Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 2

Black Friday/General Shopping Tricks & Tips

Black Friday: I've only ventured out for it one time. With my sister to a Saks 5th ave outlet. It is craziness but a fun thing to do. So I don't really have any super amazing tips for Black Friday, I'd just suggest:

*Bundle, dress warm, its so cold that early!
*Have lots of patience for finding parking, managing crazy crowds.
*Make sure you have enough energy/are not too tired. (I was gonna go last year & tried to stay awake all night til Macy's opened at 5 but I "napped" and never woke up to go ha!)
*Don't buy it just because its a good deal because its BF (black friday, not boyfriend :) One of my great purchases from BF, I only wore once.
*Keeping track of how much you spent on each person and what gifts you've bought, makes it easier to decide if you can buy that nice big present for someone, and you'll be able to tell how much you have if you need just one more small gift for someone at the last minute.
*PLAN! If your going to the mall, know which exact stores you need to hit.
Target/similar stores, have an idea of who you can get a gift for and in what department.
*And always, dress comfy! So irritating to want to stop shopping because your too hott, too cold, don't have a jacket, or you wore the wrong shoes and your feet are tired!
*Shop online too/instead. If your looking to buy a talking Transformer from the toy store, look online too, you might find that it is cheaper/better/a bigger selection.
*Try to shop for more than one person at a time. For example, I can get NFL slippers for BF, a NBA shirt for my Dad, and a MLB coffee mug for my grandma, all off of the same website! Knocking out 3 gifts in one store, so good!


Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I have no Black Friday experience. I've been out in the afternoon...Walmart was still crazy (ugh) and Kohl's was dead.

I've never gotten one of those crazy $300 off a tv deals or anything. Because I can't get up before 9. I suck.


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