Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drama Girl

*warning! post contains talk about "girl stuff", "that time of the month", possibly tmi? if you don't feel like reading that kind of stuff, skip this post =) *

♥I don't know about you but I have crazier than usual emotions when its that time of the month. I am more grumpy and cranky than usual, and its even easier to make me cry. My boyfriend knows this but one day last week he was reminded.

♥I was sitting there looking up cheap airfare, trying to find flights for my "vacation/visiting home" in December right. And I was just overwhelmed, Google was giving me too much; Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, oh my gosh there has to be like 3 million different result sites for searching "cheap flights". I started crying, saying how frustrating it all was, how hard it was to find the"right" one. BF comforts me and asks if theres anything he can do to help, and theres not, with one computer, its pretty much only one person able to do work.

♥So he is sitting there with me on the bed, and next thing I know, he is snoring. And I am crying. He wakes up startled and asks whats wrong and I respond like a brat saying how "I wish I could just lay there and nap but we need to find a flight asap and I'm the only that's doing all the work and it must be nice to just lay on the bed and not worry about a clean house or anything." So he got up right away and started to straighten the house, I sat there, ready to throw my computer out a window, still sorting through travel sites.

♥I hear a sound in the kitchen followed by a ****! So I go in to check on him. He was cleaning out the fridge and a tupperware of something opened and spilled on the floor, he snapped at me that he "was fine". (I hate being snapped at, easy way to make me cry) I go back into our room, throw myself on the bed and cry some more. Immediately he comes to ask whats wrong. Don't remember exactly how I said it but I was so sad that that had happened, I felt guilty for making him feel like he wasn't helping out, I felt like I was being bitchy ordering him to clean and I wished I had never even asked him anything. AND I was still frustrated with the searching of airfare. What a drama girl.

♥But all ended well, I was comforted, he was happy, I was happy. No more tears. But seriously, I had 3 crying fits in probably a 2 hour span. I am such a cry baby and that time of the month just makes me sooo very cranky/grumpy. Its hard to think that emotions you have when your pregnant could be any worse!?

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