Friday, October 2, 2009

Found A Childrens Book

Hey Hey! I got the boots! Sooo tired this morning I barely did it- woke up and turned on the computer just in time, there was only 4 minutes left to bid! There was only a couple other previous bids, so I only had to raise my bid one time in the last few minutes. Soooo I cant wait to throw a couple cute outfits together and finish off the look with cute cowboy boots! I hope they come soon... Anyway, I have been doing A TON of laundry today! I usually save it all for Sunday but I luckily got a head start today. So hopefully I wont wear too many different outfits this weekend and be stuck doing more on Sunday night ha! I was out in the garage looking for something earlier and you know what I came across? My very old, most favorite favorite book! You know thaat type of book, the child's number one choice for his parent to read no matter what, every single time, until they get sick of it? I was obsessed with it!

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