Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Head Full Of Thoughts IV

Hi hi hi!

Please tell me I've got my Roman numerals straight? They are considered math and math and me don't really hit it off.

My Monday night shows are gone. Sad. Gossip Girl was so good, but 24 was oh my goshhh good! Did you love it, I did! I'm gonna miss that show so much it always had me on the edge of my seat.

The world knows I love M&Ms and eat them quite frequently right? Yea well I may or may not have eaten two bags in one day. (your here to read, not judge! hahaha) If I did that, I might have been feeling guilty you know. I probably would have been feeling sorry for myself and said something like oh I feel so fat! But then I made myself feel better. I checked the calories. Smarttttt. Turns out eating a bag of M&Ms is like eating two and a little bit of a third bag of a 100 calorie pack. =) So it wasn't like I was eating a big fat cheeseburger which equals all good in my book ha. I talked this over with BF, saying I hope I don't gain too much M&M weight. You will never believe what he said, because I didn't believe it either. You might want to get ready for this, sit down. He says, "Yea babe you cant gain weight from eating M&Ms that'd be like gaining weight from eating tofu."
Response? Mine was a mixture of hysteric laughter, an extended OMG with the "G" really drawn out, and of course an "are you serious." That statement might be a little retarded but not to worry, he is not :) Just a really bad comparison right. Right. But really, TOFU?! And you cant gain weight from M&MS?! Anyone else want to come live with me in his made up world!? Lol.

I'll be living 4 states away from the one in which I currently reside, in August. Scary. But it hasn't hit me yet. I'm not ready. Do you know how much I hate cleaning? About as much as I hate packing.

But I am so looking forward to decorating!
Kind of.
I wish I was rich

Have you ever been to a Yankee Candle Store? I didn't even know they existed. BF and I were shopping at a mall out of town a few weeks ago and we walked past one. It smelled delicious, just walking by and their window display was so pretty, you know their candles come in a million different colors! We also walked past the Apple store, but then turned back around and had to go in, to mess around on the iPads for a few minutes!

Umm what else what else...Schools done, still working...Oh but not at that other job, that I've been working since like Feb, it was seasonal. I'm missing those checks though. Rrrrgh. So yea just running around trying to get things in order for moving this fall.

Oh yea! I got an iTouch. Another reason I've been ignoring my blog & boyfriend. I'm just getting the hang of it. Any tips!? Besides getting the Juicy case they make for it.

May 2007 I was a senior in high school.
I got out of school at noon, I considered four period days true blessings.
May meant the start of hitting up the beach everyday with my BFFS.
I miss you may 2007.
Because May 2010 has been crazy busy.
I'm a college graduate now.
I feel old.

I've never had a deep fried candy bar or anything sweet like that you know. Have you? Twinkies, Oreos? Are they really all that?! I want to try one just to say I've tried one.

** ♥ xo to you all and a special comment in spirit because I haven't left any in forever ;)

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