Friday, October 29, 2010

Growing Old & Steroids

A little while ago I posted something about how ever since I moved I basically was miserable and wanted to go home! Well hey I've adjusted :) 80 degrees is normal to me now and I thiiiiiiiink I might have said "y'all" one or maybe two times, ha!

No but really, I'm not as homesick. Knowing I'm "going home" for Christmas makes me feel a little, actually alot better! I found this little website when I was trying to figure out how many days til I go home. Its pretty handy huh! 57 days til Christmas if anyone was wondering!?

I feel old. Like really old. I know I'm not, right, but whenever I say or think that I'm "going to graduate when I'm 24, in 2013", I seriously feel like I'm 50 million years old. Not that theres anything wrong with 50, my Mom is and she rocks. Just you know I'm not ready to feel like that yet. I really don't even feel like I had a chance to be 21 and now I'm gonna be 22. I'm just freaking out over the "graduate in 2013 I'll be 24" fact. Its weird to me but I'll get over it.

Oh hey yummy recipe alert! They were a pain in the you know what to assemble, but soo yummy! I used ground beef, seasoned with taco seasoning and salsa, black beans, can of "fiesta corn" (it has chili's and red things in it) and cheese. Put all that in crescent rolls, then put the crescent roll filled bundles in pan, cover with enchilada sauce and bake! (topped with green onions btw) Putting it in the crescent rolls was the hardest part, the meat/corn mixture was super hot, and I couldn't fit alot of it in the crescent rolls. They came out soooo good though! BF liked them alot! I really didn't know what to even call the dinner, I asked him what you'd call it and you know what he said!? "Their like hot pockets on steroids!" Ohh my goodness I was laughing so much. So yeah theres the recipe for 'hot pockets on steroids'! If you make them good luck I cant guarantee you wont burn your hands a little but if you make them and that doesn't happen you have to tell me how you did it lol!

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