Sunday, August 29, 2010

Richy Rich

I like to people watch. I like to think about what it would be like to have 5 million dollars. I like to take pictures. Put all that together and you get: a fun time spent on Rodeo Drive, boyfriend driving me taking pictures of all the places I'd love to shop at. Why not.
The arm of my chauffeur :) Dear all you people in the LV store at the register-must be nice.
Dior, and just one of the "Miu's" in Miu Miu ha.
The Chanel display in the window was beaaaaaaaautiful.
Stuart Weitzman, palm tree leaves, I love this picture.
My little alien finger, in case you forgot where we were.
Whoever lives here, I like your house :)
Juicy, I'll take one of everything in the store thanks.
Cartier, the store full of magic and sparkles aka diamonds.
I like this picture alot too. Chanel, Cartier, trash can.
Valentino had the neatest store sign, you could barely see it, the letters are so light and blend in. No people in this shot either!
Love this picture too, I think I just like when palm trees are in the picture, pretty. D&G, totally caught those guys in mid step, ha!
The sun was lighting up the LV store it looked cool.
It was 80 degrees out and sunny, then out of nowhere came rain, for like 20 seconds. And then I noticed we were in front of the Tiffany store. I think it was a sign. Can you tell those are raindrops on the window?
And that was it :)

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