, well I think I have a pretty legit reason to complain!

I'm currently in Undergraduate school. I transferred from a Junior College/Community college. No one used laptops in class. No one. It was all about pens, pencils and paper. Now here I am in class at a University, and everyone has a laptop. Everyone and their mother! (and by everyone I mean about at least/more than a quarter of the class :) First day of class, all I could do was scan the room looking at all of the little sorority girls with their adorable little $2000 computers. The notebook laptops smaller than my face, thinner than a piece of paper. The beloved Mac's with the all pink keyboard, how freaking cute. A girl sitting in front of me, with her Mac Book Pro, I literally had to remind myself to stop staring at her stupid screen. It was hard, but not that hard, took me about all of one day to get rid of the computer jealousy. Had to remind myself that the black ASUS I have at home works just fine and was probably $1500 cheaper than what they had. Jealousy pretty much gone, now theres something else...

Its called being irritated with what they are doing on their computers in class.

You brought that laptop to type your notes in right?
(complaining is really kicking in)
It is so distracting.
Your sitting in front of me.
Your stupid computer screen is in my direct line of vision, I kind of have to look at or past it to view the teacher/powerpoint.
Is this really the time to look at your party pictures from last night?
I guess so.
You and your friends are so cool holding a Bud Light and red plastic cups.
So cool.
How cool? Your not even 21 cool.
And now your online shopping.
Class is almost over, and you've been on your computer, NOT taking notes, the entire time.
Why did you even come to this geography class?

One of my professors has a rule I like, if your using a laptop you have to sit in the first 5 rows. Fair enough.

Last night was the worst. My middle name is Rosie, first name is Nosy. I cant help it.
So, this girl in front of me, has her facebook messaging thing open for the whole world (me) to see. I can clearly view her conversations. The names of who shes talking to and everything. I had no choice but to read it :)
Hers what one of her convo's looked like. With a guy.
"Well if you go you better call me!"
"Ok but I don't even have your number!"
"Alright girl, Ill definitely call you we should go out/hang out sometime."
Here's her other conversation:
"I'm sick of you acting like I'm the immature one. And I'm not stupid I know there are guys there when you go out."
"What!? OMG. When I go out its only with my girls, and if theres any guys there I don't know them they just happen to be there too! its not like I meet up with them!"

Reallyy. Yea I'm sure you don't know any guys.
Especially the one you just gave your phone number to.
I assumed the second conversation was with her boyfriend type guy? And the first, a guy she recently met?
You see, I know too much.
Information I don't want or need to know, yet I do, because I cant help but look at the laptop in front of me, next to me.
I always thought I was all for computers in class, if that's your thing go for it. You type faster than you write, whatever. Just because I don't mind writing on paper with pen. But lately, I've come to thinking that no, I'm no longer for computers in class. Not at all. Their distracting, and the majority aren't even used for note taking, because obviously Facebook pictures are more important. What do you think? Maybe I'm being harsh, because I know if I brought mine to class I would totally be tempted to check up on blogs, shopping sites and all that. But if you don't bring it, there wont be any temptation right. And sure, I'll go on twitter during class, but thats on my iTouch, way less distracting/less visible.
I'm not sure if my nosiness is the problem, or the facebooking during lecture is the problem.
But I sure do feel better getting all those complaints out.


Courtney said...

haha. oh dear. that's why i never message in class! :)

Krystal said...

I've never taken a laptop to class. I think that was just getting popular as I switched to all online classes. It is SO rude, you're right!!

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...


I would've taken down her number and texted her. 'I seeeeee youuuuu! Get off Facebook you whoooorrrrrre! Your boyfriend knows what you diiiiddddd! I seeee youuuu you're tossing your hairrr right nowwwwww! Stop being a whooorrrre!'

(Don't take any advice from me when it comes to this stuff. Ever.)

Ugh. I remember the techno-jealousy. Mine was with iPod touches. I never had the cool Mom who wanted me to have the best of everything. Nope, nope. Nooo. It was so unfair. And I just couldn't justify spending more when I already had the basic item in question.

Now I want that pink thing. No fair.


All of your complaints are completely and totally valid. Carry on.


Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I'm baaaaccccck.

Here's my email. .

You're totally my long-distance-partner-in-crime.


Steve G. said...

Man, this "bring the laptop to class" thing was just getting in vogue as I was graduating from college in 2007. I was a TA in a huge lecture, with about 300 students, and we banned them because 1) people would forget to turn the sound off all the time and 2) we were convinced (justly so) that everyone was probably not taking notes anyway.