Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloweens

*Growing up, Halloween was not big in my family at all. When I was little little my Mom was a really avid church goer so we did their "Fall/Harvest" activities because Halloween was basically considered the most evil day ever. I was too young to care until I think elementary school probably 5th grade? In my little group of friends one of them lived in a nice/safe/fancy neighborhood and I was dying to join the group on their outing. Thankfully my Mom let me because I can faintly remember having a really fun Halloween and I'm pretty sure I was one of, if not the cutest Green M&M ever.

*I dont remember what I did in middle school. I think it was freshman or sophomore year of high school I was a 'Geisha girl' in a kimono thing, and that was the last year I was 'young enough' to hold a pillow case of candy and say "trick or treat." Lots of people at my high school dressed up and that was always fun to see but I never played along til Senior year when I knew my whole group of friends would be doing it, I was a "sheriff" that year. I think I made it through 4 classes with my shiny leather 3+ inch heel boots on before I went and got my sandals out of my car. I am NOT a heels girl. Prom, senior ball and that Halloween, those are pretty much the only times I've made my feet suffer.

*And after I graduated it was all about me and my Mr. so our first Halloween dressing up together was super fun. I had a cute "army girl" outfit and he was a "soldier." Our second year of costumes was totally last minute. Sidenote, Halloween costume sizes are a joke; their large is really a small, and all the material is soo unflattering. Anyways I found a devil costume totally last minute days before Halloween. It was not the cutest and all I could hear was my Moms voice saying how Halloween is an evillll dayyyy...Ok and why do boys have it so easy when it comes to costumes? BF's army costume was so simple, camo pants, camo hat, an his devil costume consisted of black pants, red shirt, and 'devil horns' on a string so they looked "real" on his head. I loved our accessories though, pitchforks! I had too much fun poking my friends with mine! And of course it was not just a plain red pitchfork, I added silver and red glitter :) Our 3rd year we just carved pumpkins, didn't dress up, just took my nephew out trick or treating. This year no dressing up either. I don't think were done with costumes forever though just not this year, he has to work and right now I don't really want to spend money on something I'll only wear once.

*You know who is dressing up though? Probably 98% of the girls at my university. I don't even want to see their costumes. And by costumes I mean bra and underwear. I'm sure I can get a couple of you to agree with me on the whole "let it all show" costume craziness!? But in defense that's what the majority of costumes sold are and I guess if you've got it you can flaunt it? Anyways. I stopped at Circle K on my way home awhile ago and there was a "school girl" at the register in front of me. She sure was taking advantage of the one day in the year when its "acceptable" to reveal that much skin. Like bathing suit revealing status. Anyways. When I'm a mom I'll probably definitely throw my newborn into a little fuzzy lion or Winnie The Pooh costume for sure. Babies and kids in costumes and candy! are pretty much my most favorite thing about Halloween.

*So with Halloween being on a Sunday, that leaves Friday and Saturday totally open for parties. 4 or so years ago, that would have been the greatest thing ever. Me 4 years ago, I'm sure I would have been out and about with my girls having a blast. But today here I am, cozy in my cheetah blanket, burning a candle that makes my apartment "smell like fall", waiting for BF to get off work at 11. He works all weekend so thats probably what I'll be doing all weeeknd ha!

*But yeah, a 3 day celebration!? I can hear the sirens of the ambulance racing to pump the "school girls" stomach already. No seriously, I heard sirens. Sirens in my neighborhood are not ever usually for violent crimes as much as they are for alcohol poisoning. Seriously, I live in an all college kids type of neighborhood and I'm sure they all have big drinking plans for each day of this weekend. Here's hoping everyone drives safe though. They close down this one street on my campus and I guess all the sororities & fraternities do their thing at thier houses...Sounds crowded but its probably fun fun! I wonder what we'll do next year....

*The Halloween edition episodes of all the shows I watch were so funny. Modern Family was hilarious, I haven't watched The Office yet but I'm sure it will be really good. that's what she said

*BF and I had an interesting discussion regarding Halloween candy the other day! We decided that when we grow up and are home owners passing out candy on Halloween, were gonna be the house that passes out the "good candy"! I'm talking about Kit Kats, Reeses, etc! I remember being pissed being not so ecstatic over candies such as Tootsie Rolls, Dots and Dum Dums but give me a Twix and it was the jack pot.

*What did you do with your Halloween candy/What do you do with your kids candy? I mean besides eat it of course. I would first sort it out and see how many of each I had. That way I knew what I wanted to share/give away, what I wanted to save for last, and how many of my favorites I had came up on. And of course my Mother "checked" it for razor blades and anthrax or whatever else your afraid of being in the candy! I remember when they were developing really nice 2/3 story houses up the street from my house and we would trick or treat at those newer houses because they passed out King Size candy's! Yeaaauhh. But then it got burnt out/crowded and people that didn't even live near around there started going and I think they just stopped passing stuff out :(

Sooo yeah that's pretty much all I have to say about Halloween :) However your celebrating and even if you don't, hope you have a fun weekend!

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