Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laugh Often...

My last post left my head feeling heavy :( I felt like my blog was frowning. Weird right. Well theres nothing like the stupid things that go on beween me and boyfriend to lighten and brighten up the day! :)


He gave me the privilege of having the movie 30 Days of Night as background to my blogging. Zombies yeah! No.

He's watching who knows what show, and he asks me: "babe can I get a crossbow?"

Not really knowing or caring I say: "yea, what would you use it for?"
he says: "oh...nothing I was just playing"
me: "oh....well why wouldn't you want one?"
him: "well what would I use it for?!"

Seriously. A big fat circle. Why he even asked? Silly.

bf:"Babe this movies pretty good, you should glance up once in a while Misses blogger."
Umm well if I really have to choose between watching 310 To Yuma or commenting my bloggy friends, I would pick commenting my bloggy friends, anyday. But I admit I did look up at the TV a couple times. How could I not, all the freakin cowboy violence.


Erin said...

I actually enjoyed 310 to Yuma, but Zombie movies? No thanks!
We have the same stuff go on. Him: hey why don't you get off the blogs and come watch tv with me. Me: Oh yes, 20 Most Awesome Police Chases is exactly the kind of show I want to see.

Adrienne said...

lol you and your boyfriend are cracking me up =) Every guy needs a sweet crossbow!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

hahahah! too funny!

Trish said...

Hi EL - how are you my sweet sweet love?? I miss you bunches, thanks for the little smile last week, I appreciate it!! xoxox

You and your cute BF are so funny, I'm glad you document your little stories!! :)