Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Christmas/Holiday Traditions
Cookies & Milk tradition- Not anymore of course but when I was little. Am I the only one that did this?! I have a really good memory of one year my Mom helped me make cookies and leave a plate of them and a little note saying hi Santa or something. I was soo very happy when I woke up and saw that the cookies had been touched and "Santa had wrote back" oh my note saying thanks for the cookies! That Christmas I was just in awe that Santa had really, truly ate some of the cookies I made. Yes, there were actual half bitten into cookies left by Santa. I probably had a million questions and I remember wanting to know why he didn't finish them all and my Mom telling me that "he couldn't finish all the cookies cause he'd be too full". My Mom Santa rocked that year.

My family is pretty horrible at sticking to a plan flexible with everything, so we don't always eat Christmas dinner at the same time or always open presents in the morning. One tradition we do always follow though is to open one present (I always try for more than one though ha) on Christmas eve. I love doing this cause it seems to make me even more excited for the next day. Why and how did this become a tradition? Probably because I'm so very impatient and my Mom cant say no to me ;)

Christmas has changed since my nephew came along! It used to be me and my sister having extravagant "lists", we could for sure count on unwrapping something from Sephora and if we were lucky, something Juicy Couture or any other nice name brand. Now days,I'm happy if I just get a new pair of pajamas Christmas is more catered to my nephew, he's the one who can get away with the long list thing and Christmas is still new to him.

We do have somewhat of a routine though, it consists of Christmas eve dinner hosted by my sister. Then on Christmas day we do presents (stockings first!) in the morning/as early in the afternoon as possible. Then we relax and spend time filling up on Ruffles w/ranch dip hanging out with each other till dinner is ready.

Other little traditions include:
*Helping to put up lights on the house
*Helping decorate the tree
*Christmas candy in our stockings
*Fuzzy socks in your stocking-The past 2 years my Mom has been pissed she hasn't been able to find said socks for us though haha.
*Going to see the neighborhoods Christmas lights (some people go all out)
So thats it. Were not super duper all out must follow every tradition, but we do have a few, and I love it :) I also cant wait til I have a family of my own to start traditions with!

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Adrienne said...

We have lots of fun traditions that are not traditional and I love it