Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Future Kids, Your Dad Rocks. Sometimes.

I'm sure I could share a few billion story's of my boyfriends "not brightest" moments. Like when he turned and drove the wrong way on a one way street, or the time he left me waiting for an hour/he was waiting at the wrong doctors office. Oh yes don't get me wrong, I have plenty of those "This is really the man I'm dating oh my goddddddd how could you be so stupid/inconsiderate/mean/NOT funny at all" moments. But you know what kind of moments I have more of? The kind where I'm really amazed, swept off my feet, and glad to be called his girlfriend. For the hopefully future kids, I will have stories for days. Oh no now don't get the wrong idea not pregnant, engaged, nope none of that going on here, just stories, ha!
The entire day, I had been whining about having a sweet tooth.
He stopped at the gas station on his way home to buy something to fix "my problem."
He handed me a king size Butterfinger (yum) and pulled out a king size Baby Ruth for himself. (yuck)
I asked if he wanted his in the fridge.
I love cold candy.
On my way to the kitchen I hollered, "king size for a king huh?!"
"Yep and for my queen!"
Not so fast mister. Not sweet or cute in my book.
I came back into our bedroom and said "What did I tell you about that! Queens are old!"
"Ohh that's right! Princess Princess Princess!" He corrected himself.
I'm 100% serious.
When we first started dating he would come up with stupid sweet things to call me or say, one time he tried out 'queen'. I had to lay the smackdown, I told him some of the Queens I "knew" are old and sometimes very hostile/mean, I'd much rather be a Princess. And that's what I've been ever since. But the other night he must have forgot so I just had to remind him ;)

I just noticed both these stories are kind of food related.
Yes I know most of the time it may sound like I'm 500 pounds and I do nothing other than eat or think about eating.
Maybe that's true, maybe it isn't.
Hahah ok but no really it isn't.

I think I've briefly mentioned my love of surprises here before.
Really, I cant help it, nothing stops me from asking "yeah can you get me a surprise?"
Today, I was hot all day, it was 90 degrees but it felt like 900.
And my luck of the day led me to walking behind people smoking cigarettes, yucky to me.
So the combo of all that left me with a very dry throat.
Water, soda, I was dying I wanted anything.
But one thing in particular sounded really good so I totally had to go for it.
I sent my boyfriend this text, halfway through my 4:30 class this afternoon: what if you surprised me with an Oreo M&M Mcflurry :)
He text back: well if i told you it wouldn't be surprise
I got out of class
He was there to pick me up.
I got buckled in my seat and gave him a kiss before I "noticed" the Mcflurry in the car cup holder.
**Ok ok ok honestly it was the very first thing I noticed before I even opened the door to get in but I had to pull the "Ooh I'm so very surprised, thank you!" thing and pretend I hadn't seen it.
What can I say its a challenging task to surprise a Surprise Queen.
Wait I mean Princess!

He is so good sometimes!
Pretty much 100% of the time actually.
But like I said, don't get me wrong and don't let me forget...
The opposite of good is bad.
(thats my college education :)
Like those random couple times every few months that for some crazy reason he forgets to put the toilet seat back down; one of the things that gets on my nerves the most. I really refuse to put the lid back down. Lifting it up and closing it that's a boy thing, and I'm a girl. He is the one that lifted it anyways so why should I have to close it?
I stand in the bathroom and call out "babeeeeee!"
Wait there until he comes and puts the lid down so I can use it like a normal person girl would.

So am I mess or what? Princess not queen?
Please tell me refusing to put the lid down yourself is not completely ridiculous.
Also tell me that requesting to add an additional topping in your McDonald's ice cream dessert is not super extra fat.
Tell me.

Love Love Love.
Loooove Love Love Looove Love Love.
From the song "Season of Love".
I first heard it in one of the many amazing episodes of Gossip Girl.
That full scene here.
A wedding song?
I think its pretty

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Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...


I agree with you. Princess is much better than Queen. Queen does not sound cute.

I heart McFlurries and now I wannnnnt onnnne.

Candy and ice cream will most def get you through the inconsiderate/mean/stupid/not funny moments. Cause there are a lot.

Focus on the sugar.

Get it?

I'm SO cheesy.