Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Wasted The Good Surprise On You

I love surprises. My Mom totally established the love for them when I was little. Weekly surprises like lunch out or a new toy. Birthday and Christmas presents were always the best surprises, but in the past 10 years I think the surprise factor has only grown harder to create for me. I'm nosy and smart kinda. I notice everything and BF is not super sneaky. So our combination means I find an empty bag or receipts and say "hey bf what is this, a gift for me?" Then the surprise is ruined and I cry. No, really. And even if I don't physically see it, I psychically know it; somehow I know what he is going to get to me, so its not gonna be a surprise anyway. I think giving hints is helpful, while we're shopping. "Oh babe I really really like this shirt isn't it cute..." Too bad he is a horrible clue picker upper though; "Oh really yea those are cute so do you like these ones...what size are you like a medium? Which color do you like better that purple or the gray?" Then I know he'll be purchasing that. Goodbye surprise. But bless his heart because he does try real hard, but I'm just not the type that's easy to throw a curve too, I cant go with it easily, and I pick up on any funny attitude, I know when somethings fishy. I could probably crank out a couple of posts about all the times I've discovered something that was supposed to be a surprise. Even my favorite of all favorite gifts (besides the beloved cheetah blanket) from BF, my Tiffany ring. Don't know how but yes I knew I was getting it and I even knew he would give it to me for my birthday instead of Christmas. I'm real good at the fake "ohh my god I'm so surprised I had no idea" thing. But inside it kills me, because like I first said, I love surprises. No matter how big or small. A magazine, bag of candy, new hairclip; these are all lovely things to shock me with. Seriously. My Mom would go to the store and ask me if I needed her to pick up anything while she was there, I would always say "yea get me a surprise!" Being the crazy best Mom in the world that she is, she would always come home with something small under $5; a pack of Reeses, a pack of pens, new shampoo. The best part of it for me is the not knowing, and hearing "look what I got you." So sue me if I sound like a raging bitch for saying this but, my engagement, just that one thing in life, better be a surprise. Seriously. What about all you Mrs.'s, were you/did you care about the surprise of being asked? I would promise I wont ask to be surprised for the rest of my life as long as he pulls that one thing off. I don't know. I just like that little bit of confusion, surprising is exciting. And I've always pictured that moment to be the hugest surprise of my life. It doesn't have to be letters in the sky, words on the scoreboard at a MLB game, or some faaaaaabulous proposal, just as long as I don't know about it. Yeah. How horrible are my expectations? Thank my Momma for so properly installing that love of surprises in me! ;)

Oh ok so my point of this post was just to share a ridiculously sad, funny, horrible moment. Now close your eyes...Hahah kidding....Ok so the year before last was my 2oth birthday. I had been hinting at BF for forever saying how lovely it would be if he surprised me with tickets to a taping of the Chelsea Lately show. I had probably asked him numerous times and then gave up and not mentioned it for several months. Then one dayyyyyyy...Sometimes when I'm using my laptop, I'll find recipes and then I'll email them to BF so I can later access them on his phone, in the kitchen. So I had his phone, I'm sitting there going through the inbox searching for who knows what when I see an email address or subject line (I forget which it was) that makes my heart stop. Whatever it was I read totally gave away the fact that we would be attending a taping of the Chelsea Lately show. I probably mumbled something like "oh my god babe" before I burst into tears. And then I said "I'm so sad I ruined my surprise." I don't really remember saying that but that is BF's favorite part of the story when he retells it so...actually his favorite part of the story is that the tickets were free. Don't know why that makes it funny but I guess...(the taping was fun, I don't know why I've never posted about it. Chuy is so cute ha!) BF totally tryed to take the fault, saying he shoulda (woulda coulda) have hid the evidence/email better. Yea yea yea. Cant wait for the day when he sends me an invitation to my own surprise party. ;)

Please watch this clip here. Or the half screen version right here. Soooo very funny.

**I think I wrote this post with my Princess side of the brain because really honestly, I know ruined surprises are part of life and, it wouldn't matter to me if BF told me the exact time and place his proposal would take place. I'd just be happy to be his Mrs. :)


Gina said...

I have been engaged twice and neither one was a surprise. They tried, but it didn't work. And sadly, I am exactly like you when it comes to surprises!!!

ty said...

somehow, bf was able to make the proposal a surprise, even though he was talking to his buddy on speakerphone and he mentioned that patrick was proposing that night. i was too busy playing a game on my phone and i guess i just kind of zoned out :) his buddy was devastated thinking he had ruined the surprise!