Monday, October 25, 2010

Whats Up

Once upon a time I published posts on my blog at least several times a week. Times and priorites change I guess! So let me tell you what I've been up to....

♥Realized I've been burning the same candle for at least 2 months now.
♥Singing this song.
♥Caught my cat eating the dog food. Very angry.
♥Washed my sheets and immediately after I managed to spill a drink and it got on them. Very angry again.
♥Was not in the mood for cleaning, begged asked BF if he would do it all. Of course he did. Laughed when he told me "I'm lucky I'm so cute or else he wouldn't do half the things I asked him to." ;)
♥Not having any complaints when it comes time to have to study educational psychology. Are you a 'success seeker' or a 'failure avoider'? Interesting.
♥Mentioning how much I wished I owned 'Titanic' so I could watch it everyday whenever I want.
♥Limited movie rental options led us to rent "How to Train Your Dragon." Thought it was super cute and kind of understood why my nephew insisted on playing 'train your dragon' for weeks.
♥Realized how happy/proud I was to able to say "my cat is from 'the pound'". Totally saved a life.
♥Not pressing "skip" when Miley Cyrus 'Party in the USA' came on Pandora.
♥Getting frustrated trying to find good recipes that require 5 ingredients or less. I know they exist but where.
♥Listened to Carrie Underwoods version of 'Independence day', decided I'm so very ready for 4th of July. Too early!? BBQ, fireworks. Let freedom riiiiiiiing, let the white doves sing.
♥Printed out an assignment in 'midnight blue' instead of automatic because I was out of black and white ink but still had color.
♥Searched for roundtrip airfare that costs less than $400.

And if you want to know what I've been wishing!....

*Wished (semi wished lol) that I was still living at home so I could do things like eat my nephews leftover birthday cake, see his Halloween costume, and pass out candy to kids on Halloween.
*Wishing I owned superglue so I could fix a broken headband.
*Wish I wouldn't have gone crazy on the 'fun size' Butterfingers. Looking in the mirror I can totally see all that Halloween candy I consumed during the month of October! Ha! I've officially declared the next month 'No Candy November' to make up.
*Wish I would have taken better care of my iTouch computer cord charger. Its days are looking very limited.
*Wish I was watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show.
*Wish I lived in a house, not an apartment so I wouldn't have to worry if the neighbors could hear me singing and I didn't have to shush my boyfriend for laughing too loud late at night in fear we were waking someone therefore being lousy loud neighbors.
*Wish I had a money tree...I'm totally prone to major homesickness, therefore I cried when my dad told me he can only help me so much (regarding airfare for christmas vacation) so I need to get a job on my feet. I cannot tell you how many times I hear girls at school on their phone saying things like "did you put any money into my account/did you send money to me already/I need some money." Not poor, but definitely not rich are my parents. Oh yes sure I wish they had an extra $500 to kick me. Its hard to not envy those students with no big financial worries, those who have their books, tuition, rent and car payments, bills, etc, already paid for. But I'm happy with what I do have and know it could always be less.

What have you been up to!? Found your Halloween costume yet? Baking pumpkin desserts? Yum! Christmas shopping yet? Hope you all are well! =)

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Adrienne said...

cub scouts , camping and cleaning ..this is my life right now... I am so happy you have a pound kitty too!