Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Doubt It's Here But I Hope You Find What You Are Looking For

I like to look at the "keywords" that people were searching for that led them to my blog. The results I find in my Google Analytics thing amaze me, and I've had a few of them collected, saved and sitting in a blog post draft for forever, and I added a couple of the more recent ones too. Share them I will, just as they are shown in my Analytics, no changes, these are real. Lol. The "keyword" in black and any comments I may have regarding the craziness in green.

♥tall girl rub my feet. What can I say about this one....Is someone really looking for that? Is that from a song? I'm at a loss for words.
♥bf birthday. Boyfriend Birthday right? Here is my guys last year one, who knows what 2010 will look like.
♥cheerleaders not wearing clothes. Sorry, were not that kind of website. Best of luck.
♥blonde bucks cheerleader. Most definitely not. A Dallas cowboys cheerleader is the only kind of cheerleader you will find me mentioning.
♥dresses. Yes they are great but what about them?
♥5. Ok...5 minutes? 5 monkeys? After 5 is 6?
♥courtney kardashians bathing suit pics. Probably could be found in one of the many tabloid magazines they keep by the register at the grocery store, I'm sure?
♥twenty something grow up. Trying to tell me something!?
♥twenty something cooking. Here.
♥something head. Ummm what.
♥american flag toilet paper. Wow! I really don't know anything about that sorry.
♥m&ms weight. The only thing I know about M&Ms is that I like to eat them. Lots, here, here.
♥pregnant nightgowns. Sounds fun but no not here.
♥giraffe print baby swimsuit. Yes! Future baby of mine is definitely wearing one.
♥wipeout sucks. The following 3 "keyword searchers" were pretty much in the right place.
♥why wipeout sucks. Here lays the only major reason I can think of!
♥wipeout is a stupid show. Refer to previous response.
♥contestants on wipeout are stupid. But I would have been the exception.
♥authentic chanel handbag. Sure I'd love one.
♥kim kardashian bikini fat. Does that exist? If so, not here.
♥toddlers and tiaras auditions signing paper. Hiii person, can we be friends?
♥sweating shirt interview. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one.

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