Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Love Grocery Stores

I love grocery shopping.
No like I really love it.
I like it more than any other kind of shopping, clothes, shoes whatever.
I'm curious to know how much time I could actually spend enjoying a grocery store, taking my time, no time limit.
I love looking at everything.
Things I need, things I don't need.
Different brands of the same thing.
Comparing prices.
"Ooh this looks good!"
"Ooh I wonder how this is."
And I'm a pro at navigating the store, I know where things are.
I've asked BF to run to the store for me, and he ends up calling me cause he cant find the cream cheese.
"Its by the other types of regular cheeses but not by the lunch meat."
Yea, I know my grocery store!
Every type of item, I don't discriminate.
Food, non food.
I like to look at all the different types of Febreezes.
I also like to look at the various types of breads, rolls, tortillas, etc.
Sure I spend more time on certain aisles. (cough cough ice cream and cake mixes cough cough)
But if I could, I'd look at everything.
Its great if BF can push the cart while he reads a boy magazine, then, I feel like I have more time to look at things I'm not buying.
But that's not what he usually ever does.
He usually pushes the cart then stands there watching my every move, therefore making me feel like he has a stopwatch and I need to just grab everything quickly so we can go.
There have been numerous incidents in the store where I get an attitude because I am feeling rushed and hes swearing that its fine to take my time.
Argument on aisle 7! Ha.
Of course I don't believe him.
I know its not his favorite thing to do and if its longer than 45 minutes, then he's really hating life but trying to be nice and not show it.
Ive told him before how I feel bad for him.
Some girls like purse shopping best, I like grocery shopping the most.


Mommy Lisa said...

I love grocery shopping. Last night I lingered over fruit at Costco - debating in my head over the new variety of Honeydew Melon they had, or persimmons. I have never had a persimmon>>>>I wonder what they taste like. And now I wish I had purchased the persimmons, but I got the melon and it was citrusy and creamy white in color and melony delicious.

Mommy Lisa said...

I might have to stop in Byerly's before work now....

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I know the grocery store by heart, too!

When I feel like I can't splurge on shoes/makeup/purses/clothes I just head to the grocery store. I love being indecisive and looking over all the options for stuff. It drives people nuts. And I love finding the best deals. Sales PLUS coupons, OMG. And I love going crazy buying all these gourmet ingredients for things that I never end up making.

I go NUTS in Trader Joe's. I'm all 'marscapone? I've seen that on the Food Network, and this one is imported, I'll grab TWO!'.

Let's go grocery shopping!

Gina said...

You make it sound fun! I feel that way in Trader Joe's!