Wednesday, August 18, 2010


1000+ in my Google Reader is totally freaking me out. How will I ever catch up? Good, bad, glad and sad, I've pretty much missed everything that's been going on in the blogging world. Oh and I have no background on my page? I guess that's what happens when I disappear for a good month or so huh. Ok, back to blogging, well I'm living in a new state now. The only LA I was ever used to was the one that is home of the Dodgers, but I have to say, I'm adjusting to living between Texas & Mississippi quite well. Except when I'm driving I'm looking around, pissed at all these people talking on their cell phones while driving. I forget, its only a law in CA!

I have so many things I want to post about and share but I'll have to write about them as they come to me because there are 70 year olds with better memory than me...

We picked up a pizza the other night at a place that had ESPN going on all 5 of their TV's. How funny am I? Pretty funny; I tell my boyfriend, "oh my god, Tom Brady died." The New England Patriots is not BF's ultimate favorite team, but he is a man that loves all football, doesn't discriminate. "What? How? How do you know?" "On the bottom of the screen I read it, crazy huh?" BF looks shocked and nods his head. Next thing I know hes busy on his phone.....Um woops...I say, "oh wow are you really looking it up? I was just kidding! Followed by my deep laughter. He gives me a big fat "wow really." "He really didn't die, but you know he could have, and we wouldn't have even known! I tell him, "see what happens when you don't have cable!" Like I said, I'm pretty funny. BF just shook his head and said "I don't know why I even believed you." (I do; my poker face is amazing, and like I said, if Tom Brady or make that anybody in the sports world died, we really might have been the last to know.) You really don't know what you have until its gone. I never thought I'd miss ESPN SportsCenter so much, but my routine of laying my head on BFs chest, and falling asleep to people talking about the day in golf or MLB, I miss my background noise. However, with Cable TV not being an option, I have made a new friend in Hulu and it has led me to discover something pretty amazing, Cheerleader Nation. Thanks Lifetime, its like Bring It On the movie but a reality show, kind of.

Ready for what I consider a very funny story? Possibly one of my favorites of the last 2 weeks.

BF couldn't resist the sign hanging on the gas station window advertising 99 cent Icee's, any size. So we made our Icee's and head to the register, I set mine on the counter, paused for a sec, and then start to wander down the aisles of chips and cookies. "You want anything else babe?" BF calls out. "Umm yeah can you get me the Glutes." Funniest moment ever. BF starts thinking in his head, super confused, he says outloud "the glutes?" The cash register man looks at BF and asks if the two Icee's will be it. BF gives me the death glare, then looks back at the guy and says yes please. I'm hysterically laughing as we get in the car; "The Glutes" is one of those "dirty" magazines, you know, the kind that come wrapped in plastic that they hold behind the counter?! So I happened to see it before I walked away from the register and very jokingly, I asked BF to get it for me, knowing he had no idea what it was. "I cant believe you made me say that! What if he would have really put that magazine on the counter!?" BF says and shakes his head. I was honest and told him, that would have made my joke even funnier!

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