Friday, October 1, 2010

100 Things

1)I always always wear bottom eyeliner.
2)I'm very very forgetful.
3)I call it "black Downy" and it is the only laundry softener I will buy, even though its twice the price of some others, I just love how it leaves my clothes smelling and cant bring myself to buy any other scent/brand!
4)I remember it like it was yesterday, being a sophomore in high school, at a party on a Saturday night and getting the "your sisters in labor text", then asking my at the time best friend to drop everything and leave the party so I could be dropped off at the hospital to see my nephew.
5)When I was younger I loved outside activities like riding my bike, rollerskating, messing around on my skateboard or steering myself down the hill in my wagon.
6)I never mastered the skill of using the brakes with those said activities^.
7)Those said activities are where most of the scars on my legs come from.
8)My Mom still tells me how dark soda is so much worse than clear soda.
9)But dark soda happens to be my favorite; Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer...
10)I love Cherry flavored sodas; Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke, Cherry 7up. Not Cherry Dr. P so much.
11)I know how very horrible it is but I rarely drink water.
12)I've gotten heat stroke times before.
13)My Mom still tells BF to "make sure I drink water".
14)Since we've moved to a place with hotter weather, he now nicely forces/reminds me on those very hot days to drink up.
15)I love coloring, its my favorite thing to do with my nephew.
16)I like to color in coloring books with crayons, use markers on plain paper.
17)Last year for my birthday BF got me a set of 100 markers and it was one of my favorite things he got me.
18)I'm a sucker for advertising.
19)I often say "oh I saw this on TV I wonder how it is?"
20)I used to beg my Mom to buy me the latest deodorant/face wash/any beauty product.
21)I'm complaining if I'm too cold, or too hot. Picky with my temperatures.
22)My Grandma taught me to keep my shopping cart organized and not just throw all the items in there.
23)I passed that on and taught my boyfriend how to keep our shopping cart organized and not just throw all the items in there.
24)When unloading my groceries onto the conveyor belt at the register, I keep everything organized; boxes of dry stuff, refrigerated/frozen, cans, bread and fresh veggies last.
25)I'm unbelievably picky about pretty much everything.
26) When it comes to sleeping, I'm picky about my sheets being tucked into the mattress, the comforter being straight, the pillows being perfectly fit into the pillowcases, etc.
27)Ill never forget how happy my Dad and I were the day I found a 20$ bill in a hotel parking lot.
28)I've had season passes to Sea World and Disneyland.
29)Turning 18 and writing my own notes in school was one of my most favorite life experiences. I got a kick out of excusing myself for appointments and illnesses.
30)No, I never had the best attendance record, especially for 1st and second period classes, I had no problem going to school an hour late.
31)I was happy, almost too happy about the fact of not having to take P.E anymore.
32)When we had to run the mile at school for P.E, I would try and lie about how many laps I had ran. (BF finds this hysterical)
33)There was an ice cream truck that went through my Grandmas neighborhood that never stopped for me.
34)Grandma loves to tell the story of how her chubster granddaughter used to chase after said truck, trying to get him to stop.
35)Recently, instead of returning the movie I rented I instead returned one of my personal DVD's to the Blockbuster Express machine :(
36)I only started using lotion on my face I think during my last year of high school, I wish I would have listened to my Mom and started sooner.
37)I feel bad for the skin on my legs, I shave them seriously every day.
38)I speak without thinking sometimes.
39)Junior/Senior year of high school I was allowed to use the family gas card and I was so stupid, irresponsible with it. Filling up twice a week and going wherever the friends and I wanted.
40)I asked my date to Senior Ball by making him cupcakes and writing on them with the frosting "senior ball ?"
41)For my Senior Ball and Senior prom I had the stressful responsibility of organizing the limo/party bus, collecting everyones money and all that not fun stuff.
42)I don't eat seafood.
43)I only like milk in my cereal, wont drink it.
44)It really really bothers me when my boyfriend gets out of the shower and puts his shirt on while his back is still wet.
45)I love headbands.
46)A child's cry is one of my least favorite sounds in the world. It breaks my heart to hear them crying from being in trouble or being sad about something, I just want to go comfort them and stop the tears.
47)I read all my junk mail, advertisements, the flyer's and even coupons for stores I don't even shop at, I just like advertisements in general.
48)Baseball is my very favorite sport to watch.
49)I watch the entire 9 innings, all the while completely entertained, even in shut outs when its considered boring.
50)When I get cramps, I get them really bad.
51)A pair of Joes Jeans and a Coach purse were my first two real "big" purchases.
52)I cant help it that I get really irritated that my Mom isn't good with technology, especially when trying to Skype.
53)All I wanted for my 21st birthday was to spend that day at Disneyland with my boyfriend.
54)It was one of my best birthdays.
55)I always ask for ice cream cake for my birthday.
56)Doing dishes is my least favorite chore, I selfishly refuse to wash them and somehow BF is okay with this and picks up that task for me.
57)This past month, I've burned myself with my flat iron more times than I have in a whole year.
58)I love the Thesaurus.
59)My 4 year old maltipoo is like my little lamb, and I am Mary. He goes everywhere I go, always follows, stays near the bathroom til I get out of the shower, etc.
60)Said maltipoo is 5 pounds, and it took 3 members of our Vet's staff to get him to hold still for his last shots.
61)4 inch scar on my outer wrist, got it when I was little from when I tried to give our old cat a bath in the sink while my Mom was napping, when I was supposed to be too.
62)I don't like strawberries or strawberry flavored things.
63)One of my bad habits is biting and like picking at my nails/cuticles. My Mom tried everything but never got me to stop.
64)This would be my first year in who knows how long I might not make a Christmas list.
65)Manners are my favorite.
66)I took it personally that the guy exiting the building before me failed to hold/leave the door open for me, it pretty much shut on me as I was going to open it. gentleman.
67)When I was a teenager, my Mom didn't get Food Network so when I went to my Dads, that's all I ever wanted to watch.
68)2 of the gifts I've been most proud/happy to purchase for my boyfriend: his XBox 360 and a pair of NFL tickets. I was very very proud.
69)My absolute favorite job I've ever had (out of 3) was a position as a personal shopper in a store specializing in high end prom dresses. Absolutely loved it.
70)I prank call/use a funny voice when I call my Dads work phone. I get a kick out of it when he falls for it.
71)Easter is my second favorite holiday.
72)I found my date to my Senior Prom only days before the dance and he turned into my now boyfriend :)
73)Looking back, I'm so happy I was single all throughout highschool, I had so much fun with my friends.
74)I always had great friendships with guys too, I found the majority of them to be so hilarious.
74)My last day of being single was the day I graduated high school :)
75)When my nephew was a baby I used to take him out of his playpen where he was happily napping and put him in my bed so I could nap with him :) He was the best snuggler.
76)When my nephew was first born I sang him 'Badfish' by Sublime and whispered to him how much I hoped he grew up to like baseball.
77)Seeing the completed rainbow cake I made for my Moms birthday was a moment of success I'll never forget!
78)I'm not a drinker at all but the thing I collect happens to be shot glasses.
79)I went to the same lady to get my nails/acrylics done for 6 years. Loyal much.
80)Because so many people have one, it almost feels odd to not have a Facebook, but I don't.
81)I loved playing volleyball.

