Monday, October 4, 2010

Eating Wrong

I cant wait til I'm older I'm gonna stay up as late as I want!
I cant wait til I'm older I'm gonna eat whatever I want whenever I want!
Said by the younger version of me.
Real quickly, can I just slap the younger version of me?
I still love staying up as late as I want, my inner 10 year old appears with a "fine" and an eyeroll when BF tells me "we should probably go to bed."
But the eating whatever you want thing....
Is it only 10 year olds that die at the thought of being able to have an ice cream bar for breakfast?
Yea sure its great to eat candy before dinner and not hear anything about spoiling/ruining your appetite.
But younger version of me didn't know there would be a downside to ruling your own food world.
Let me just tell you;
Its 12:30 pm, my first meal of the day was an ice cream bar.
That's great.
"Life is uncertain, eat dessert first."
Great quote I've always liked it.
Except for now when I really don't want to eat dessert first.
Ice cream for my first meal was definitely not torture, it was nice and all...
But all I really wanted was just a breakfast, regular normal breakfast food.
Pancakes. Bacon. Waffles. Potatoes. Toast.
I could go on and but I'm really going to increase the hunger pains so I should stop.
But my point here is basically...
Now that I can eat however, whatever I want, I don't want to.
I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times we've ordered pizza for dinner in the last week.
I'm blaming my Mom for passing on the worry.
The other day she asked "where I was getting my vegetables from."
I replied the tomatoes in the pizza sauce was about it.
I feel fine, I look fine but I know the no veggie thing isn't the best for your health.
Knowing that if I had my choice I really would want a salad helps the situation a little.
So I guess I'm not eating like crap by choice.
I'm kind of forced into the not the healthiest eating options.
You see, BF and I have to be very frugal right now.
That is my new least favorite word to use btw.
Its our first time being grownups and paying bills, rent etc.
We have to be frugal with our purchases.
So maybe it kills me a little bit but pizza is way cheaper than anything, and cheap is what were going for.
7$ for a pack of chicken/3$ for a head of lettuce/5$ for a pizza.
No choice but to choose the best deal.
Sorry body, sorry health.
My excuse is being in undergrad school.
These years are looking to definitely not being the most healthiest for me.
I hope they pass quickly, for the sake of my health only ha!

How funny that the younger version of me would have done anything to be able to eat ice cream as a first meal.
And now look at me!

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Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

Oh. Good. My stomach is growling.

You had me at PANCAKES.

Must. Have. Pancakes. Now.