Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Hey, look at that chair. J and I were driving home and it was in the driveway for free at a house in the neighborhood. Cute right? We put it on the porch and I test rocked it. That's when he said woww yeaa one day you could rock our kids in it. He really is the best..and hey I was thinking the same thing when I had him put it in the car ha. Well its got lots of scratches and nicks/scrapes in the wood..and if you didn't notice some of the wood panels are missing. J said it can be his little project..maybe he'll use his handyman magic to make it an incredible chair. But I am not in any way attached to this impulsive why not chair yet because there's always cute chairs at Pier 1 and 2, this isn't the only little project he has up his sleeve.

Ohh I long for Summer whenever its not around, and Winter is my all time favorite, but fall is so fun. I'm so excited, love fall goodies. I'm crazy for candles so you bet that's a must have. So anyway I'm not a coffee fan, I can do a mocha if it tastes more like chocolate...Those pumpkin spice latte things everyone raves about? Hmm.. I don't know if I could go for it. I bet J would be happy to try it though so maybe this Fall season we will test it. Well anyway, hope its a wonderful Wednesday for all, these weeks just seem to fly by! Here's some Fall Favorite things I'm excited for.

* All the pretty leaves- Every ones favorite! I know our yard will be full of them.

*The weather- Still a little warm but the evenings will be cool & crisp, makes for perfect days of time spent outside.

*Midterms- The only good thing about them is that it is a checkpoint for being a little closer to done.

*Picking out Halloween candy for the trick or treaters-excusetoeatcandyWhat are the chances all those kids and I both love the same candy?!

*Taking pictures of my nephew in his Halloween costume- Some of my past favorites are Tigger and Thomas The Train..So cute!

*Sugar cookies, Family Circle, Woman's Day- I have more cookie cutouts for Halloween than Christmas and any other holiday combined. I love the Fall editions of all the home magazines, they have the best & cutest ideas for decorating, recipes, everything.

*Apples & Pumpkins- Pumpkin roll, pie, bread, decorating with them, love it!

Have a great week and fabulous start of Fall!

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