Friday, September 24, 2010

Flower Girl

**do you ever say a word so many times that it eventually starts sounding funny when you say it!? Happened to me with the word 'flowers'.
The Los Angeles Flower Market.
Good luck finding it.
I personally thought it was the most random street for such a location.
But LA is like that; random streets with amazing shops.
And good luck getting there on time.
I'm the very exact opposite of a morning person.
The flower market closes at noon.
We got there barely in time.
You could tell alot had been put away.
But there was like still a million flowers.
It was like flower central.
And the smell?
Flower central smells heavenly, to say the least.
Especially the orchid section.
Those flowers were dyed. I remember back in the day asking my Mom if they grew like that. She informed me no, that brilliant blue flower was actually dyed. So I totally busted BF's bubble when he excitedly said "wow babe are these real!?" Yea their real. Really real dyed flowers ha!The fattest rose buds everrrrrrrr. Tried to get a close up but just believe, the white lily/pink rose bouquet was gorgeous and the rose buds themselves were huge like the size of your palm.Amazingly enough nothing really looked wilted. Pretty roses, every color! Same with carnations.And the daisy's....Ohhh the gerber daisy's! My favorite. And there were soo many colors and they all looked perfect, like magazine flowers.Do you refer to them as stargazers or lily's? I usually say lily. They also were huge and just like very other flower, gorgeous.Lots of sunflowers, hydrangeas.So please add Rodeo drive, and the flower market to my California list!

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