82)Know how they say twins skip a generation? Well its both mine and BF's 'generation' for them.
83)I'm beyond excited for the day I (hopefully) have my own elementary school classroom to decorate!
84)My Mom spoiled me maybe too much and I do not have a very strong work ethic.
85)I dream about having a whole entire house of my own to be responsible for decorating.
86)When I worked at See's Candies, I just loved seeing all the different kinds of candy people would pick out.
87)I get really annoyed when BF and I are sharing a drink and he chews the straw so its flat/lost its shape.
88)I'm big on procrastination.
89)I still cry when I have to get a shot.
90)I love scaring my boyfriend, its my favorite thing to do. The best is when he's in the shower and I move the curtain and say rawrr.
91)I don't like going to bed early.
92)I cannot wait to have a bachelors degree to frame.
93)I'm big on my sleep and the thought of having to go through that sleep deprivation when you have a kid scares me.
94)I love staying in hotels.
95)It happened with both my cat and my dog, I picked out their names and ended up not liking them and giving them new ones months later.
96)I love hearing that "I'm from California and am used to being spoiled with nice weather all the time." Cause it couldn't be any more true.
97)I have really big tonsils for some reason. Dr's always say "oh wow", they get even bigger when I'm sick.
98)I've yet to find a soap that I think smells better than 'Softsoap Milk&Honey."
99)I love surprises but am hard to surprise.
100)I cant believe I came up with 100 things, very challenging but actually a fun post.
Lets hear your 100! Give me something to read, ha!
(I'm sure I've seen '100 things' other places before but today I got the idea from The Wilson Family blog :)


Courtney said...

what a large # of things!
I thought my 25 things on turning 25 was hard! (
Not sure I could do 100....

Hope all is well!!!!

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

Ooops. I clicked on the link to the rainbow cake and lost my partially written comment. Where did it go?

Don't mind me. I'm easily distracted. But that cake is the awesome. I LOVE it.

I get heatstroke, too! I'm infamous for my just-about-to-pass-out-at-summer-functions shtick. And I do not like water. Want soda. I'm sure those issues are totally unrelated. Yes?

I heart surprises but I'm too crafty to be surprised. I can pick up on little hints and things being out of the ordinary. I'm just too smart. Dammit. ;/