Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh But Its Cold Outside

Winter is right around the corner, and I am so excited and already singing Christmas songs ha! Really appeared yesterday- I actually got out the Uggs! Oh yes, and there is no "ugly" in my Uggs. I've had four pairs, two are still in circulation, and they are just lovely. My brown ones are becoming a little worn down but when they were brand new, I could have lived in them! Well I did. Their so comfy! I've been wanting some cute sweaters for Fall, and I'd love to find a scarf I like, so I'm hoping I have a little more in my budget next paycheck period :) Anyway, I knew Summer was over when I realized it would be the first Tuesday in awhile we might want to sleep with the window completely shut. I really want to remember to pick up a Duraflame next time I'm at the store, those things make a room feel cozy! Anyways, I've been playing with my blog layout and I think I finally have it to my liking. We'll see. Those 300 days of cookies sure makes me hungry though.

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