Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'll Give You Something To Cry About

Jealous much?
Sometimes can be.
All the time very.
The apartment complex across the street from us has a pool.
Its not a great big Olympic sized one.
It doesn't have a diving board.
No water slide, waterfalls.
No 14 karat gold in the tiles or anything crazy.
Just a plain old pool right.
Is that enough to make me cry?
Will I ever live that down?
maybe. probably not.
Not ever.
"I will never forget the time you cried over the pool."
"I will always remember you crying over that pool."
My boyfriend says this to me, and I 100% believe him that he will not ever let me live that moment down.
It was our second day hanging out in a new state.
The first night we had stayed in a motel, checked out our apartment but not really any of the surroundings.
Second day we were moving in/unloading. Finding a grocery store. And exploring the neighborhood.
Sure I've said it here before but again I'll say no I'm not rich, not super poor either but you know what I mean?
We don't live in a cardboard box in an alley, nor do we don't live in the nicest area of town.
Yes there are better looking apartments than the one we live in.
Which led me to tears.

Driving around, exploring the neighborhood.
Conversing with BF about missing home, not being sure if I like it here, how nice is our apartment, etc.
We're driving by a complex of yellow/tan apartments.
Were looking at them.
That's when I see it, that's when I cry/yell/squeal: "Babeeeee theyyy have a poooooooool!???????"
*Sob sob sob*
"I want a pool!"
Followed by some more heavy crying/tear wiping.
In the middle of all these tears I say "why don't/cant we have a pool?"
At the time, BF did his best as always and I was comforted, and no longer crying about the fact that we were pool-less.
Flash forward to now, we can laugh about my ridiculousness. (it was a really rough day, the pool just set me off!)
Everytime we drive by that complex, he laughs.
Everytime we drive by the pool, he laughs and says he'll never forget me crying over it.

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Adrienne said...

when I moved from Oklahoma to Texas all alone with just my ex husband...everything brought me to tears I was so stricken with home sickness and it seemed as though it would never be better but as you well know it gets better and this is a story that reminded me of those times 11 years ago