Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Mom...Wants An Ice Cream Maker

Have you ever had any type of appliance wish list? Sure you have. New blow dryer? Yes Santa. I'm itching like I have chicken pox, for; an ice cream maker, of all things. I like fun things that have the possibility to be used and then never used again. ;)

Some lovely I follow on Twitter posted this the other day and I loved it. "I'd rather be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right."


CA to TX looks far.
Well its going to feel far.
Thank newborn baby Jesus I'm such a fantabulous car sleeper!
But I'm sure its gonna be a pretty drive & we'll see cool places, perhaps your town!?

I'm really going to miss my weather. 58-80 is actually a very dependable weather pattern to work with. I couldn't even begin to tell you how humidity feels, not "humidity experienced", don't know how it feels. Do you know we have super nice beaches here? *Sigh* I'm going to miss them. Back to the weather. With a smile and bright eyes, BF tells me, "LA weather is really going to test our relationship!" I'm really sarcastic in real life, I said, "So, we're gonna break up?" He smiled even more and said "no way were not I'm just saying your going to be like waaaahh wahhh wahh." <(He tried to pretend to be me bitching & crying about the weather)

He is not incorrect. Its not available to read but, in my book I'm the only one that is allowed to whine. And hottness is on the top of my list of things to whine about. A hot day at an amusement park? My boyfriend really is an angel because I don't know how I can make that day fun for anyone. So living in any type of real heat is going to take adjusting to. A challenge, if you will. But we can do it. By we, I mean me and light summer dresses, and BF ;) I'm not the type of girl that gets tired of repeating obvious things like "its so hot", in fact, that's my favorite way to whine! You would love me.

The thought of my Mom being a Porn Star really grossed me out. Wait what, where'd I get that thought!? Another one of BF's great ideas. (stay with me!) My Mom has this old wicker/braided-ish stool/seat kind of thing. It looks like it could have been artifact-ish and came from India, Africa, or Pier 1! BF sees it and tells my Mom, "Wow you should be on Pawn Stars!" With her hearing, I'm not surprised what she thought she heard. "What! I should be a porn star?!" The quickest "NO" ever and an explanation of the show that is background to my blogging 27% of the time. I can only laugh about it if I get past the thought of "mom" & "porn star" going together without feeling sick! Lol.

You know sometimes we only get Sportscenter right? Today's news: "Big Baby got a concussion!" Ha! (There is a man on a basketball team and his nickname is "Big Baby".) It sounds so funny every time they say his name!

Thanks for the sweet comments about my ugly/not ugly blog :) Haha! I think I'm just feeling the need for a change but funds for blog layouts are something near and far from me lol! Searching for good free ones takes so much time for me though! I'll have to save a day for it.


Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

Ooooooh a road trip? I'm not a good car sleeper, at all. I always think I have to watch everything that's happening. (Con-TROL-fuh-REAK!) I don't like to drive, though. So I'm useless.

I've been to LA. Everyone I met there was soooo friendly! I'm used to everyone minding their own business and was all 'OMG, everyone is talking to me, WHY?!' Not complaining, it just caught me off guard. But yeah, hot and humid.

I watch Pawn Stars but I always pause for a second before I say the name. :p

Erin said...

We used our ice cream maker once. If you want, you can use it once too then pass it on! Humidity sucks butt. Once you accept that you will not have any good hair days April-September, it's a little easier to get used to.

sanjeet said...

your blog is simple and sweeet!!!
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