Monday, May 3, 2010

I Gotta Question For Ya

3) If you were given $5000 to spend what would you purchase (Chanel bag maybe?)
Chanel flats perhaps! This was so hard, I wasn't sure how of which way I wanted to answer this question.
(Trish's ?'s to me)
Unsure of which approach to take; practical-saving it, spending most of it on bills, school tuition, moving out. Or not so practical: spend it on decorating the house, new TV, new bed, stuff for the kitchen. Then I was leaning towards not really practical at all though, you know, shoes, clothes, fun stuff, lol. And then, I didn't know how I wanted to get into the specifics. Type up every item I'd buy? Wishlist? Pictures? But I'd be here all day if I wanted to post a picture of every single thing I would want. Stuff like bras, underwear, nail polish? We don't really need pics do we? No. Because I would be here forever if I tryed to find and show a picture of each ring, bracelet and necklace I'd get if I had $5000. So I tried to compact, by not finding an exact picture of the pair of jeans I want, I just found a pic of the brand logo. Know what I mean Jelly bean? Like, the cruise ship represents cruise tickets I would want. I hope we're all on the same page! And I'm not sure but I feel like $5000 could go a longgg way if your spending it all on items that aren't so practical. Soft serve ice cream maker, a spa day, and an iPhone. All of that, what is that, still under $500? (btw I hate the collage so tiny!) Sooo yea I got tired of searching for images haha but lets just say I'd basically take that 5'gs and spend a nice day in a good mall with fab department stores perhaps. Cute little dress shops too. And then definitely stop by a few stores on the way home. And still have more for plane tickets and online shopping in the end ha!
4) What is your favorite holiday and why?
I love everything about Christmas time. Especially the part that's my birthday time too ha. Christmas spirit and winter time is my fave =) but a very close second favorite holiday is Easter! (no not just because of Easter M&Ms ;)
5) What is your favorite scent of candle?
This is a trick question because I cant seem to give a defined answer it! I'm a candle person so unless its absolutely horrible, I'm burning it. If I had to give you a handful of my favorite scents I'd say sea breeze/ocean/nature-y mountain spring-y, flowery & fruity I like. Theres really so many scents I love! The seasonal ones for like Christmas/Thanksgiving in pine, Bath&BodyWorks cinnamon and all that smell soo good, and I currently have a Yankee candle burning that is making my room smell like birthday cake. But I guess if I could only buy one scent of candle for the rest of my life (could you imagine!) it would probably be either clean laundry/fresh linen/fresh cotton. Any of those types of clean, I love that smell.


Shell said...

The money one would be hard to answer! Since we just moved and are in need of furniture, I'd go that way.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Bath and Body Works have the best scents. I have the coconut one right now.

If I had $5000 to burn today I would book a tropical trip in a heartbeat.

Kmama said...

Ooh, I love clean linen scents too.

I need a new wardrobe, so I might spend my money on that...or it would be a nice down payment on a hot tub!!

Adrienne said...

I like the clean linen candles too...The money would be a tough one...I don't need anything and I am not much of a wanter....guess some shorts that fit would do since I am losing weight they are falling down ..