Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's So Wrong With Being Happy? Kudos To Those Who See Through Sickness

"My Moms so crazy and it makes me so crazy that I cant and don't ever want to be crazy."

I told this to my boyfriend the other day. Sidenote about him, I seriously don't thank God and one of my friends from high school enough for setting me up with him. He handles me stressing out so well bless his heart. Don't get me wrong though he has bad days ;) K so back to my crazy Mom. This is what I meant what I said this.

Sometimes she acts so crazystressed, seeing her that way makes me not want to be that way. Ever.

My Mom will show you what irate really means. Something I don't ever want to be. Were two totally different personalities btw, thank newborn baby Christmas Jesus I have my Dads temper; patient patient patient. I am soft spoken, and when stressed, I assess the situation make my move and get it done. Mother is loud aggressive, easily & always stressed, cant assess the situation, just wants to linger on and whine about what went wrong or whats happening in that situation. I love my Mom shes number 1 and all that, but like it is with any person, there are a few things about her I don't like.
I know this is my blog and I can say what I want, but still, what if its a sensitive topic to some? I don't want what I say to sound judgey or anything you know? Everyones different. I'll think of my sister and my self as a reminder ;)
So the other day I saw a little boy, he had to be between 3 and 4 because a 2 year old would have walked less steady right? Yeah so little boy skips away from the car, into the middle of the parking lot. No cars, but a van had literally just passed. Oh and theres a little brother or somebody probably 7ish tagging along btw. So in one motion, the Mom hurries over to little boy, grabs his hand and spanks him on the you know where. After spanking him in the middle of the parking lot/street, she half drags him to the safe sidewalk where I assume they had a conversation about what he wanted for dinner how stupidbaddangerous what he had just done was and to never ever do it again.

Judgey me assesses the situation and says aloud what I'm thinking: When I have kids I swear I'm gonna have the most patience in the world.
So do you guys want to quote me on that now or later? Because I'm sure when the time comes patience is the last thing I'll have lol.
My Moms response to what I said: A very loud "Ha! That's what every bitch says before she has kids!"

Meet my Mom ;) She is a sailor with the mouth to prove it. Jk she doesn't sail. She raised me with tons of patience and I thank her for that. But she can blow up. Quicker than anyone you know perhaps?

Instead of her response she seriously mines well just have said "good luck with that its not gonna happen."
But I think shes wrong.

Because I think anything is possible, anything can happen, if you try. (I'm not talking about the lotto here k)

If you want something to happen you have to make it happen, adjust your situations, whatever.

I'll dig deep from wherever, make sure the laundry is done so I have enough patience or what the heck ever to be able to focus on my kid. Is that how it works?

Do you see why I was worried about sounding judgey? But its not like I'm speaking to anyone in particular though, especially not any Moms who would probably die laughing and or want to slap me after reading this ha. My blog is like me talking in my head basically so don't take offense.

When I have kids I swear I'm gonna have the most patience in the world.

Not gonna lie, kinda scared of any responses to this post...

All I was saying was...When I have kids I hope/plan to have tons of patience and do my very very damn best to have an extra supply in a bucket just in case I run out. I will forgo the nightclubs or whatever else that could possibly take away any patience I might have to give to my offspring.
I think my Mom knew I was kind of irritated by her remark because she said she was "just kidding" and I'd "make a great Mom."
♥If you didn't make it through all of that, no worries I don't blame you I doubt if I even make sense at times :) But I'm very glad I got it out of my head ha.

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Erin said...

I hear what you're saying about the differences in you and your mom. It takes all types, right?
If I had seen the same scene with the mom and the kid in the parking lot I would be saying "now there's someone who loves their kid." When I have kids I'm going to keep them safe and not run over. Patience is for later.
Drives me nuts when kids run free in parking lots while the parents just load their groceries not looking.