Sunday, May 16, 2010

Germs And Perms

Soo this random M&M addiction of mine developed in February. It was never really my favorite candy, I was always a Reese's girl. But now I absolutely love them and crave them always.

We were at Target one day and I saw the hugest bag of M&Ms ever. That night, I was still thinking about it.

me: Babe you know that big bag of M&Ms, how long do you think it'd take me to finish it?
him: Pshooooo. (the weird sound made, like a mixture of "whew" and "pssshht!")
me: Two days. (I was being 100% honest serious.)
him: Ha! Dream on!!
me: What! Who says that!?
him: I did!
me: Oh my godddd!!!!!

He said "dream on" the way Cher (Clueluess) would say "as if". It was funny because I swear I don't think I've ever heard him say it before. I didn't even care about the M&M question anymore, I just couldn't believe he had said that. Ridiculous!
I don't hesitate to ask the nicest guy in the world, my boyfriend, to make a trip out to the nearest gas station for a bag of the lovelies. No, I have no problem making that request.What I do have a problem with; sharing food with strangers.
Story; my teachers said this on our last day before the final:
"I have candy up here so help yourself!"
No. No wait. Something is wrong with that picture. 2 bowls of M&Ms, over 30 students in class. Do you know how many germs that is? Like 100 billion just on one M&M alone probably. I don't know if you've ran your fingers through your hair or anywhere else for that matter before reaching into the bowl of candy. Grabbing a handful for yourself, you cant help but touch the surrounding ones. Whens the last time you washed your hands? That's all I could think of, looking at the bowl of my favorite candy in the world on the teachers desk. Yes sure I would have loved a huge handful! But I couldn't get past those thoughts of hands. Possibility of hands with butt sweat on them was enough to make me stay far away from the contaminated bowl. I'll buy my own pack thanks. I swear I think I've become more of a germaphobe as I've "grown up" because I remember being in elementary school and having no problem with walking out of the bathroom stall, right past the sink. Clean hands what? Now days I wash like every time I walk by the sink ha!
What do you guys think? Would you have gone for it, ate some? Am I way paranoid? Germs ssherms ?
*(post title?...I was just about to give up on trying to find a clever line to title this piece...Then I asked lovely bf "what rhymes with germ beside worm?" He said "perm." I started laughing and that was that :)


SurferWife said...

I too am a Reeces girl and I am slightly disappointed in your change of teams to the M&M's. Although the peanut butter ones are the bomb diggity.

Shell said...

The butt sweat hands line cracked me up! I probably would have had some- but I would have pushed my way to the front to be the first.

I love the peanut butter m&ms. Kind of the best of both worlds. I tried the pretzel ones last week and was disappointed in them.

Gina said...

Nope, would not have eaten the m and m's. However, I would have gone straight from class and bought a bag. And now you have me craving m and m's so I might do just that after work today. Ooooh...or maybe there are some in the teacher's lounge vending machine....