Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Good For Something Sister

Today when I counted my blessings, I counted my sister twice. Ha. I dont know what it was that made us get along so well today...maybe the smell of turkey dogs on her eensy weensy gas grill or her being down onetwothree empty margarita glasses. Whatever it was, reminded me of how great a sister she is/can be when she wants to haha. Kindness, which usually runs short in her world, was even oftered to my boyfriend. Kindness in his case was a freshly made margarita. Dont you hate when you sit down, your all ready then you realize theres no toilet paper. And theres none under the sink, next to it, nada. I called to my sister from downstairs. A bag of toilet paper busted open the door, maybe a half second later. "Ohh my God we are sisters I so read your mind right now." Thanks. And when a pretty teal MAC eyeshadow caught my eye, with an eyeshadow brush right next to it, she didnt hesitate in her "yes" to my "can I try it". Big sisters are always good for makeup right? Anyhow, it did look better in the case, and probably even better on her. I'll stick to browns and golds, because it takes a certain I dont know what to pull off a shade like that. Go figure Labor Day brought out the niceness in her.

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